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Like I Did Yesterday (Part 1)

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Burgundy's POV

"Drat, damn, craaaappp". I cursed silently as I threw myself through Newark International. Of all the days to be late, it had to be when I was meeting new people for the first time. What I great first impression, I thought bitterly. This had to be one of the worst buildings to be in a rush in; there were steps everywhere and I almost impaled myself on a railing in my haste. Smooth. People stared somewhat at my running figure, but I ignored them. A brief check of the arrivals board as I flew past it told me that I was 10 minutes late.

"Fuck". The curse slipped through my teeth as I pushed myself onwards towards the arrivals end of the building. It didn't help ease my aggravation that I still had no idea of the people I was looking for. "Two guys, two girls. The ones that look like they're in a rock band", Mikey had helpfully told me as I left in a rush to pick them up. We'd only found out who'd be supporting My Chemical Romance a few days prior to their arrival. Last week, the previous band announced that they were co-headlining another tour. Yesterday, it transpired that a computer glitch meant that band was booked for two tours. The arrangements for Vampire Crush had been make rather quickly, much to my disapproval. I'd been too busy to look up the band myself, however, and had trusted other people's choices.

Now, though, regret attacked me as my eyes sifted through the crowds behind my glasses. Throngs of people were moving past and I could barely see a few metres in front of me. The chances of Vampire Crush finding me were even slimmer than the chance of me finding them. In the flustered state I'd left the buses in, I'd forgotten the "Vampire Crush " sign. They were a group of distinguished people; I was a tall young woman with a generic appearance. The only minutely different feature I had to my name was my hair. It was long, poker-straight and reached halfway down my back. Inside, it seemed a deep brown, or a dark red. Outdoors, in brilliant sunshine, it turned into a glossy crimson, with maroon tints. My parents discovered this strange occurance upon my birth. My father's side of the family had dark brown hair for the most part. Upon my mother's side of the family tree, most people had either rich, deep red hair, comparable to a fox. My previously chosen name, Bethany, had been thrown aside and replaced with the individual name Burgundy. But that wasn't exactly something that would aid me in finding this band

Casting my eyes to and fro, I soon managed to spot the baggage terminal. It was logical that Vampire Crush wait for me there instead of aimlessly wandering. Purposeful once again, I marched towards the baggage carousel in search of the band. Thank the Lord. Relief flooded me as I soon spotted them. Though Mikey's describtion had been vague, it was true; two men, two women, all with the appearance of rock musicians. A tall, lean guy was the first to capture my attention, with his average style and kind smile. To his right stood a slightly shorter man with tousled black hair and dark clothing. He was laughed at the woman next to him. She was of average height, and didn't look disimilar to him. She appeared to be quite attentive to her appearance. The last person who my gaze landed on was a brunnette of average appearance, who had her back to me.

None of them seemed to notice my arrival as I neared them. I cleared my throat loudly to try and politely receive their attention. The two men glanced at me in slight shock and smiled slightly in approval. Blue eyes of the vain girl one met mine pleasantly and she grinned at my appearance. For the most part, surprise seemed to spread at my apparance. I couldn't blame them for their slightly shocked nature. It wasn't often that a woman appeared in music management. I opened my mouth to greet them, but at that moment, the other girl turned around. As we saw each other, my eyes flew wide and my words refused to leave my throat. Caitlin stared back, horror mingling with repulsion on her face. Her disgust with me was deserved, but I didn't expect what happened next. She blinked and suddenly her eyes filled with pure hatred. In a flash, her fist had connected with my face and I was sprawled out on the floor. "You bitch!", I shieked in pure reflex. The other members of the band stare betwee us in confusion and surprise. Too amazed and dizzy to fight back, I gave into the beckoning blackness and passed out.

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