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Aww poor DN

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The scientists took the antidote over to the cell where Dark Nation had fallen back to sleep. Tseng took the vial and moved to the door. He was going to be the one to do this and Ada sat up from her side seat and came to the door, Dark Nation looked up as the syringe went into the vial and grumbled.

“Just let me do it without taking my hand and we'll still be talking at the end.” Tseng flicked the side and cleared the air from the tube.

“Do you want me to hold him?” Ada looked at the dark haired man.

“Yes please.” He shifted in and pulled Dark Nation to his feet.

Ada took the hounds collar and nodded to him, she was nervous she had to admit but this was for the good of thousands. If they had even the slightest hope she was willing to risk the dog bite. Tseng pulled the scruff of his collar up and jabbed the needle in, plunging the liquid down and holding tight. Ada held him too avoiding a snap at her arm just in time, Tseng nodded, she was faster than he gave her credit for, then again Tseng's credit ran low to anyone outside of his blue suited department.

Dark Nation let out the rest of his protests loudly, very loudly, and he didn't make any reservations about aiming the spit and snarl at the two people shoving some accursed needle into his neck. Ada snickered a little, he was quite like Rufus after all, saying what he liked and damn anyone else. Tseng looked at her a little curious about what could be funny in a situation like this but didn't pursue it, he let Dark Nation go and moved him back into the holding pen.

“How will we know?” He folded his arms, Ada's eyes swept down from behind, under that suit he was probably quite an impressive build. She shook her head, she was supposed to be concentrating on the beast.

“Oh well the eyes, the red looking mist around his eyeballs should clear up I think. Leon would know best he already went through it.”

“Could you fetch Mr Kennedy then?” Ada nodded noting that Tseng was used to barking an order and getting what he demanded. He must be a bloody strong leader to deal with the redhead, then again he had already surprised her too, when it came down to it the Turks were good at what they did.

Ada headed up to see Leon watching Genesis again, the guy was a curiosity, the mako interested the ex-policeman. The stuff seemed to be a whole ethical debate that he could never have imagined possible, using the planets life-force, magic, potions that could help bring people from the point of death... it was, it was just too damned interesting to want to go back to the USA. Leon had seen a lot already, now he was being given a chance to see more: he was taking it.

Leon left with a little reluctance and headed up to where the oversized pet was flat out on his side. Tseng had washed up and locked the door and looked over as they walked in, Ada smiled to the stern faced Wutai man before walking the cell door. Dark Nation looked over, the strange yellow eyes looked back at them both wondering why he was being poked, prodded and now stared at. Humans were weird things at times.

“Well his eyes look clear and he's not panting like he was.” Leon put his hand out and the old beast licked his hand. “I would think it's worked to be honest so you can take a sample of his blood to be double sure.”

“Good.” Tseng handed him the syringe. “I'm done poking around with dogs for now. I'm not paid for this.”

“I thought you were paid to do the stuff no one else will?” Ada winked, teasing him a little.

“And if I don't want to I send the redhead in.” He smirked a little.

“Makes sense.” She laughed and watched as Leon took the sample. She hoped it was the last one as Rufus was running on borrowed time too and any setbacks could cost the President his life.

The sample was sent off and Tseng was about to order the Turks home when someone from the lower holding bay hit the alert button. All of the Turks leapt to their feet, EMR's, guns and other weaponry swiftly came to their hands. The drill was simple, secure the President and then neutralise the problem.

Rufus was the first to come out of the office, his gun ready too and looked at them. Reno smirked, the boss wasn't going to let them have all the fun it was obvious. Rufus followed the suited employees to the glass elevator, the group were taken down to the lower levels where Soldier had secured an area off and their leader saluted the President.

“Status.” Tseng looked at him.

“Hojo sir... there was... well it's not him in there any more I don't think.” He explained and Rufus' eyes narrowed.

“The idiot! He's injected himself as well hasn't he?” Ada growled the words out, why were people who were supposedly genius scientists such idiots at times?

“Gun him down, I don't care you resolve it just do it.” Rufus told them and looked at Tseng. “Resolve this.”

“Yes sir.” Tseng opened the door, flipped his torch on and looked over his shoulder. “Reno, Leon with me. Ada, Rude, Elena stay with Rufus just in case.”

“Of course.” Ada nodded and leant to kiss Leon's cheek as he headed through and the doors were locked behind them. Ada watched a few moments before turning back to Rufus, it was going to be a wait. She wanted to be with Leon but she understood that they needed people to keep the blonde safe. “Shall we go to the safe room sir?”

“No let's wait, we might have to finish it off.” Rufus said a slight hint of a smile.

“I despair.” Elena mumbled. “He never learns.”
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