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It's been so long

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Caitlin's POV

Oh. Crap. This could not be happening. I couldn't have just punched Burgundy's lights out. She couldn't be here! This couldn't be happening in the middle of an airport right before we took off for our first tour. I had to be dreaming. Maybe I was in a coma after some freak incident with the pills Meghan gave me. Yeah, that had to be it.

But the unconcious girl lying at my feet was definitely real. Lexi was crouched next to her, trying to fan her with her hands. The accusing and confused looks from my bandmates that I was trying to ignore were definitely real, too. My fist was throbbing slightly but I didn't pay it any attention. The repurcussions of what I'd done were starting to hit me and I was beginning to panic. People nearby were starting to notice Burgundy lying on the floor. I could hear the concerned whispers behind me as people wondered what to do. How could they not? We'd just yelled at each other before I threw my fist at her. Maybe a tad conspicuous for a crowded space.

Matt was the first to break the awkward silence. He cleared his throat loudly and somewhat uncertainly. "Cait.." he started. I looked up at him and he stared back at me in shock. "Is there . . is there any particular reason as to why you just punched our new manager to the floor?" Matt sounded slightly freaked out. As was to be expected, to be honest.

Lexi and Sean were staring at me looking similarly surprised. I glanced down and sighed. "I'll tell you soon" I decided to say. "But . . I think we better move somewhere else. This isn't exactly a great look.." I looked down again before Lexi started to speak.

"Let's go out outside . . and bring her with us" She sounded pretty shaken but confident at the same time. "You're telling what this is all about, Cait" she added. Her icy blues were determined as she gently start to pull Burgundy up. Matt offered to help but Lexi smacked his hands away. Sean nodded in silent agreement and joined his sister in picking Burgundy off the ground. I nodded numbly, having no clue what I was going to say. This tour wasn't off to a good start.

Once Lexi and Sean had Burgundy upright, and Matt and I were carrying all of our luggage, we set off on our way. Hanging around wasn't exactly something I wanted to do in the present situation. We didn't run into any trouble on the way out, thanks to the packed halls. I focused on making my way through the crowds of people and keeping track of my bandmates. Lexi and Sean went in front, slinging Burgundy's arms around their shoulders and lifting her legs up, carrying her chair style. Matt and I walked behind them. Every now and then I could feel him giving me a strange and worried look but I avoided meeting his eyes. Occasionally we got a few odd looks from the people we passed, but mostly, nobody noticed.

Eventually, we reached the great ourdoors. We paused in the breezy, polluted air. "Guys, where are we going?" Sean asked, sounding like he was on the brink of laughter as he turned his head around to face us. Lexi and Matt looked equally amused. I felt my lips pull back into a smile. "The Starbucks across the road?" Lexi suggested and sounded pretty keen. I made a mental note to avoid letting her have any caffeinated beverage before we met MCR.

Everyone nodded in silent agreement. We slowly made our way across the busy road, each dragging our own personal baggage. I tried to keep focused on the traffic around me, but really, I was getting dragged back to that day I tried so often to forget..


I sighed and leant back into Scott's arms, meeting his eyes and smiling. The July sunshine beat down on our picnic blanket in the park, warming the fibres beneath me and heating my cool skin. It was the perfect afternoon where troubles ceased to exist. All I was aware of was his warm body contorting itself to mine, and his soft voice over the gentle breeze. "I love you". The soft whisper drifted into my ears, instilling butterflies in my stomach and placing a grin on my face. Far too mesmerised by his sparkling green eyes, I simply tilted my head and pressed my lips to his slowly. Cautiously, he pulled me down on top of him, kissing back carefully and with no hurry. What felt like an eternity went by as we simply lay there on the ground, holding each other like we'd never let go. I was sure we could have remained like that for hours if it wasn't for the angry shout that soon assaulted us.

"SCOTT! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING WITH HER?!" Scott jerked away from me and we both turned our heads towards the source of the noise. Burgundy, a girl in my grade, was striding towards us, her maroon hair glinting in the sunlight. A look of pure malicious intent was upon her face and she glared at us. I could feel Scott hold me slightly tighter as he sat upright. "Err . . hey, Burgundy" he mumbled, giving her an awkward wave. She continued towards us until she was only a few metres away. "Scott." She said contemptuously. "I'll repeat myself. What. Are. You. Doing. With. Her?!?" She asked frantically.

Weirdo, I thought. "I'm his girlfriend" I replied cooly. What was it to her who I was? It was no secret that Scott and I were an item; we'd been going out since the 9th grade. She simply grinned smugly at me, seemingly almost baring her teeth. Not exactly a look of defeat.
"I'm sure you love to think that, darling, but --" She started before Scott cut in. He seemed slightly on edge, but more nervous than anything. This nutcase was starting to give me an ominous feeling.
"Y-yeah, she . . she is" His eyes met hers in a pleading gaze. Folding her arms, she raised her eyesbrows in a way that screamed malice.

"Really?" She asked in flat disbelief. "That's not what you said in bed last night".
NO!, the thought shot through me and my blood froze. This couldn't be happened, this couldn't be happening, no! Even in the warm temperature, I felt myself start to shiver. Somehow, I managed to forget how to breathe. Scott looked at my stunned face apologetically.
"Cait, no! I swear, I mean -- I did sleep with her, I won't lie -- But like . . I mean . . I don't even know why I did, she . . I had something to drink -- and I -- I'm sorry!" He managed to get out in one long garbled sentence, looking like he was about to burst into tears. I almost felt sorry for him. Almost. Truly, I loved him more than life itself. That being said, at that moment, I wanted nothing more than to rip his head off. I was defeated, though, and I knew hurting him would be like hurting myself.

"Save it", came my bitter reply as I jumped away from him. I could feel his begging gaze on my back but I simply got up and walked towards Burgundy. She seemed to have enjoyed the spectactle a lot more than Scott or I had. Staring her straight in the eye, I glared at her with venom. "You're gonna regret this day as long as you live, honey" I said cheerfully before slapping her forcefully and walking away. That was truly the start of one of the most regretful days of my life.


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