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A Note To My Love

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Frank leaves a note in Gerard'

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Angst - Characters: Frank Iero - Published: 2009-08-11 - Updated: 2009-08-11 - 135 words

January 5, 2010.


I'm sorry. I love you so much, I really do. But I can't deal with this anymore. Please. Don't ask me to. You know I love you and the band with all my heart, but I just can't do this. I can't stand by and let you destroy yourself while I have no control over it. I don't want to see you dead. But there's nothing I can do about it, and I fear I'm just making it worse.

I'm leaving. I'm leaving you and the band. I should have told you to your face but I don't have the heart. Please understand. I left you a note here because I know you'll find it. I can see that writing in here is helping you. Please don't stop.

I love you.

xoxo Frankie.
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