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Chapter 9

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Lindsey and Dexter had gotten back to the hotel late with packs--both old and newly-bought--full of food, water and clothing. The next morning, Lindsey was a weathered mess in her bed, hair tousled and underclothes twisted about her form. She was deep in her sleep, thick blankets covering her, extra blankets taken from supplies closets of the hotel room and draped over her with the dire need of protection from a certain guado maester. Of course, the man wouldn't be known to come in the middle of the night, but paranoia got the best of her and she covered herself up like a turtle.

Noodles rose early getting everyone's things together as he before stepping into the shower. Demi stayed in her deep sleep that she had been slipping in and out of till late night. Dexter's light snores were like elephants stampeding compared to the silence.

Josh woke to Dexter's snoring and grunted in his dismay, glaring at the older blond as he sat up in his bed. He yawned and stretched, glancing over at Lindsey's mound briefly before looking over at Demi. He smiled endearingly at the girl, happy she was alright.

Lindsey was still asleep, her small foot sticking out of the blanket pile at the foot of the bed, twitching from time to time.

Drying off and slipping back into his gi and pants, Noodles walked out and started his rounds of waking everyone up. Kicking Dexter off the bed as he usually did, he turned on Lindsey, pulling the blankets from her huddled form. Seeing Josh was waking up he left him alone before going over to Demi. The only time she had been awake was right after the guado had healed her. Kneeling next to her, he shook her gently. "Demi, time to get up," he said softly as her eyes slowly cracked open, a slight glare about them.

"I'm up!" Dexter cried looking around confused with his bed head, blonde tufts sticking every which way.

Lindsey whimpered in her sleep as her iron curtain was torn from her. She shook herself from a dream, heart pounding in her chest as she looked around wide-eyed before stumbling out of bed and quickly dressing herself.

Slowly working her way out of bed, Demi grunted and popped herself back into place. "Where are we off to?" She asked quietly, dressing herself as Noodles watched her carefully.

"...D'jose..." Lindsey answered quietly, standing there with her pack and ready, though reserved and not as relaxed--or militarially 'at ease'--as she usually was. "The Mushroom Rock Temple..."

"Who's there?" Dexter asked slipping his vest on as he stood next to Josh, slinging an arm around his shoulders, giving him a playfull noogie.

Josh grunted and struggled, playfully as well, gritting his teeth in a hard grin as he tried to fight the older man, "Ach!"

"...Ixion, the Thunderhorse..." Lindsey said, staring down at the floor.

"Say 'uncle!' Say 'uncle!' Come on!" Dexter laughter as he kept Josh in the head lock.

"Oh God, I'm having flash backs to the last family cook out at my parents when all my brothers were there," Demi huffed. Noodles chuckled as the sight, eyes flashing over to Lindsey with concern.

"Ahh--ahh! Never!" Josh cackled as he fought against Dexter's obviously stronger grip.

"Let's go," Lindsey shook her head a little, "...We have to get to the beach before the operation starts..." And Seymour would be there too.

Booting Dexter in the ass, Noodles smirked a bit as the blond let Josh go and turned to glare at him while rubbing his sore bum. Demi tagged along behind, slipping her scratched up shades on.

Lindsey was out the room and out the hotel, headed straight for the edge of Luca towards the Mi'ihen highroad.

Now free, Josh glanced at Lindsey as she headed out ahead of them. He looked back at the others, "What's with her?"

Dexter got quiet, his laughing dying down as his smile faded. "Seymour really creeped her out yesterday. I think he perved on her when she went to him to help with Demi and you," he told the curly haired summoner.

"I hope we kill him soon and he stays dead," Demi said sourly. Noodles stayed silent as he went after Lindsey, making sure the other two stayed with Josh.

"...If it weren't for him you'd probably be dead, though," Josh said, looking at her as he followed suit out the door.

"He's not a good guy Josh," Demi said biting her lip. Yes she was Al Bhed, though she hadn't been for very long she still didn't like what was going to happen to her people. . . Yes, HER people. "He's going to hurt and kill a lot of innocents before we're done." She added quietly.

"He didn't have to save you, but he did. Maybe you should show a little gratitude until the time comes," he said.

Lindsey stood at the beginning of the highroad, fidgeting in her position anxiously.

"You're not getting it Josh," Demi stopped on the deserted road. "Maester Seymour is going to try to wipe out the Al Bhed. I'm one of them! He only saved me to get something, what that is I don't know, but I'm not showing gratitude to someone trying to commit genocide to my people." She stared at him unable to comprehend why he was suddenly acting all high and mighty. Maybe the Yevonites had gotten to him.

Dexter stoode between two nervously. He knew neither would try to hurt the other physically, but with words. . . Yeah big chance there. Noodles easily caught up to Lindsey with his fast walking pace. "He can't see you now, you know," he said evenly as he stood next to her looking around before holding up a dark magic sphere. "Keep it," he said putting it in her hands. "You need it more than I do."

"..You think then maybe he only saved you because he wants you for something?" he asked, getting a little nervous.

Lindsey sighed and took it, putting it into her pack. She didn't say anything, only waited for the others to catch up with them.

Demi shook her head. "I don't think, I KNOW. Maester Seymour is a fiend and his people are just a bat shit as he is." She growled before Dexter slapped a hand over her mouth.

"Ixnay on the bat shit-ay," he whispered looking around. "Mind what you say Demi, you never know who's listening."

"You won't be able to out run it all you know," Noodles pushed. "We'll have to face him again, but this time you won't be alone," smiling at her softly, he place a hand gently on her shoulder.

"...Macalania Temple..." she said softly before going silent. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply before pressing herself against the man briefly. She pushed away when Josh, Dexter and Demi came up to them over the stairs, "We'll run the Highroad and train while doing so... The road is populated with fiends, good exercise and training for us."

Demi saw the quick step back. Feeling like she got kicked in the chest, she was back to where she started. All the boys wanting her friends over her. She just nodded, glad she got more ammo along with her blades sharpened and cleaned.

Lindsey looked down before heading off on the highroad.

Josh silently followed behind, not questioning or speaking. He looked back at Demi though, concerned for her, a little worried about her physical and mental state.

Dexter took up the rear as they started their journey. Granted his plan had blown up in his face and it seemed that everyone had switched partners, Demi almost in Josh's arms and Noodles nearly humping Lindsey from behind, maybe a little exaggerated, but still. . . He wasn't about to be set off. These two pairs needed each other and needed to be switched back. Though at the moment he wasn't sure how to do it. Staying her new usual quiet, Demi kept her eyes peeled for fiends and Al Bhed alike. Though she wasn't going to kill her fellow outcasts, she wasn't going to hand Josh over either.

"When do we get to the place where's there's snow?" Dexter asked out of the blue. The way the group was acting it was if they were going to a funeral.

"...Well, first we have to get to D'jose Temple... and after that, we cross the Moonflow to the Guado city of Guadosalam..." Lindsey explained as they walked, "And through there, we cross the Thunderplains to Macalania Forest... Lake Macalania is a snowy place... but there's also Mount Gagazet... So both are still aways."

"I wanna make a snow fort or a snow man real quick on our way through there," the blond man grinned earning an amused shake of head from his fellow Offspringer and a chortle and smile from Josh and Demi.

"You'll get lost in a snow drift trying to follow that white rabbit," Noodles joked.

Lindsey stayed quiet, though her anxiety was chilled a little. She made her way further ahead of the group, jumping to the sides for stranded Treasure Chests, finding gil and healing items. As they travelled, fiends attacked an ambushed, but were easily cut through, earning them experience and making them stronger.

Along a the way, during a quiet spell right after a fight, the quietness was driving Demi insane. With everything that was happening around her and inside her, she felt she was going to burst. "Don't give up. It's just the weight of the world. When your heart's heavy, no. . . no one will lift it for you," she started singing softly to herself, barely above a murmer when she took up the rear as the group switched around with Noodles and Dexter up front and Josh and Lindsey before her in the back. "Don't give up because you want to be heard. If silence keeps you, no one will break it but you."

Lindsey's eyes narrowed in annoyance at the song Demi chose to sing. And the way she sang it. Josh could hear it too, and it had him on edge, nervous, and a tad upset. But he chose not to say anything.

Lindsey sighed and folded her arms across her chest, blocking out the lyrics as she watched the dirt ground pass underneath her feet. Not once did she get a single thank you for risking her sanity--among other things--and getting the Guado Maester to save Demi's life and get Josh back on his feet.

Dexter was hearing the song, although it was faintly. Feeling the same like Demi about the explode, but his was because everyone was so unhappy and gloomy. Stopping and turning on his heel, he stood in front of Lindsey. "Lindsey, as self proclaimed love doctor of this group, I have come to a decision," he said puffing up his chest trying to look important. Noodles turned giving Dexter a look.

"This should be interesting," he mumbled putting on an amused look.

"We need to have sex. That's right, you and me, right here, right now. You have too much tension built up, you need to release it and having sex with the best man to have sex with will make you feel so much better. Josh, you can be next. I promise, I'll be gentle," he winked at his summoner. "Just ask Noodles."

"He's very big if that helps," the oldest guardian laughed.

"See, so how about it baby?" He smiled at Lindsey, though just joking around to lighten the mood.

"...You're asking the wrong girl I'm afraid..." she said walking past him. It was bad enough that Demi seemed to be distancing herself from her because she had been getting attention from Noodles, attention that focused on her mental and physical well-being, she certainly didn't need Dexter to be talking to her about sex between the two of them, joking or not.

Josh bit his lip and rose up his hands in his defense, "I'm good, but thanks for the offer."

"It will remain standing just so you know," he winked at Josh turning around to continue walking. "Oh come on you know you want me!" He cried after Lindsey. "If you want my body and you think I'm sexy, come on sugar let me know. If you really need me just reach out and touch me come honey let me know. Tell me baby!"

"He makes my want to cry," Demi said standing next to Josh as she gave the older blond a weird look as he started making humping motions towards Noodles who wasn't paying attention.

"Hey!" The oldest guardian cried out when Dexter ran into his butt.

Lindsey sighed as she kept on walking, trying desperately hard to block Dexter out. Demi hating her because Dexter decided to joke about sex was the last thing Lindsey needed. "..Let's just keep going.." she sighed.

"May wanna lay off and leave her alone... she doesn't look like she's up for any sort of jokes of that nature," Josh said, wincing a little.

"Fine," Dexter sighed defeated, back to square one. "I'll just have sex with Noodles then, he likes it rough," he smirked at his friend's reaction.

"None of that now! You know that was only once and we were really drunk with long hair," he glared playfully, getting a giggle from Demi. She wasn't mad or upset with Lindsey, it wasn't her fault that the guys seemed to flock to her. She also knew that he was just trying to lighten to the mood.

"That's how we came up with the lyrics 'Give it to me baby! Uh huh! Uh huh!' Noodles screaming for more, yozzah," Dexter grinned as Demi held onto Josh to keep from falling over as she laughed, holding her side.

"Oh God stop," she cried wiping her face.

"You should have seen his face!" Dexter kept going at Noodles's expense, though he didn't mind it if it was getting the group's spirits up. He'd take a thousand stories of him getting pounded in the ass by Dexter any day to keep them going. "It was like this!" Scrunching up his face and making a 'WOW!' motion with his mouth.

Lindsey had gotten far ahead of the group and she stopped, sighing yet again as she proceeded to wait for them to catch up. While she did, she put her swords into the soil, blades embedded with hilts pointed towards the sky. She breathed deeply, calling upon the power of fire buried deep within her before jabbing and kicking, the air heating up and distorting the molecules of the trails following her hands and feet. She punched forward, a powerful flame exploding in the air and disappearing into a puff of smoke.

"That's freakin' hilarious!" Josh cackled, holding onto Demi as she did him.

"You should have seen the look on his face though when he saw it was me!" Dexter cracked up as they got to Lindsey. "I think I might have a tumor, I smell burnt feathers." Sniffing the air, the others did as well.

"Sorry Dexter if you've got one I think we all do," Demi snorted.

"How big?" Noodles asked Lindsey softly as the others joked around waiting for her.

She looked back over at Noodles, grinning a little at him before she turned back and took in a deep breath through her nose and rose up her left foot straight up into the air, the air around her leg and the trail following it heaing up in the process and distorting. She kicked her foot down, flames erupting around her foot as it slammed onto the dirt with a loud crack. "Big."

"Holy shit," Demi said lifting her shades up. "Alright Lindsey!" She whooped.

"Very impressive, a great deal better than the ship," Noodles smiled at the younger girl.

"I retract my sexual offer from earlier!" Dexter pipped. "I don't want to dissatisfy you then get stuck being the pig at the bonfire!"

"Thanks... Now that I pretty much have Fire covered... Water is next..." She said as she picked up her blades. "..although I have no idea how I'm going to do that."

Josh stared at Lindsey dumbfounded and astonished. He bit his lip, feeling neglectful of her ever since the blitzball tournament had gone down in flames. He was so focused on Demi that he barely gave Lindsey any thought. "That's really great," he said, almost nervously.

Lindsey blinked and glanced at him before looking back down, "Thanks."

"Are we ever going to go back near any water? I'm already missing the ocean," Demi said stretching as she skipped over to her friend. Noodles glanced over at Josh, watching the boy's reaction, measuring his emotion.

"You surf any?" Dexter asked as he stood on the other side of Josh as they started back up again, now with Noodles in the rear.

"Does the Moonflow count? It's kind of an ocean... but we'll be riding the Shoopuf across," Lindsey said as she walked with Demi at her side.

"What's a Shoopuf?" Josh asked.

"A little kid's dream come true."

"It's like a giant blue anteater," Demi grinned. "I have a stuffed one that I made at home and no I don't. Middle of continent. Oh! Lindsey! Can I swim across or is the forbidden?" She bounced like a little kid, back to her usual energetic and happy self for once. Noodles watched her and chuckled as he walked next to Josh as Dexter jumped upfront with the girls.

"I don't know how safe that is," she said before leaning down and whispering into her ear, "The Al Bhed will attempt to kidnap Josh... so might wanna stay aboard and keep a look out, maybe..."

She rose back up, "What if the shoopuf thinks you're a fish and eats you?"

"Ah! No! You will save me won't you Lindsey? Friend, buddy, ol' pal of mine?" Demi cried playfully. "They'll do it there?" She asked leaning over.

"Hey! No secrets! I feel left out now," Dexter pouted.

"You're 43 Dexter, you shouldn't be pouting," Noodles grinned, happy to see the two girls close for once. Though he probably would end up never being able to tell Demi that he liked her, at least her and her friend were alright.

"Yeah. ..It's when Rikku joins the group... She attacks them in a machina and captures Yuna straight from the Shoopuf's saddle," she whispered back. "Of course I'll save you. After all, if I didn't get you out of the water, I wouldn't have you up in the carriage and then I wouldn't be able to push you back in!" She leaned back in, "We're pretty clear at the moment as far as the Al Bhed is concerned... We'll be meeting them up at Operation Mi'ihen..."

Josh watched them from behind, blinking and tilting his head, "I hope you're talking good things about us up there. If I smell it's not my fault."

"Sorry Josh, you're scent is just too hard not to gossip about," Lindsey teased, sticking her tongue out at him playfully from over her shoulder.

"We're gonna tie you down later and make you smell like a girl!" Demi snickered, throwing her words over her shoulder at Josh.

"Better you than me," Noodles smiled at the younger man. He had a good feeling about him and the learning black mage. Though he did feel a bit put off when Demi has said barely two words to him since they set off, but it was for the best, right?

"Hey, that's not fair!" Josh laughed, "I don't wear any cologne and the showers here are so... weird." He made a face. He looked up at Noodles, "C'mon now, help me out here."

Lindsey giggled, the first time since the blitzball tournament.

"You're on your own here. I just protect you from the fiends, not the women," Noodles chuckled, glancing at Demi as she laughed as well.

"Ugh, girls," Dexter grumbled. "I'm about to lose my testosterone here, I'm going back with the men!"

"Wimp," Lindsey said boldly with a smirk. Her smile faded as she saw the big carriage. It only meant one thing: Luzzu and Gatta were close... and that preperations for Operation Mi'ihen were underway.

"Look what we have here..." she whispered as she went quiet. The carriage was moved to the side and Luzzu and Gatta headed to a small path-alcove to the side of the highroad. "Hey!" she waved to the two crusaders.

"Greetings!" Luzzu waved back, "Great to see you here!"

Gatta smiled and waved too, "Heeeeey!"

Demi blanched and resisted tackling her friend down. "Hey," she waved back to the young crusader. He still had her shell necklace wrapped around his wrist. Hopefully he hadn't caught wind of her near death and decided to marry her to save time for baby making and legacies and all. She doubted it, but it had happened before. Noodles watched Gatta carefully, not because he thought the young man dangerous to Demi, but because he was slightly jealous. Stiffening as they got closer, he stayed near Josh.

"You caught the game, yes?" Luzzu grinned, "Quite a show, eh? It warms my heart for the Aurochs to finally win."

Lindsey smiled and nodded, "Yes. The Aurochs deserved to win this tournament especially."

Gatta nodded, "Yeah, it was great! Even though the fiends attacked afterward, it was still worth the show!" Gatta waved to Demi and smiled at her, though didn't make any moves toward her. His mind was split between her and the Operation. But the Operation definitely had the majority of his attention.

"...Preparing for something?" Lindsey asked, playing dumb.

"Ah, yes," Luzzu said, nodding towards the carriage pulled by a lone chocobo. "Preperations for Operation Mi'ihen. We'll stop Sin in its tracks."

"...You really think you can pull that off?" she asked, still playing dumb.

"Yeah. We have the Al Bhed helping us. Their machina should do the trick!" Gatta said excitedly.

"I thought machina was forbidden by Yevon," Dexter piped in, earning a hunching of shoulder by Demi. Noodles resisted going over and comforting Demi, letting her stand alone, though he was kicking himself for it.

"What are you using the machina to do?" Demi asked biting her lip and trying to ignore Dexter's ignorence.

"To kill Sin of course. Their machina will lend the killing blow in the Operation," Luzzu explained, "The machina is forbidden, yes... But when there's a will, there's a way..."

Lindsey blinked, lowering her chin slightly in understanding of that statement. Killing Sin with machina meant that the summoner wouldn't have to be sacrificed to bring the Calm.

"Well, good luck to you then... but please, be careful. Both of you," she smiled sadly at Luzzu, very knowing of his fate...

Demi nodded, looking saddly at the two. She too knew what was going to happen and biting her lip, she let herself go a bit. Flinging herself around Gatta she gave him a big hug. Knowing she would probably witness his death, she couldn't help herself. "Please be careful," she said letting go slowly. Lindsey would probably chew her out about messing with the time line, but she didn't care. It didn't matter when the end was the same. Noodles gritted his teeth looking away, hoping no one notice his small barely audible grunt. If anything it might have come off as him dissaproving of the PDA between the two or the disgust of Al Bhed and Yevonite together.

"We will," Luzzu said reassuringly. He smiled at them gently, "Even though Yevon rejected us, we're still with you. No matter what. Peraps if we fail to take Sin down, Lord Joshua may be able to just take him out right there."

Gatta was surprised and he blushed a little before hugging her back, "Sin will be gone in no time! Just you wait."

"Ok," Demi nodded trying to give him a small smile at least. No she didn't like the tan young man like that, but. . . She just felt bad about what he was going to go through. She had to do something! Noodles turned looking at the road.

"We should be one our way," he grunted, going back into himself, getting a curious look from Dexter. "We don't want to slow down our progress." Demi shot him a look, but nodded, hugging Gatta again real quick before scuttling back to where Josh and Dexter were as they started to walk.

Lindsey did the prayer to Luzzu and Gatta as Luzzu did to her in return for her, Josh and her fellow guardians. "We must be off too... Can't be late," he turned to Gatta, "Come."

"Sir!" Gatta ran forward, followed by Luzzu as they chased off after the carriage--which had gone ahead while they were speaking to the summoner party.

Josh went to Lindsey and looked down at her. She looked back up at him and smiled at him weakly, "Let's get going." He smiled at her and nodded, following straight behind her.

Demi kept her head down, but eyes and ears open as she took lead of the group, miffed with Noodles at the moment for his sudden deciding to be a douche out of no where. He knew she was probably upset with him, but was trying to not let it get to him as he stayed next to Josh and Lindsey as Dexter took the rear.

"Guardians!" Lindsey stopped and said loudly to get their attention, "Ahead of us is Rin's travel agency! And the Mi'ihen Chocobo Corale. A large chocobo-eating fiend is terrorizing them and has been for a while if I recall. We'll have to fight with all our might to defeat it, he's no push-over. Stay sharp!"

"Right!" Josh nodded enthusiastically, "...What's a chocobo?"

"It's a giant yellow bird, like Big Bird only you ride it like a horse," Demi piped in, ignoring Noodles as he was about to speak up. "They're cute and fluffy, so we gotta kill this thing."

"NOT THE BIRD!" Dexter cried in faux horror.

"Oh," he said, thoughtfully, "Then we gotta defeat this thing!"

"Chocobos are adorable," Lindsey nodded. "I want to ride one before we're through. Let's go! The Travel Agency isn't far." She started off ahead, running quick to the side to open a treasure chest.

"Did you win a teddy bear?" Demi asked as she started to set a jogging pace.

"Even better. Mega-potion," she smiled as she caught up with Demi.

"Woot! Now we can do anything! Let's go to Disneylnd when we're done," Demi giggled as she skipped alongside Lindsey.

"That sounds nice, actually..." Lindsey said as she reached for Demi's hand and holding it in hers, "We'll get our pictures taken with Captain Hook."

"I wanna go too!" Josh said excitedly.

"Of course!" Demi giggled as she let go of Lindsey's hand, linking her arm with Josh's and her other with Dexter's. That left Lindsey to grab Josh's other arm and Noodles. "Oh! We're off to see the wizard! The wonderful wizard of Oz!" She sang as Dexter joined in the skipping and humming the tune. "Come one Josh! I know you can sing!" She grinned. "I can't hear you Lindsey!"

"I can't sing," Lindsey laughed weakly, "Go ahead, we'll catch up." She figured Noodles wasn't in the singing mood either. Josh, however, didn't think twice about playing along and singing proudly the Wizard of Oz theme, but with chocobos.

Lindsey let them go ahead, hanging back with Noodles. When they were further ahead, she looked up at him and asked, "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, why do you ask?" He said as he kept up the pace, but let the others stay ahead. As far as he knew, the only one that really knew what was bothering him was Dexter. Noodles knew he wouldn't say anything though, so why bring it up.

"You just seem... distant," she said, watching them, "...Is it Demi?"

"Just trying to get to the end is all," he said, not meeting her eyes. "Why would you say that?"

"...I don't know. Just a feeling..." she said softly before walking ahead of him as they reached the Al Bhed shop. "Let's take a rest here," she said.

"Don't tell anyone. . . Ok?" He sighed as the others were already there. "I don't want them to worry about me," he said sneaking a glance at the happy Demi, dancing and singing with Dexter and Josh.

Entering the shop, she slapped some gil down on the front counter, "We'll take a room, please!"

The Al Bhed woman nodded and smiled, "That's 100 Gil please," she said, speaking perfect english. Lindsey pushed the stack of gil pieces towards her and she took it before giving her keys to a room.

"Does it have a shower?" Demi asked, getting a piggy back ride from Dexter.

"I call bed with Josh!" Dexter cried throwing Demi onto one of the three beds.

"Now I don't want to hear any reinactments of your night with Noodles," Demi said bouncing with a giggle.

"Never on my honor," Dexter said holding up a cub scout salute with his hand placed gently on Josh's rump. All in good fun of course.

"Hey!" Josh yelped, jumping forward, "Sorry but my trunk's currently not for sale." He grinned at Dexter.

"It should," Lindsey said. She laughed to Dexter's fondling of Josh's bum, "Oh you guys. Stop acting like girls. Come, let's go rest for awhile."

"Oh you know you liked it," Dexter said in his 'sultry voice.' "Demi! Nap with me!" He whined pulling the other blond on top of him as he flopped down on the same queen sized bed with her.

"Help! I'm being molested!" Demi giggled as Dexter drug her under the covers, trying to sound like he was eating her alive.

"She's mine now and I don't share," he said laying on top of her.

"Ack! Can't breath hoss!" She cried wriggling to just under his arms. Noodles gave them a look that only lasted a split second before he shirked off his pack to take a shower and clean his clothes at once. They would be there long enough for his clothes to dry and he had an extra pair of shorts and a sleeveless shirt as well.

Lindsey blinked awkwardly before looking up at Josh shyly, "...So, uhm... Want to sit together on the other bed?"

He blushed and smiled sheepishly back at her, "Sure."

"Aw how quaint!" Dexter said getting smack in the face. "Ow!"

"Be nice before I kick you out of the fort!" Demi grinned as she ducked out of the covers and got several supplies around the room and made a sheet fort. "I claim this bed in the name of me!" She said holding a candle as a small sword.

"Yarg! I be taking over your fort missy!" Dexter said trying to be like a pirate.

"You'll never take it!" Demi said as they 'sword fought.' Her with her candle and him with some weird phallis like fruit. Noodles did his best to wash his clothes in the shower with him as he heard the others outside the then walled bathroom. He tried his damndist not to get jealous of Demi and Dexter goofing off. But. . . Damn it!

"So," Lindsey looked up at him as she took off her shoes and gloves, "You sing... And quite good at that." He smiled and nodded as he sat with her, "Yeah. It has its perks."

"I like to paint.. and draw. And play video games," she said as she folded her legs in front of her, "Do you play any video games?"

"Yeah, mostly Guitar Hero and Rock band... but yeah, I play some video games when I can," he spoke softly to her, relaxed as they both talked.

"That's cool. I'm not a fan of Guitar Hero and Rock Band myself... but to each his own, right?"

"Hehe, yeah."

"Ah! Mah leg!" Dexter cried sprawling on the ground as he got tangled in the mess of Demi's fort.

"It's your own fault. You're just lucky we're not outside, I'd leave you for the fiends in a heart beat," Demi said acting aloof in a playful way.

"You'd leave me!?" Dexter cried.

"It's a guardian eat guardian world out there dude, I gotta move up the totem pole some how. You're lucky I didn't push you into the ocean at Kilika, let the sharks eat you."

"You're really sweet..." Lindsey admitted quietly, "...For a celebrity at least... I always figured that some celebrities acted sweet... but really weren't..."

Josh's expression faltered briefly at that, but smiled again, "...I guess celebrities then just have that kind of stigma. I admit I have my bad days... but I always try to be the best I can be for other people."

She looked up at him, "Be the best for other people? Why not just be yourself?"

"That's what I mean," he said quickly, "I'm not a cold person... Or at least I hope I'm not."

"No..." Lindsey said after a moment, "You're very warm. Warmer than what I was expecting."

"Hot blooded! Check it see! Got a fever of a hundred and three! Come one baby do you two wanna dance!? Hot blooded! Hot Blooded!" Demi and Dexter crooned, butchering the song as they laughed in Demi's newly rebuilt fort.

Lindsey glanced at the blanket fort housing Demi and Dexter before whispering to Josh, "...Let's move somewhere private."

Josh nodded, "Good idea..."

The two got up and left the room, leaving their shoes and gloves in the room as they left the travel agency, but didn't stray far. They sat together on the grassy cliff above the sea below, looking out over at the sunset beyond ancient ruins trapped in the crystaline waters.

Noodles came out in his shorts and shirt, his wet clothes ringed as best he could before jimmying a hanger for them to dry. "Man I wish I could get a guy like that some day," Demi sighed seeing the two from the window with a soft smile.

"Maybe you shouldn't throw yourself at men then," Noodles grunted, still a bit miffed at the whole Gatta glomp.

"I don't," she snapped back narrowing her eyes at him.

"Looked like it to me eariler. You practically had your clothes off using him as a stripper pole. Why don't you just advertise it or stand on a corner," he kept his scowl towards his clothes as Demi sat there stunned and silent. "Hell you went right after Dexter as soon as he started to act like he liked you as a person. Surprised you haven't tried to jump him yet." In a few blinks Demi was gone, tears down her face.

"You're a real dick headed douche bag," Dexter glared getting up and confronting his friend. "She really likes you and now you go and piss on her? Good luck cause like hell she'll ever let you or anyone else for that matter near her now. Happy?" He slapped Noodles in the head. Retaliating on instinct, Noodles pushed Dexter hard.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know I asked for your opinion," he snapped back.

"Fuck you man," Dexter flicked him off before stalking out.

"The sunset is beautiful..." Lindsey said softly as she looked over the beautiful orange-purple blends of the sky as the sun drowned in the horizon.

"Yeah.. It is beautiful..." Josh said softly in agreement. "Like you..." he said absently, looking over at her.

Lindsey looked at him, blinking in surprise before blushing, "Oh... oh.. I'm... I'm not beautiful..." she said sadly.

"But you are," he said, touching her hand, "Why would you say that?"

"...I'm just not... I'm not pretty... I'm not cute... not like Demi..." she said weakly.

"You're beautiful in your own way," he said, "Whether you want to believe it or not. You're beautiful in my eyes..."

She looked up at him, mouth agape before looking back down sadly, "...thanks..."

Demi sobbed as she curled up behind the barn used to house the chocobos. She didn't know what had happened to Noodles to make him so pissed or beligerent to her. Had he always been like this and she was blinded by the fact that he was her biggest crush ever? It'd happened before, so it wouldn't surprise her if that was it. Getting up and walking out into the area, she decided to kill off some small fiends, that would help her get rid some of the anger she had. . . Hopefully.

It was getting dark, the sun almost gone and Dexter still couldn't find Demi. Damn it Noodles! Going back to the room, he found it empty. "Damn it!" He cursed, not knowing where anyone was. Hopefully Lindsey and Josh would be back and they'd help him look.

Noodles was out getting air, calming down from his tirade against Demi, feeling like shit for it. He knew the rest of the journey wouldn't be so easy now, all because of him. Damn he wanted a cigarette.

Lindsey rest her head gently on Josh's shoulder, "...I've never had such a moment like this... I've always been alone. I'm happy to be watching this... hell, even just sitting here with you."

"Yeah.. same here," he said softly, resting his curly head upon hers, their brown hair mixing.

After a quiet moment, she said softly, "...maybe we should go back in..."

"...Yeah... maybe..."

This was bad, very bad and Dexter was pissed. Pissed off more then he usually gets. When Noodles came back in he was met with a punch right in the face. Stumbling back against the wall holding her probably broken nose as it bled, he cursed. "I can't find Demi you dick," Dexter growled, ignoring the commotion he was causing in the hall. "You're gonna help me find her," he threw Noodles's sheathed sword at him, letting it land on his feet.

Josh stood up and helped Lindsey stand, holding his arm out for her to hook hers in his. She smiled at him sleepily as he lead her back to the travel agency. Hearing the yelling in the hall, Josh looked up, his smile meltng from his face, "What's going on?"

"Demi's missing and I can't find her anywhere thanks to this asshole," Dexter glared at Noodles, holding back another punch when the others showed up. Noodles stayed silent, keeping his eyes fixed on Dexter.

"...have you checked the Chocobo corale?" Lindsey asked, looking from Josh to Noodles to Dexter.

Dexter nodded. "I've checked all over the place, even the empty rooms. I don't even think she's anywhere near the inn. For all we know she could be dead."

"Who could be dead?" Demi asked, coming into the inn caked in mudd, grime, and blood. She'd been battling fiends and had leveled up a time or two.

"That's a positive way to think about your party member, Dexter," Lindsey glared at him before looking back over her shoulder at Demi. "Demi! You're... dirty... and bloody... Where'd you run off to?" Lindsey broke away from Josh and grabbed her hands and pulled her into the hotel room. She shut the door to the boys' faces before opening it back up again, "You're sleeping in the dog house tonight," before shutting it again and locking it. She then took Demi to the shower to get her cleaned and patched up.

Josh's jaw dropped at what had just happened, "But... but I didn't do anything!" He glared at Dexter and Noodles, "Thanks a lot!" before leaving to go get a key for another room. With the new key, he shoved past the other two men and went into his own room, shutting the door and locking it.

Demi sat in the shower fulling clothes, letting the water spray down on her to clean her armor and her off. She hated crying so much, and she'd been called worse, but this was from Noodles. Someone she had looked up to for half of her life. Now she was just wondering if it was true. "Lindsey," she bit her lip, her chin trembling a bit. "Am I whore?" She blinked back to tears, looking up at her friend red eyed.

"Dumbass," Dexter said leaving for his own room. With Noodles out in the hallway alone, he sighed as he grabbed a potion and went to another room as well.

Lindsey blinked at that question, "...Um.. Is.. that a trick question...?" She didn't know if she was kidding or not. "No... not that I know of... why? Where is this coming from?" she asked.

"The reason I ran. . . Noodles ripped into me earlier. Said he was surprised I hadn't tried to have sex with Dexter. That I threw myself at Gatta and I should be on a street corner," she sniffled, tears running again. "All I said was that I wish I could meet a guy like Josh just like you had."

"...why would he say that to you?" she asked as she took off Demi's dirtied up armor and nudged her into the warm running shower.

"I don't know. I guess you were right, you don't know if a celebrity is an asshole till you actually meet them. Noodles is the king of them all," she huffed, letting the mud and blood run off the rest of her clothes. "I can't believe I actually liked him."

"...maybe he was just a little jealous..." she suggested gently. She blinked and looked down, "...We weren't having sex by the way..." She looked back up at her friend, "I asked him if he could give me a massage... And he was kind enough to do it. He was just helping me relax... that's all."

"I don't care Lindsey, it doesn't matter. I just want to get home and forget that I even met him, let alone liked him," she sighed. "This whole trip's been one blow after another for me."

Lindsey sighed softly as she sat down on a little bench in the bathroom, "Okay..." She'll have to talk to Noodles in private. In the morning, after everyone's cooled off.
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