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Chapter 10

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Demi was sound asleep till the next morning. Wanting to avoid as much contact at possible with the others, she feigned sleeping in. Dexter was about the same, keeping himself rolled up in his blankets trying to block the world out.

Noodles though, was up and out in the front where there was a lone table with two chairs. He sat there sipping coffee as he tried to make sense of the whole whirl wind explosiong that had been his life for the past two and a half months.

Lindsey was up too, though Josh was still in his own room, snuggled up under the blankets, looking almost like a caterpillar with his feet sticking out from the end.

She approached Noodles quietly, carefully, with iced Al Bhed tea. She sat at the table he was sitting at and sipped her tea, "Good morning."

"Morning," he grunted keeping his eyes on his coffee, stirring the black liquid slowly even though he hadn't added anything to it.

She watched him, crossing one leg over the other, quiet for a moment, letting him be awkward. "Demi told me what you said to you last night... in a sense," she said softly, "..And I'm not here to berate you or fight with you over it. Because I know first hand just how frustrating she can be."

"So you think I'm justified in what I said?" Noodles asked as he sipped his coffee, not looking up.

"That depends. Why did you say it?" she asked, also sipping her tea. Mmm... White Jasmine with that special Al Bhed spice.

"Jealousy. . ." He said softly. "Just. . . Watching her with Josh, Dexter, even Gatta. I'm too old for her, I know, but Dexter doesn't have to rub it in my face that she likes him rather than me. It's not even her fault, I was out of line."

"...I can understand that... I..." she looked down, embarrassed, "...I really do like.. Josh... and it does kinda irk me when she hangs all over him sometimes... But that's just Demi... She's hardly ever serious..."

She smiled gently at him, "...Well, remember... when you gave me a massage on the boat? And I guess she saw it..? Think of how maybe she felt about that... It wasn't your fault either... It was mine... I've.. never had a massage before and.. I didn't want it to stop.. and I apologize for putting you through that."

Lindsey sipped her tea, "All I know... is that I don't want this journey to be filled with animosity between our party members... Yuna's group didn't fight nearly as much as we do on a regular basis. Demi is hard to get used to, yes... but you'll just have to grin and bear it when she does something... unsavory. I'll talk to her today. And I want you two to make up. We'll strike down that Chocobo-eating fiend when it comes... but we're not leaving this spot until you two make friends. Understand?"

Noodles nodded drinking his coffee. "Lindsey. . ." He sighed. "I really do like Demi. . . I just didn't want to end up hurting her after this is all over because we may never see each other again. I figured if she hated me or didn't really care it'd be easier."

"We can't think about that," she said, heart pricking at the thought of.. not seeing Josh again when it was over. "We have to stop thinking about ourselves... and think of the people of Spira. We're here for more than just getting home... We.. we have to save them. We're following this storyline..." her voice cracked, "...we're their last hope. Their last chance..."

Noodles nodded reaching over and giving Lindsey's hand a squeeze with a soft smile. "We can do it, I know we can." Now why couldn't be be like this with Demi? It wasn't hard with Lindsey, granted she was predictable and stable while the other girl was as wild and spontanious as a wild hare. That's what he liked about her.

"I know... we can... But we can't if we keep goofing off like we are. I'll talk to everyone once this is done and over with. We have to set our priorities straight. And giving Spira the release from Sin they dream about is at the very top," she said. The Al Bhed woman at the front desk--as well as others in the shop--looked over at them in admiration. A small girl came over, "Are you going to bring us the Calm?"

Lindsey looked over at her and smiled, "Of course we will... Our Summoner is sleeping right now, but when he gets up, we'll be shoving off again..." She turned towards the girl and took her hands gently in hers, "I promise you that we will vanquish Sin... and never will you or your loved ones have to lay in bed in fear of Sin attacking ever again."

Noodles smiled at the little girl as he got up. "My stuff if in your room. If we're going to fight this thing, I'll need my clothes," he chuckled.

Lindsey looked up at Noodles and nodded, "Get Dexter and Josh up. Our cue will be coming soon." She stood up and pat the girl on the head as she ran back to her room in a happy skip.

"Guess I'll go out and have a look around..." she said as she headed to the door. She then 'oof'ed and jumped back, "Oh!"

"Byntuh sa," said a familiar voice, the owner of said voice coming in, skin dark and hair bright blond in contrast.

Lindsey blinked in surprise and smiled, "Ed ec veha!"

"Oh! You speak Al Bhed!" the man smiled, voice rich with accent.

"I study it... It helps to have an Al Bhed friend..." a lie, but it was helpful to have Demi around to brush up on it.

"Ah..! Very good," he said with a bow, "I am Rin! Owner of this establishment."

"It's great to meet you, Rin. Fuhtanvim du saad oui," she bowed.

He nodded with a smile on his face.

Demi stared at the ceiling, thinking up malicious things to do to Noodles. Not that she'd actually do them, they just helped keep her anger under control. Tangled in her covers in just her shorts and bikini top, she didn't even acknowledge the door opening or the dark curly haired man that made the noise except for a grunt.

Josh woke to his own rhythm and went into the girls' room, not having slept at all well the night before. He missed Lindsey. He was a sad puppy having been kicked out because of The Offspring boys. Jerks... stupid Noodles and Dexter being stupid. He looked over at Demi but said nothing as he went to get his staff. He was already dressed and quickly showered, though he looked like less than a million bucks. More like fifty cents.

"Hey Josh," Demi said not moving from her postion on the bed. "I've got a quick question for you."

Josh rubbed his face, eyes aching a little as he turned towards the door but stopped as he looked over at Demi, "What."

"Do. . . Do I come off as slutty or whorish to you?" She asked calmly, curious more than anything as she lifted herself up into a sitting position. "Clingy a bit, weird yes, but anything ring 'Let me in your pants now before I rape you?' at all?"

Josh blinked, suddenly very uncomfortable, "...I don't know... I've never paid attention..." He left the room in a hurry, making his way to the front, ignoring Dexter and Noodles. It was their fault Lindsey booted him out. Their fault. Not his.

Demi sat there, even more irritated than before as she flopped back down on the bed conjuring up more thoughts about her evil deeds to Noodles.

Noodles quickly ran in after Josh, ignoring Demi as she ignored him as he grabbed his stuff and went back to his room to change. Dexter had finally come out of his burrito like blanket mound as he was already dressed and ready eating breakfast. He smiled and waved to Josh, getting the cold shoulder. What the hell had he done to him!? Grumbling he finished breakfast as Demi came out in her armor ready for the day as she sat with Dexter stealing bits of his food, or rather him sharing and her just picking.

Josh immediately went to Lindsey, ignoring everyone else, now visibly disturbed. He came up behind her, wrapping his arms around her shoulders and bumping her head with his. She looked up at him over her shoulder, "Hey."

"Don't leave Josh out alone like that again," he said, "Josh doesn't like it."

"Sorry," she laughed lightly, "Lindsey won't lock Josh out anymore."

"Is everyone ready?" Noodles asked as he came out front, recieving a slice of butter in his face from the table. "I guess so," he grumbled under his breath. Dexter saluted him like a nazi as he got up and walked out with Demi.

Lindsey scowled as she went outside, stopping in front of Dexter and Demi. Josh followed out, blinking and sighing quietly, "Guardians! At attention! Now!" Anger soaked her voice. She was putting her foot down.

Wiping the butter from his face, Noodles frowned. "Are you ordering us around?" He said quietly, usually not one to question the girl, but this was a bit odd. Demi went back into miltary mode that her brother had instilled in her when he was in the Army. Teaching her everything he knew, she wasn't one to push her friend when she got like this. Dexter scrunched up his nose, a bit taken back.

"If there's one thing that I'm most surprised about this group is the amount of DRAMA we have per day! Have you all forgotten why we're here? We're here to defeat Sin! To defeat Sin and bring everlasting peace to these tortured people! And yet all that seems to transpire up until this point is drama over who likes who! This senseless crap needs to stop!" she lectured, not caring if passersby stopped to watch.

Josh stood behind Lindsey, shielding himself from her by using her as his protection.

"We are these peoples' only hope. We are here to clean Spira of its sorrow and despair. And we have to get our priorities straight. When we defeat Sin, we'll have all the time in the world to bully each other over jealousy and who likes who. Dexter, Noodles, Demi, you three are going to make up whether you want to or not. And we're not leaving here until you do. Got it?"

"Ma'am yes ma'am!" Demi said a she saluted Lindsey, not joking either, in all seriousness.

"Just chill out dude, you know hele me ke kahe," Dexter said turning to Noodles. Sighing the older man nodded. " 'Ohana?" He smiled holding open his arms.

"Yeah 'Ohana you lolo," Noodles chuckled as he hugged his old friend.

Lindsey folded her arms across her chest, "Now, Noodles and Demi."

Demi sighed turning to the older salt and pepper haired man. Before she could even open her mouth though, he had his lips on hers. His hands held her close as she went limp for a moment before wrapping them around his neck. Breaking from the kiss Noodles smiled at her. "Sorry I called you a whore."

"We're good," she grinned giving Lindsey a thumbs up before attatching her face back to Noodles's.

"Bout damn time! Sheesh," Dexter rolled his eyes. "I figured that they'd admit they liked each other before you two. Boy was I wrong," he smiled at Lindsey and Josh.

"I'll say..." Lindsey sighed, scratching her hair, "..but.. wait, what?" She stared at Dexter, "Josh and I aren't--"

"AHH! Somebody help! The chocobos are in trouble!" came a shrill cry from the corale.

Lindsey and Josh both turned around, looking around before chocobos ran past them, squealing in terror. Leaping from behind the coral came a massive fiend with long arms and a massive mouth. It had a chocobo in its claw, the giant bird flailing its long legs and warking in distress.

"Demi! Free it!" Lindsey shouted as she drew her swords.

Demi quickly peeled away from Noodles as she drew her bow and arrows letting them fly. Hitting the claw, it flexed out droping the animal. "Score!" Waiting for the chocobo to get out of the way, Noodles drew his sword as he rushed the fiend giving it a big hit. While it was still recovering from Noodles's attack, Dexter went in and quadrupal punched it.

The fiend was knocked onto its back with a loud, "Rrrraaaauuughh!" It flipped back onto its feet after Dexter's attack and struck both the blond and his friend with a long arm and steel claws, knocking them back. Saliva dripped from its massive teeth as its angry eyes went to Demi. It pointed one of its claws at her and hissed, "You're next!"

Lindsey swooped in and sliced at its arm with her blades, knocking it over with a critical hit. Josh ran up, staff in hand and shouted, "Stand back! I'll summon!"

Lindsey's head perked up before she bolted back from the clearing as Josh headed to the center and quickly prayed, his body telling him to kneel down and put his hand on the ground. When his palm went flat against the dirt, a massive ornamental symbol formed in flames around him, the earth trembling as the circular platform beneath him shot up with him on it. He jumped up, surprisng himself with his own strength.

Between two sandwich buns of rock was an egg of super-heated air, encasing the summon within. When Josh was out of the way, the beast expelled its capsule with a roar, displayings its massive horns and shining golden rings and cuffs. Its fiery eyes went up to Josh and the beast extended a massive arm, catching him safely as it landed and let him off gently. Josh smiled excitedly. What a powerful creature it was!

"I'm Josh," he said as he took position next to the fiery aeon, "It's good to finally meet you."

Demi jumped back, glancing over at Dexter and Noodles, they were fine holding their own. Looking back at the fiend, she made a face at it. "Lindsey! Ifrit's good right?" She called to her friend.

Lindsey was only silent, down on one knee as she watched in awe. She gave a slight nod.

Ifrit started out with a quick fire spell before rushing and slicing at the beast with his own claws. He was retaliated against with a vicious attack. They traded blows before Ifrit was down, weakened and about to fall.

Josh flinched, worried about his aeon. Ifrit growled to him softly in reassurance as it got up and casted a powerful fire spell upon itself, the flames healing its injuries before it leaped up and attacked the chocobo eater again, knocking it back.

"Whoo! Go Ifirit!" Demi whooped as Dexter and Noodles stood back watching the battle.

Ifrit roared after a hit, pushing Josh back before it leaped up into the air, the heat in the air around it intensifying and distoring the molecules around it as flames sparked about its claws and cormed molten flames. It tossed the newly created masses of fire at the chocobo eater and trapped it inside an inferno. Before landing, Ifrit opened its long snout, a new ball of energy and flames formed just in front of its open jaws, the very twitch of its head forward shooting it at the chocobo eater, now up in the air in a wall of fire.

When Ifrit touched the ground, it buried its long talons into the earth, lifting up with a growling grunt a huge chunk of rock and tossing it at the trapped beast, the whole event exploding before the chocobo eater fell back to the ground, visibly burnt but still moving.

Josh looked Ifrit over in amazement, but he knew now was no time to be ooh-ing and ahh-ing. He dismissed the exhausted creature with a nod, inviting Lindsey and the others back into the fight.

Demi brought out her knives for an up close attack, stealing two grenades from the monster. "Hey Lindsey! Wanna go boom boom!?" She grinned as Noodles went in for his few slices. Dexter was following him quickly with his own punches from his claws.

Lindsey blinked at Demi as she ran to stand in front of Josh, guarding him with her life--as well as her swords. She then stabbed the blades of her swords into the earth before concentrating as hard as she could. THere was no way she could bend the air around that thing and not get slapped around while doing it... she had to figure this out from afar, and fast. The chocobo eater was back on its feet and knocking Dexter and Noodles around like ping-pong balls. It thrust forward, massive arms knocking them to the edge of the cliff over the old Mi'ihen road.

"Ah!" Lindsey slammed a foot down as she struggled to communicate with the air particles around the beast. She bent her knees as she thrust her hands forward, "Hah!" the air around the fiend's body exploding into a burst of flames, knocking it back on its back, "Ruaahhh!"

"Now! Push it back!" she shouted from afar.

"Lindsey! Flame it when I toss the grenade! BIG BOOM!" Demi called as she pulled the pin and let it rip.

"I can't!" Lindsey shouted, looking visibly tired just from that one spell as the grenade went off, doing minimal damage but still pushing the monster back, "Dex, Noodles! Finish it off!"

Dexter grinned at Noodles as they're adrenaline started to pump. Standing behind Dexter, Noodles took off at a sprint. Dexter turned on his heel kneeling to jump with his back facing the fiend. Cupping his hands to catch Noodles as he jumped as well, sticking his foot in Dexter's hands. Letting out a loud grunt, the blond jumped into the air and launched his friend into the air at a spin. A war cry roared from Noodles as he spun around slicing into the fiend several times before sticking his sword deep into it. Landing he gripped his sword and pulled up, sending the monster into pyreflies.

"Holy shit," Demi raised her eyebrows. Walking over she collected the gil and several potions and two ethers. "Here," she said handing one to Lindsey. "You look like you could use it."

Lindsey took one of the Ethers and stuffed the bottle in her pack. "Good work guys," she said with a little smile.

The chocobo clerk ran up shrieking, "Ah! You guys were amazing! Thanks so much for saving the chocobos!"

"No problem," Demi smiled brightly handing everyone a potion. "Just doing our civic duty."

Rin came out as well with a big smile on my face, "I cannot thank you enough. Here, please take this as my thanks." He smiled at Demi, noticing a sister amongst the group. He handed her 3 Mega-potions, "And good luck to you on your pilgrimage."

Lindsey smiled and bowed. Josh did as well, "Thank you, sir."

Demi smiled even wider. "Hu bnupmas cen!" She chirped taking the potions and putting them safely away in her pack. "We did it guys! We were a team! Just like Power Rangers!"

"Can I be the red ranger!? He was always the coolest!" Dexter bounced up and down.

"Yeah and Lindsey's the pink ranger with Josh as the green ranger, cause they end up together and Noodles is the black ranger and I'm the yellow one!" Demi said hugging Noodles's side.

"Go team," Noodles said with a small smile.

Lindsey stared. She didn't like the Pink Ranger. "...Can I make up my Ranger color? I don't like pink..."

"Awww," Josh smiled and hugged her, "You can be light green and I'll be dark green."

Lindsey chuckled in her chest, "Yay."

"So now where to oh great leader?" Demi asked balancing her bow on a finger.

"Don't hurt yourself," Noodles warned as Demi put it up.

"Wouldn't dream of it," she grinned.

"Everything else seems to be doin' that for her," Lindsey said, amused. She then gave Demi a look, "Like I've said a hundred times before, Demi. We're going to the Mushroom Rock Temple in D'jose. Say it with me. J-OH-ZAY."

"Jose Jalepeno on a Stick?" Demi smiled earning a chuckle and head shake from Noodles.

"Aye, yi yi yi, am I Jose Jalepeno on a Stick," Dexter sang.

"Ok seriously though," Demi said after her giggle fit. "I'm good now, I promise. . . Ok I don't promise cause I don't want to make baby Jesus cry."

Lindsey laughed, "You're making baby Jesus cry just from pronouncing D'jose wrong. Come on, let's get going."

"Oh! As thanks for saving the chocobos, the first chocobos you rent are for free! Would the Lord Summoner and his guardians like some chocobos for the road?"

Lindsey was personally opposed to it at the moment, since she always used this area as well for training. "It's up to you guys. And Josh. Well, mostly Josh."

"Please can we Josh!? Pretty please with a cherry on top?" Demi begged dancing around. "I've always wanted to ride a chocobo!"

"With that argument it's sure to win," Noodles chuckled getting a butt slap. "Hey!" He cried.

Josh looked to Lindsey, who looked back over at him over her shoulder, "Uh--mm.. Sure. Let's chocobo it."

Lindsey nodded, not putting up a fight at this point, "Then yes. Five chocobos please."

"Alrighty!" she said before running back to the chocobo coral, she and an assistent grabbing five chocobos and leading them out to the party.

Lindsey smiled as she scratched gently under her chocobo's chest, causing him to squeal softly and flap her wings happily, "Ah, you like that? Good girl." She grabbed onto the reigns and got on, hooking her feet under her wings.

"Yes!" Demi grinned as she easily hopped on the bird. "Who's a good birdy?" She cooed, scratching and petting her bird earning gleeful noises. "Boy am I glad I grew up on a farm now," she smiled brightly as she easily trotted around a bit. "You gonna make it my Offspring friends?" She asked as Dexter and Noodles hopped on their own birds, all be it with help.

"We'll be fine," Noodles grunted.

"I feel awkward," Dexter said. "It's like I'm trying to ride Big Bird."

Lindsey guided her chocobo over to Josh, who was trying to figure out how to get on, "Can you get on?"

Josh chuckled, not sure whether or not to put his shoe against his chocobo's wing to get on, "I don't know!"

"You got it."


"Yeah. Chocobos are stronger than they look. Here.. yeah. Grab the reigns like that. Okay, now grab this handle on the saddle. Yeah, good."

"LIke this?"

"Yeah! Now put your foot on his wing. No, you're other foot."


"There. Now pull yourself up."

Josh shook a little as he mounted his chocobo, giving him an apologetic pet before slipping his feet under his wings, "There."

"Good job!" she giggled, patting his back.

"Woot woot!" Demi cheered for Josh as Dexter finally got on his bird. "We can still stop and train on the way there Lindsey, how long will it take us to get to Jose's house?"

"D'Jose." Noodles put in.

"Yeah what he said."

"A ways!" she wailed, "We'll get there when we get there! My god, you guys are like children!" She gently squeezed her legs against the chocobo's side and it started away in a light trot, Josh mimicking her carefully and following after her on his chocobo.

"Ok Mom!" Demi cackled as she followed with Noodles and Dexter behind.

"Dude, I think we just unleashed a monster," Dexter said giving Demi a frightened look. "Good thing she likes you and not me."

"Thanks for that support," Noodles sighed as he nudged his chocobo faster to catch up.

Lindsey rode slow enough for Josh to be able to keep up and not feel uncomfortable. "We should be reaching the checkpoint soon, guys! It's right up here!" They went out to cross the bridge before coming up to a turn, where a huge gate stood guarded by Crusaders and blocked by the huge carriage from earlier.

Lindsey went quiet. She knew Seymour would be here soon to let them through. She took a deep breath. The man was scary but he wasn't nightmare-worthy. Dismounting her chocobo and leading it aside, she gave her chest a pet before going over to the gate. The carriage was lead by Luzzu and Gatta, who were both in a hurry to get checked through and go. The two crusaders were checked through by a fellow guard and lead the carriage through onto the Mushroom Rock Road ahead.

Demi grew quiet as they reached the bridge. Noodles steered his bird closer to her, grasping her hand gently as the stopped. Flashing him a small smile, she held onto his hand as they waited on Lindsey with the check point. Dexter hopped off his as well, leaving his bird with Lindsey's. Going with her for moral support so she didn't have to do everything alone. He knew that she was nervous about Seymour and that it would just be harder on her if she did see him. Gently grabbing her shoulder, he smiled at her softly to let her know that he was there with her.

Josh slowly got off his chocobo too, gently petting his neck before leading him away too.

Lindsey went up to the guard, "We're a summoner party... Can we get through? We're heading to D'jose."

"I'm sorry, ma'am. No exceptions... We're preparing for Operation Mi'ihen and only all Crusaders, Al Bhed and Chocobo Knights that are participating are allowed through... I'm terribly sorry for the inconvenience, my Lord," he bowed to Josh.

Josh sighed sadly, "That's unfortunate..."

"...I figured," Lindsey said with a little sigh, "No problem, man."

She turned, stomach churning anxiously as she looked up. And in the nick of time came Seymour with his two special guards. She took a step back, Josh behind her, allowing him through.

He looked at Lindsey and Josh before stopping and subtly performing the prayer, "Lord Josh and his guardians. I had a feeling we would meet again." Lindsey nodded quietly and performed the prayer out of courtesy. "Yes," she said, "We're on our way to the D'jose temple... but... well..." she turned her head towards the gate.

Seymour stepped forward, "I see."

The crusader guard rushed to Seymour to greet him, "Maester Seymour, my lord. This way to the command center."

"Hold," he said simply, "I have a request."

"Your Grace?"

"I need you to allow Lord Summoner Joshua and his guardians through," he said, looking back over at the group over his shoulder.

"But.. I.. Maester Seymour, Sir.. I--"

"Do not worry..." he smiled, "I'll take full responsibility."

The guard hesitated before sighing a little and saluting, "Very well... They may pass."

He turned and nodded to Lindsey and Josh, "It is done."

"Thank you, Maester Seymour," Lindsey and Josh both bowed to him and performed the prayer.

"He's slicker than snot," Demi growled under her breath, as he watched Seymour. "He was totally peeving on Lindsey. I'll rip his throat out before he touches her." She growled, much like a protective dog.

"Is everything alright now?" Noodles asked as the others came back. Dexter nodded. "We'll head out now," he said getting up easer than last time.

Lindsey sighed quietly as Seymour and his guards were already past the gate and on their way to the command center on the D'jose beach. She looked back at Dexter, Noodles and Demi, "Sorry guys, Chocobos have to stay here. We're lucky enough to be let through. Only Chocobo Knight chocobos can be let in."

"S'ok," Demi said hopping off and walking over by her side, linking arms with her. "You ok?" She asked quietly as they started to go through the check point. Dexter assumed his position behind Josh with Noodles next to the summoner.

"Yep," she said quietly. Seymour didn't give her any looks this time. If he did, it was too subtle for Lindsey to catch, or she just wasn't as badly affected by it. She wasn't stressed... Demi wasn't near death and Josh wasn't passed out. Luca wasn't under attack. "Let's go."

Josh nodded as he followed behind the brunette, quiet and calm as he looked up and around at the gate as they passed under it.

"Hey at least we pulled together, that's all you right there," Demi smiled at her. "Sorry for being such a pain. I know I can be a hand full sometimes. If I do it again, just smack me on the head, k?"

"That goes for you too Josh," she threw over her shoulder.

Lindsey kept quiet as they approached the fork in the Mushroom Rock Road. Crusaders lined the road and a chocobo knight in midieval breastplate armor stood there directing people on where to go. Behind him was an armored chocobo, looking restless and uneasy.

When the summoner party approached, he ran up to them and saluted, "Hello, my name is Clasko! Are you Lord Summoner Joshua?"

Josh nodded, "Yes."

"Maester Seymour and Maester Kinoc would like you and your guardians to accompany them at the Command Center if you please. You'll have to take the dingier route, we're still making preparations to the south on the beach. Sorry," he said, pointing to the preferred route they take.

Josh nodded and Lindsey bowed, "Thanks."

Demi tightened her grip on her friend slightly as if to say 'MINE!' "Are we gonna have to watch?" She asked her quietly, her stomach making gurgling sounds as she got nervous. It got so loud a chocobo looked at her funny.

"We're going to have to participate..." she said softly as they went past the guards. "This road is overrun with fiends. Let's just run through quickly."

"Ok," Demi nodded. "I. . . What will we do with Sin shows up?"

"Nothing... It will leave..." Lindsey said quietly as she started a mad dash down the road, fighting off fiends with Josh behind her, "Let's go!"

Demi kept up with her friend easily as they started to fight the fiends, using her knives to wound them and let Dexter and Noodles finish them off. That's how it went. Lindsey would started, Demi get them from behind, Dexter and Noodles pincer attack them from either side and if anything was left, Josh would finish off what little there was.

A garuda had made its way towards them, swooping down in front of them and posing a threat. "Stand back... let me give this a shot..." Lindsey sad as she stabbed her swords into the rock on either side of her. She took a deep breath, the eye-less beast watching her with a craned neck. Closing her eyes, Lindsey heated the air around her fingers, holding up her index and middle fingers up while the others were curled down. She put her two sets of extended fingers together and split the energies within the eat, causing a spark and the flow of electricity to flash as she pulled them apart and gathered the positive energies through her body.

With a flash and a strenuous grunt from the brunette, she thrust her fingers forward, bright lightning shooting from her fingertips and striking the massive bird in the forehead, causing it to fly back a bit and shriek, the loud rumbling of thunder rolling through the clouds.

Demi smirked a bit as she loaded up her bow. "Now?" She asked aiming and saying a few words a few sparks flying from her arrows.

"Now," Lindsey said, exhausted from her recent casting. "Damn... That really takes it out of you..." Josh smiled gently and helped her stay standing, "You're not the magic casting type."

"I'll say..."

Letting her arrows flying through the air crackling, Demi's grinned widened when she made a hit, taking it out. "I did it!" She squealed excitedly. "Whatcha need to get back in Linds?" Demi asked as they started off again.

"Just an ether... I'll only need just it though. I'm sure we'll be fine," she said as they continued on. "The elevator's just up ahead."

The party crammed onto the mushroom-shaped rock elevator as it activated and rose them up to a upper level. The machina elevator was just ahead after that, but Gatta and Luzzu were near, Gatta looking rather peeved and Luzzu a little bitter.

"But I came all the way from Besaid to fight Sin, sir!" he argued to his superior.

"I know, but orders are orders. To your post Crusader," Luzzu countered.

With an angry snort, Gatta left and headed up the elevator to the Command Center. Lindsey approached Luzzu quietly, "If only he knew what Sin did to people..."

"He does.. he's just... inexperienced, I guess..." Luzzu sighed and scratched his bright red hair. "What are you guys doing here? They let you through?"

"Yep," she said.

Demi watched as Gatta left biting her lip. Noodles gently put a hand on her shoulder to keep her there where she was needed. "Are we able to move forward?" He asked keeping the group together instead of wandering off a bit.

"Yes, just up that elevator..." he sighed softly before heading to the elevator ahead of them.

"Luzzu," Lindsey said, causing him to stop but not look back at her, "Do you really think this will work...?"

Luzzu was silent for a good moment before softly saying, "...I don't know. All we can do is hope." And with that, he left for the elevator, going up to the command center and heading off for his post on the beach.

"Lindsey. . ." Demi said softly before hugging the girl tightly. "We gotta do it. We gotta defeat Sin once and for all."

"We will... This victory, however... will not be ours..." she said sadly, lowering her head and closing her eyes. She wanted so much to stop this Operation. This massacre that was about to unfold. But she couldn't... Even if she had the power to stop it, she would fail. Without a word, she headed to the elevator, a very quiet Josh right behind her.

Noodles and Dexter followed behind Demi as they all piled into the elevator. Demi grabbed Lindsey's hand giving it a squeeze as she grabbed Noodles's hand doing the same.

When they reached the command center's level of the road, Lindsey went ahead and looked around. There were no fiends, but there was a whole lot of machina. Al Bhed machina. And Al Bhed and crusaders next to them. It faced the open sea, where Sin was to come from to fight. It wasn't going to be much of a fight though...

Lindsey sighed and ran ahead to the command center.

Demi quickly followed with the others. Looking around the command center, her nausia faded away to intrest when they got around the machina. Digging her hands into her pockets to keep from touching things. Putting a hand around her shoulder, Noodles helped her with the temptation by keeping her between him and Dexter.

Lindsey and Josh were greeted by Crusader guards when they reached the command center, "Please, this way." They followed him to where Maester Seymour and Maester Kinoc stood, overlooking the preparations of the Operation. A large cage hung from a crane, inside were individual Sinspawn.

"The sinspawn will call out to Sin and make it come," one of the guards explained, "It will lure Sin into our grasp."

Lindsey sighed. It wouldn't work anyway. Maester Seymour turned to them and nodded them over to stand. Lindsey was reluctant, but she went in either way with Josh close behind her. "So... is Yevon authorizing this whole thing?" she asked, not bothering with formalities.

An aspect of Lindsey that Seymour found fascinating, if not attractive, "Of course not. But we are here to wish these warriors well in their endeavor. The Al Bhed Machina may be forbidden according to the teachings, but if they're willing to risk it for the greater good, then I deliver them my prayers."

Lindsey turned and walked away from the cliffside, not wanting to watch.

Demi gently nudged Josh over to Lindsey as she kept watching the machina, trying to keep her mind off of what was going to happen. "It'll be ok," Noodles said in her ear, holding her bouncing form still. She let out a heavy sigh nodding as she tried to keep herself from bouncing with nervous and stressed energy.

"I'm sorry, but I have to ask you all now to leave this place. It's not safe anymore. They're readying the Sinspawn to call out for Sin. Please prepare yourselves. Tell me when you're ready," one of the captains said.

The group did as they were told. Demi was glued to Noodles's side as Dexter brought up the rear to keep everyone together.

Lindsey tensed up as the Sinspawn in the cage were shocked with small jolts of electricity, enticing them to let out screaming cries before their struggling broke the lock on the latch. The door burst open and in a second, the Sinspawn were gone.

"They broke free!" Lindsey shouted as she unsheathed her swords, ready for combat.

The guardians bolted to attention, circling Josh they all readied. "Lindsey, it's the giant crab of doom that killed me when I got here," Demi said a bit nervous. She had only gotten up to this point in the game before she kept dying.

"Don't worry... We'll get through it," Lindsey said. "Watch it! Demi, you and Noodles and I are up first! I'll instruct the fight from here on!" The sinspawn combined into one massive beast with a long neck and massive claws, it swayed in the humid air, growling as crusaders fled the area.

Demi swallowed hard and nodded as Noodles stood firm and ready. "Go!" He grunted to Demi as she shot several flame arrows at once before he went after it with his sword.

"Demi! Aim for its head! Noodles take out its claws and attack its body until they respawn again! Go!" Lindsey allowed Demi and Noodles to do their stuff. Her target was the head, and she knew just how to take it out. She set her swords down and congealed the heat in the air, lightning sparks jolting about her fingertips and forearms.

Demi fired as many shots as she could, doing as she was told. Noodles took out the arms in a couple of hits, going straight in for the body.

Lindsey thrust both hands forward, fingers forming a gun as lightning shot from her fingertips, the bolts hitting the head straight on. It turned black as it died and went limp from its neck and Lindsey collapsed to her knees in a painful grunt, "AH... Demi..! Get back! Switch with Dexter!" She got up and ran back, heading to Josh. She looked at him tiredly and whispered, "Keep them alive..." before she went down, breathing hard as she went about recovering from putting in all of her energy into that one blast.

Josh nodded and helped her get comfortable before getting up and running in with his staff, casting healing spells whenever Dexter or Noodles got hit by one of those nasty claws.

"Here," Demi said helping Lindsey with an ether. "Take it damn it, you're the one who needs it most."

"Fucking finally," Dexter grunted as an arm fell to the ground. "One down, one to go."

Lindsey took the ether, drinking it messily before calling Josh back and going in to help decimate the arms with Dexter so that Noodles could cut at the body.

Dexter looked over at the brunette and waved for her attention. "Lindsey! One arm left! Alley oop!"

Lindsey growled as she rushed forward, slicing her swords in a criss-cross motion at the remaining arm. It dissolved into pyreflies and Lindsey then called out to Noodles, "Now! Hit it hard!"

Lindsey drank the ether, letting Noodles do his thing while she gathered up energy, hoping she'll have enough time before the arms respawned.

Noodles rushed it, hitting it with a devistating slice. "How much longer? This thing is hell to kill," he grunted as Dexter went in for an attack.

"Until it dies!" Lindsey grunted as she thrust her fingers forward, the sky exploding and rumbling as lightning shot from her fingertips, hitting the Sinspawn hybrid square in its body, causing it to spasm and shriek before going limp.

Lindsey fell to her knees. The spawn was down but it wasn't dead... at least not yet. The sea beyond blackened as the presence of Sin was felt within its waters, a massive hill of water emerging beyond the horizon. Massive films of water slid down from Sin's form. His image was distorted slightly by the remaining protective layer of gravitational energy around it. Though it removed itself from the water like a sea monster raising its head to observe the floating lands.

"Fire!" shouted crusader captains as the machina cannons on the sides of the mushroom rock cliffsides fired round after round at the massive creature. The chocobo knights on the beach unsheathed their swords and were lead in by their captain in a massive charge, smaller sinspawn dropping from Sin's body like shrapnel from the cannons' blasts. They swam to shore, engaging the chocobo knights in combat.

Sin on the waters heaved, the gravity field around it expelling from a film covering and creating about its body a massive shell. It gathered energy at its mouth, a gravija ball forming before it shot it at the shore, the chocobo knights and sinspawn alike desintegrating instantly in the blast.

Lindsey stood up, seeing the ball explode and destroy everything and everyone on the beach. She shrieked into the air, "LOOK OUT!"

"NO!" Demi screamed as Noodles held her back from running to the beach.

"Demi! No!" He grunted as she went limp, watching the beach. He turned her away, covering her with himself as Dexter ran over to Lindsey, pulling her back a bit to stay with the group. Getting Josh down with her as well, he made sure they were fine and unable to see the carnage going on down at the beach after the initial hit.

The shockwaves of the blast sent the cliffside crumbling. With the beach decimated, it was then pelted with piece of the cliffside and Lindsey let out a shrill cry as the world in front of her disappeared, swollowed up in debris and flying dust. The next thing she knew, she was on the ground and underneath something heavy. Whatever it was, it was removed from her and she lifted up her head, seeing Maester Seymour in front of her, holding the previously felled Sinspawn back away from her.

With a creased look of effort, Seymour pushed the massive beast back away from her. She got up and looked around. Josh, Dexter and Demi were nowhere to be found. She looked up to Seymour and grabbed her blades, running up beside him to assist him against this rather persistent monster.

"Lindsey!" Demi screamed. "Dexter! Where is she!?"

"She went over the cliff!" He said pulling Josh from the edge.

"Watch Josh!" Noodles barked at the two as he quickly jumped down, using the rubble as make shift steps. "Lindsey!" He yelled as she found her. "Need any help?" He grunted landing next to her.

Lindsey nodded towards the Sinspawn before running to cut away a weakened arm.

Seymour proceeded to cast a thunder spell at the thing's head, taking it out in one blow.

Noodles quickly joined as he went after the other arm, the fiend already weak from the fall, as it fell too.

Seymour put a clawed hand gently on Lindsey's shoulder and gave her a nod before he took a step up and summoned his energy, casting a spell on the Sinspawn's now exposed body and killing it.

Lindsey looked up and watched him, lowering her blades and relaxing her position.

"Are you ok?" Noodles asked walking over to Lindsey and checking on her. "Everything still attatched?"

"I'm fine..." she said softly, "...Thanks to Maester Seymour."

Seymour had his eyes elsewhere, face twisted in a flinch as he watched Sin on the beach. Lindsey looked up at him and followed his gaze. The Tri-Point cannon's power intensified though it was unable to break Sin's shield. Through the shield from within, Sin shot a massive red wave of gravija energy, slicing the cannon in half, causing it to collapse and explode on impact with the beach.

Noodles put a hand on Lindsey's shoulder as he watched as well. The debris just raining down like a hailstorm.

Lindsey sighed and shook her head slowly, the tragedy striking her. White light flooded the area, blinding her. She was then out cold and woke up what felt like hours later in the sand. She lifted herself up from the granules, bodies of crusaders, Al Bhed and chocobo knights littering the beach. "..Where is everyone..." she groaned softly as she looked around, dazed and confused.

She looked towards the beach. Sin was gone.

"Lindsey!" Demi screamed as she sprinted down the beach, calling for her friend. She had made Noodles and Dexter stay with Josh and ran off before they could even argue. "LINDSEY!? WHERE ARE YOU!?" Tears ran down her eyes at all the dead bodies around her. It was like a nightmare, one she couldn't wake up from.

Lindsey wandered the wrecked beach, checking every body for any sign of life. She found Gatta in a small alcove, crouched down and holding himself. "Gatta!" she cried, running towards him and falling to her knees in a skid when she reached him. "Gatta! You're alive!" she grabbed his shoulders.

"Luzzu--H-he's..." he stuttered, shaking.

"What!?" she said, her heart sinking.

"He's... he's gone... what's... what's going on? Why--What? What's going on!?" he screamed in his place. Lindsey jerked him close, holding him close. Her heart ached, stinging with the pain of losing a man she respected.

Demi froze when she saw the familier tuft of red hair in the sand. "No," she whispered shaking her head. "LINDSEY! GATTA!" She screamed continuing her search for her friends. "COME ON! SAY SOMETHING!"

Lindsey stood up gently before looking over her shoulder at the sea. Sin was gone... and despite knowing that this operation would end up a total disaster, she was still angry. "You come and destroy so many lives... and then you just leave... Well come on! There's still people still breathing standing right here! What are you afraid of!"

She bolted towards the shoreline, only to be stopped by the firm hands of Maester Seymour, "Stop!"

"Let go of me!" Lindsey cried, trying to pull herself from his grip, voice cracking in her anguish.

Seymour said nothing, not letting her go out into the water. She weakened as she broke down, tears lining her face. "It can't... it can't...!"

"Throwing yourself out into the water will change nothing," he said firmly, holding her up.

"Lindsey!" Demi cried spying her friend with the blue haired man. Running full speed, she tackled her friend to the ground. "I thought I had lost you," she sniffled.

Seymour blinked in surprise as the girl was practically ripped from his grasp. He watched the two girls now on the sand before looking up at the sea and turning to head towards the ground-ramp leading from the beach to the D'jose Highroad.

"Ugh!" Lindsey grunted as she was tackled to the ground. She didn't move underneath her friend, face dirty and red from becoming emotional, "They're all gone... gone..."

"Come on, we gotta get back," Demi said her own face mirroring Lindsey's. "The boys'll be wondering about us." She stood up helping her friend to her feet.

At the end of the beach, Seymour stood upon the ramp leading up to the D'jose highroad with Maester Kinoc and watched Josh as he danced mournfully around with his staff, sending off the dead as survivors gathered them and lined them up gently on the sand.

Lindsey held onto Demi until they reached the summit, where she sat down and closed her eyes, pulling her knees up to he chest and burying her face into her knees.

Demi let her friend sit down as she looked up to watch Josh, catching Noodles's eye and nodding for a split second. The oldest guaridan flicked his eyes over to the girls for a moment before going back to Josh. Sweat and dirt caked his face and bare arms. His stubble already growning far past the 5 o' clock shadow. The dye in his hair was dingy and his roots revealing his true gray color rather than the black and silver he put there himself. Standing tall and straight, most of the people that were around him gave him space, like he was a statue not to be touched.

Sighing Dexter looked over at Lindsey and Demi, knowing how this was just the beginning and there was more of this to come. His blue eyes flicked back to the dancing man. His boots were heavy and his arms tight at his sides, gripping and ungripping his claws. Their party was thrown around and spat on today, but they managed to survive. Barely.

After a while, Lindsey looked up. Seymour and Kinoc were gone and Josh was finishing his sending of the dead currently gathered at the beach. Surely there would be more waiting for him later on. More bodies to be delivered to the summoner at the temple. He was tired, and there would be much more still for him to do before he could move on. She stood up when he was done and he turned towards her. They walked towards each other and they embraced each other tightly, Josh burying his face into her hair as she buried hers into his chest.

Noodles followed slowly, letting the two have their moment as he went over to Demi. "We need to rest," he said softly. "There'll be more for us to do later. I'm sure we could all use it" The blond only nodded pressing herself against him like a cat. Wrapping an arm around her he leaned over and pressed his lips to her head.

"Come on," Dexter said. "I know where we can rest for a bit."

"Are you okay..." Josh softly whispered to Lindsey, holding her close.

She nodded, sniffling a little, "Yes..."

"Good... let's go ahead to the temple..." he stroked her hair.


Dexter took up the lead, as everyone fell in line behind him.

Josh and Lindsey followed behind, supporting each other both physically and mentally. They faced fiends over the highroad, survivors resting along the side and being taken care of and nourished by mages. They were both silent, even as they reached the fork in the road. They took the road on the right, going over the bridge to the Mushroom Rock temple.

The group slowly made their way through the ravine to the temple. Once inside Demi started to dig around in her pack before handing out potions and ethers to everyone. "Demi," Dexter said as he turned and looked at her. "Where do you keep getting these?"

"Uh. . . . ." She trailed off biting her lip. "I like to use the military's 'Don't ask, Don't tell' policy if you don't mind."

They reached the temple, the building covered by slabs of protective rock. Josh and Lindsey did the sign of prayer and it rumbled, the rocks breaking from the temple and hovering, orbiting around as lines of electricity traveled over them. "Looks like another summoner is already in there. The Mushroom Rock only opens when a summoner is addressing the fayth," Lindsey said.

"Who do you think it could be?" Demi asked taking a seat on the floor. Noodles stayed standing as Dexter leaned against the wall.

"Won't know until we go in..." Lindsey sighed as she lead Josh inside. The inner realm of the temple was dark, illuminated by 4 pillars in the center with balls of electricity connected. "We'll get Josh his aeon and then we'll rest here..."

The door to the cloister of trials opened and the other summoner came out with his guardians. Lindsey and Josh looked up at him. He was of average height with brown hair and long blue robes. His hair was tied back in a Japanese ponytail behind his head. He gave one look at Josh and did the prayer, "Ah, another summoner I see?"

Josh smiled and bowed, doing the prayer as well, "Yes. It's good to meet another summoner."

"I am Isaaru," he said, his two guardians coming up to his sides.


Demi looked at the two odd guardians, lifting her shades for a moment. One being a small child and the other a large man that looked like he could be the other's brother. Though after a memory jog, she did remember that they were brothers. "Wow! You're an Al Bhed?" The younger one, Pacce, grinned.

"Uh, um yeah," she said not really sure how to take the comment. Noodles chuckled a little at the young boy's bluntness.

Lindsey flinched and jabbed Demi's arm to get her to put her shades back down.

"Pacce!" Isaaru scolded, "That's a mighty heavy accusation there. I'm sorry, he's just a boy..."

"It's fine. There's no way we would ever let an Al Bhed in our group," Lindsey said nervously, "But Demi here has.. an eye condition. So she needs to keep her goggles on at all times..." she looked at Demi from the corner of her eye.

"Yeah, I've got sensitive eyes, too much light hurts them," Demi put in pushing her shades over her eyes. She still felt a little kick in the gut at Isaaru's reaction.

"Summoner Josh, we should be moving along," Noodles said pushing the converstation over to business.

Isaaru looked at Demi and bowed to her, "I apologize..." He made a face, not very Summoner-ly and slightly shirked his brow in direction of the priest guarding the door to the Cloister. Isaaru's opinion of the Al Bhed was a rather quiet one. They didn't bother him but he always made sure to avoid them when he needed to. Lindsey took a step to the side, allowing Isaaru and his guardians to walk through. When they reached the door, he turned back around and returned, "Oh.. before I forget... I must tell you something that Maroda heard on the road."

Maroda spoke up, quietly, "Rumor has it that Summoners are out going on pilgrimage and just... disappearing at random."

Lindsey blinked before looking at Josh, who had a sudden worried look on his face.

"It could be that the fiends got them... but not so many so quickly," Isaaru said softly.

"Whatever the case may be, watch your back," Maroda said.

"What? What?" Pacce jumped around at their feet, "Whatcha all talkin about?"

"We're talking about doing your job as a guardian," Maroda said flatly, looking down at Pacce in mild annoyance.

"Heyyy I'm a good guardian! Right big brother?" the boy looked up at Isaaru, who smiled and nodded enthusiastically. "Well," the summoner turned, "We must be on our way... Good luck to you."

Josh bowed and did the prayer for Isaaru, "Thank you. You be careful too. Alright?"

Isaaru nodded before heading back towards the door to leave.

"Dadgum Al Bhed when will they learn," Demi said shaking her head. "Let's go before I'm sacrificed," she whispered to Lindsey. Noodles shook with his contained laughter at the whole situation. Dexter just sighed and shook his head as he stood behind Josh.

Lindsey sighed and shook her head before grabbing Josh's hand and pulling him up to the Cloister entrance. THe priest stopped them and looked at them all, "The Cloister of Trials lies within... Are you... prepared?"

"Yes," Josh said with a nod.

"Very well," he said, standing back and letting them enter.

Demi hopped up behind them as Noodles and Dexter brought up the back. "Who's the big bad aeon here?" She asked as she twirled around waiting for Lindsey to do her genius work.

Lindsey furrowed in annoyance, "I said back at Luca. Ixion the Thunderhorse." She lead them through the trials, putting in spheres and charging one to activate the Yevon symbol on the floor. Once it was all lit up, she pushed the pedistal onto the symbol, allowing it to change into an elevator platform and lift them up to the upper level. Lindsey then went to push the pedistals in the northern alcove into their respective areas, allowing the door to the Chamber of the Fayth to open. She lead them up the stairs and Josh went ahead to enter the chamber itself.

"Well sorry, but I've slept since then and a few things have popped up between then and now," Demi sighed as Noodles pulled her to him holding her still.

"Quit moving, you'll scare the aeon away," he grunted when she just attachted herself to him.

Lindsey stood quietly and waited as Josh went in and prayed to the Fayth. Outside the crystalline windows, lines of electricity glowed as they traveled from one floating rock to another. It wasn't long until Josh came back out, dazed and a little tired. Lindsey walked up to him and took his arm, "How was it?"

"Eh..." was his answer.

"Wow, he's getting quicker and better," Demi said. "Onward ho!" She said trying to lead the way only to be held back by Noodles. "What?"

"Calm down," he sighed. "Just stay still and quiet for a moment."

Lindsey held Josh up before turning to the other guardians, "We rest here. Josh still has so many bodies to send, if Isaaru isn't going to help... He needs his rest."

"Ok," Demi nodded, plopping herself down on the ground. Dexter pulled out some food for everyone, passing around a few fruits and bread with jerky.

Lindsey narrowed her eyes, "Not in here!" Carefully, she lead Josh out of the room and back down to the main foyer of the temple. She took him to one of the two smaller side-rooms and allowed him to sit on the bed.

Josh laid down and curled up, closing his eyes to rest.

Dexter grumbled, taking the food back as Demi was about to take a bite of hers. "Ow," she growled rubbing her jaws as they followed out. "I'm just gonna go sit outside," she huffed ignoring the sigh from Noodles as she went outside to sit on a rock. He let her go simmer down outside while he and Dexter went to the other side room so they didn't disturb Josh.

Lindsey went outside to let Josh rest and she sighed deeply. She sat down on a rock, pulling up her legs to sit with her legs folded. Noodles was near and without looking at him, she spoke, statement barely sparking a questioning flow, "...How many died today."

"Too many," he grunted handing her a piece of bread and what appeared to be an apple. "Demi's outside meditating, if you want to." She was indeed actually. Demi had found a small flat surface where she had found herself in the lotuc position, making calming 'almmmm'ing noises to herself. "You need to get centered, you look like you're about to split up."

"What do you mean? Split up?" she blinked, eyes looking at him from their corners. True, her mind was full, the knowledge of Seymour's plots and future plots for Spira conflicted within her with the warm feelings brought on from being looked after by the man during the Operation. She felt torn inside, though she would never outwardly admit it.

"I. . . Don't know. . . It's just the light, around you. It's kind of streaky," Noodles sighed. "Like part of it's shooting off in one direction while the rest is going in several others. It's just hard to explain, really. Just go take some time to chill out is all really."

Lindsey got up and looked down at her shoes. "...I need to go think for a while," she said softly as she went to go sit behind the temple.

Demi walked back into the temple eyeing the candles. She had an idea, which usually were wild, but this one could get her killed. Finally finding one of the right color, she checked to see if the priest was looking. Seeing that he was busy with others, she quickly snatched it and went to the room Josh was in. Ignoring the sleeping man, she set to work. What she had in mind wouldn't wake him, so why bother worrying about it?

Josh was deep asleep, the lightning flowing from the post in the center of the room to the top post in the ceiling illuminating the room not bothering him in the slightest. He was left alone, the priests and priestesses helping wounded into the temple and gathering the dead outside for Josh to heal and send when he woke up. It would be about 3 hours later until he woke up, getting up without readying or fixing his hair or clothing before he went out to the injured in the temple foyer and began healing them without a word.

During the time that Josh had been asleep, Demi set to work on the violet colored candle. Taking her Hawaiian fish hook necklace off, she did her best with the small emerald jewel to carve into the candle W W W W W H. Who, what, where, when, why, how. Remembering a few tips from a wiccan friend, she figured with her dreams that had been a bit useful lately, why not try to get them to make sense and help out. Violet candles and emeralds were suppose to help promote psychic awareness, hopefully it was true.

If she was caught though, by someone other than in her group, she would more than likely get burned at the stake or whatever they do to people who do other religious stuff not condoned by Yevon. Taking that chance, she looked around and saw a purple pillow. Actually if Lindsey caught her with what she was about to do, the priests wouldn't have a chance of killing her before her brunette friend did. Cutting off a tassle, she unwound it before wrapping it around the candle. Flicking a match she melted the wax over the thread, but made sure the letters stayed intact. "As above, so below," she whispered kissing the candle before she stuffed it in her bag, or what she thought was her bag. Josh's had been set right beside hers, confusing the two she left it alone, walking out with a job well done mental pat on the back.

When the wounded in the temple were at least out of danger, he left in a hurry without taking a rest. He was silent as he moved, carrying his staff he went out of the temple to send the dead to the farplane. Lindsey was still behind the temple, having sat down to think and meditate, but now was partly asleep, her thoughts flowing like a river of smooth, glowing water... Thoughts of Spira, of Sin, of their situation, of Josh... Seymour. The gentle rumble of thunder didn't deter her; in fact... it helped. It soothed. It relaxed.

Noodles watched Demi curiously as she snatched the candle and went to Josh's room for a good half hour before darting out again. "Wonder what she's up to," Dexter mused as she watched her as well.

"I'm afraid to know actually," the older man said as Josh rose walking out. "Apparently Josh lived through it, so probably nothing horrible. . . I hope."

It took a long time before Josh was finished sending people. He trekked back to the temple, passing silently by everyone, face gray and blank as he wandered back into the room and laid back down on the bed. Night was closing in and Lindsey got up from her spot and went into the temple.

Trying to be of some help, Demi went and gave food to the survivors and crusaders that were left. Tired and feeling grudgy from doing some grunt work as well, she treked back to the temple eager to dream for some help. Dexter and Noodles had been out in the field as well, helping with the bodies and survivors in their own ways. The whole group was worn out from a day they would unfortunetly never forget.
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