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I'm In Miami, Trick

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Things can get a little crazy (and sexual) for Pete and Patrick in Miami, Florida. *this is a Peterick :)*

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Patrick's POV:

So Fall Out Boy was on tour. Our next stop was Miami, Florida. Miami always gave us a hot, sweaty, and just plain wild time everytime we played there. It was a great crowd turnout.
Pete loved Miami. Pete loved Miami almost as much as he loved LA and Vegas.
And he was a fucking party boy if I ever saw one. He was up all night long drinking and jumping around on stage then he'd go party his ass off at a club somewhere.
I didn't usually go to any of the parties. Not only was I not that kind of guy, I just didn't fit in and I knew that. But when Joe and Andy said they'd be joining Pete on his escapade to the club, what was I supposed to do? Stay home like a loser? I hadn't gotten out in a while anyway. So I went too.

"Uhm, a Bloody Mary, please..." I told the bartender. I had to repeat myself because the music was so loud.
She made my drink and handed it to me. I scanned the club scene, which was absolutely crazy.
I saw Pete, then. He was dressed like a pimp for god's sake. I rolled my eyes and started across the floor towards him. Just before I was standing right in front of him, six or seven girls filtered in in front of me and hung on his shoulders and arms and sorta looked at him lustfully, cooing and giggling as he flexed his biceps.
I was looking at him first!
I got a little angry, but soon Pete saw me.
"Hey! Hey Patrick! Come 'ere!" he called. I pushed my way through all of the sluts and stood next to Pete.
"What are you doing?" I asked, looking around at all the women. A stupid question.
It took Pete a minute to reply because he was momentarily making out with one of the girls.
"I'm having a fucking good time!" he said, wiping spit from his chin.
"How can you manage all these girls!?" I exclaimed.
"Three at a time and they all get a turn I'd say..." he said, not looking at me but at all the girls, who giggled at his words. I rolled my eyes in disgust.
"You're such a manwhore, Pete." I said, then I took a sip of my drink and began walking away.
"No...I'm in Miami, Trick!" he called amusedly to me.

I went to sit at the bar.
I wished I was a girl right now. A hot girl...the hottest girl ever...then Pete would notice me. And I'd be able to hang all over him too. And then he could find some other best friend to ignore while he makes out with me in front of the whole place. Yeah...
That'd be the life. God, I want him so bad, no matter how much of a manwhore he is.
The crowd broke into an outburst of cheer, and I looked back. Pete had no shirt on.
Then I couldn't see him.
Probably on the floor with someone by now. I sighed and took another sip of my drink.
I could hear everyone saying his name. Why did everyone seem to know him? Oh yeah, right, it's because he's the biggest rockstar ever and next to him I look like a fag with sideburns.
Correction: PETE'S side-kick/fag with sideburns. Yeah...that was it. All I was was a sidekick....a buddy...a pal. Someone to keep his sexy ass company. Someone to cook for him when he's sick, or...or....sing him to sleep when we were teenagers.
When did I ever get a thank you? Never.
I'm in love with much...and he never says thanks. All I get is a 'You're awesome, Patrick' and a broken heart. He just can't see that I love him. He's blinded by the image of the image of everything going on around him.
Or at least, that was my theory. And it seemed plausible.
The bottom line was that I couldn't have Pete.

I suddenly heard Pete's voice, and then he yelled out something on the slurred lines of 'Yeahhh!' and then I looked over at him.
A girl was following him, or, more than likely, he was pulling her - and they were leaving the club. Upon seeing this, I glanced around but didn't see Joe or Andy.
No doubt Pete was headed back to his hotel room. I sighed and wondered if I should just go back to my room too and look up Pete's photo scandal on Google to hold me over. I shook the thought from my mind. I am such a douchebag!
I had a few more drinks and then eventually I did go back to the hotel.
I ended up taking the stairs and I had forgotten about the girl Pete took home. Without thinking, I pushed open the door to his hotel room only to find the two making out fiercely, totally naked on the bed. I jumped backwards, surprised and startled. Pete heard me and pulled his mouth off of hers. He looked up at me and smiled.
"Uh...uh...sorry!" I exclaimed, getting ready to dart out the door.
"No! Patrick! Wait..." Pete said. I looked over again and he got up off of the girl. He wrapped a blanket around his waist and I looked at him, both afraid and confused. Pete let out a chuckle at my state then turned to adress the girl.

Pete's POV:

"I'll be right back, Anna. I'm gonna get some more Coronas." I told her, swaying slightly. She had some big kahunas, but nothing was better than Patrick. He couldn't resist me like this.
One thing was for sure; Anna wasn't gettin' any tonight!
I walked out of the room, blanket around my waist, and beckoned Patrick to follow. He looked extremely weirded out.
"Hey...uh...sorry Pete." he said. "I didn't know you were in the middle of...erm...that.."
"Eh it's whatever." I said, my voice getting darker as I shoved him against the wall almost out of impulse.
"Hey! Wha-?"
He didn't finish speaking as my lips collided with his and I pinned him hard against the wall. I pulled away after a bit but kept my face close to his, looking into his confused eyes playfully.
"Pete...what are you...?" he managed to say.
"What am I doing/? The question is, what could /we be doing?" I asked. He was breathless and stunned. My wit and charm had worked it's magic.
A tiny smile crept its way across Patrick's lips. "What ever do you mean, Peter?" he asked, his adorable little sarcasm getting to my heart and my head - god know's it had already gotten to my crotch.
I leaned in and kissed the back of his neck a few times, then I whispered, "I wanna /fuck/you fucking much..."
A little giggle escaped him and then my lips met his again, this time a little more gently though - lovingly.
"Really, Pete?" he asked truthfully.
I looked at him, my arms wrapping around his waist. "Hell yes." I said. He smiled again, and his hand crept over to the handle of the door to the room we were standing next to. He opened it and went inside, and I followed eagerly. It was dark so I couldn't see, and I squinted looking for Patrick.
"Trickster..?" I said into the pitch black nothingness.
All of a sudden I was knocked into the wall - much like I'd done to Patrick before - by a shirtless Patrick Stump. He pressed his lips to mine roughly, and our bare chests were pushed against eachother. He could probably feel my racing heartbeat, because I could sure feel his. I dropped the blanket from around my waist to the floor and moved my hands up his chest.
Chesthair - an ultimately amazing turn on. And of course Patrick had it.
Losing myself in his kiss, I overpowered him and he fell back onto the bed. My hands went wild un-doing the button on his pants and pulling them off quickly. As if I couldn't get him naked fast enough, he slipped out of his boxer-briefs at lightning speed.
I chuckled a bit then started kissing his neck. Another giggle came from his pretty little throat and I smirked against his skin.
"I wanna here you sing tonight, Trick--and NOT Fall Out Boy..." I told him seductively.
"Anything for you, Pete..." he said in a dreamy voice. It was so sexy.
I got rougher with his neck, biting and sucking on it, then I left my mark on him. It'd surely be black and blue by tomorrow. I smiled and sat myself up by my arms.
"Put your hands on me..." I instructed calmly. Patrick and I were locked in eachother's eyes, and surely he knew what he meant to me...? He moved his hands onto my shoulders, and I came down hard on him, rubbing my erection to his exposed member. He got hard then--I'd felt him against my inner thigh.
"Mmm...Pete..." he whispered, sounding half relaxed half nervous.
"Shhhhhh...I love you, Trick..." I muttered. Simple words, yet it felt so good to say them for the first time.
He was already breathless, and I had to admit, so was I as I placed small kisses across his chest and up his neck a little ways. Then I stopped, because I had no more patience for foreplay that even I was conducting. My body shook slightly and my dick throbbed menacingly.
"Please, Patrick, can I-...?" I whispered roughly. His fluttery eyelids were closed and he nodded vigorously, looking ready for me.
After a long exhale and a deep breath, I lowered myself into him carefully. The loudest gasp came from him, and he gripped my shoulders tighter. Why was he the cutest thing in my world?
I thrust my hips in hard, hoping that Trick would be satisfied even more than I was, and as I picked up the rhythm I heard him whimper. I didn't stop as I murmered sweetly, "It's okay...I'm here, baby..."
He was breathing heavily as I continuously slammed myself harder and deeper each time, and I kind of petted his bare shoulder to comfort him. He seemed to calm down a bit but suddenly his nails began digging into my shoulders very hard. I guessed that he was nearly at his peak, and so I worked even harder to get his release. I bit my lip and thrust once more, and having had it myself, I let loose every bit of anything I had to offer into him...all /for/him.
It must have sent him over the edge, as only a few seconds later did he come all over my stomach. I waited a few seconds before I pulled out, gasping for what seemed like the most precious air.
"P-P-Pete..." Patrick muttered, helpless and innocent. I collapsed next to him so that we layed side by side, and after a moment turned my body to face him. I watched him take rapid, deep, breaths as his mouth hung slightly ajar, making his plump lower lip stand out beautifully. Without saying a word, I put one arm across his warm chest and snaked the other behind his neck. At first I just let my breathing slow down, my mouth hovering close to his left ear. Then I kissed his ear numerous times - too many to count actually - but with more love in each one.
"I wanna scream 'I love you' from the top of my lungs, but I'm afraid that someone else would hear me..." I quoted from Fall Out Boy's song, /The Shipped (Gold Standard)/.
For the first time since he'd murmered my name a few minutes ago, Patrick spoke; "I would have done it anyway...if only I'd known just the way you feel about me..."
I was quiet. For probably the first time in my life, I couldn't think of words to say.
I mean, words always just came to me. Now, I was lost for them.
I kissed Patrick's ear one more time and thought about how beautiful he was, inside and out. He really was a genius...and he was modest too. I wouldn't really ever have the courage to scream 'I love you' to anywone. And I was sure that, literally, he'd do that for me, because he was also my most loyal best friend.
"Yes, Honey Bunches of Oat?" I replied. Patrick giggled.
"I love you, too." he said more seriously. He'd known what I had been thinking all along. And apparently he felt what I'd told him a little bit ago. It felt amazing that he loved me back.
He turned his head as much as his neck would allow and looked into my eyes. I lifted my one arm and caressed his cheek.
His eyes were so beautiful, they bled pretty blue/green waterfalls as he gazed at me with a grateful little smile on his face. My rough fingers brushed his soft blonde hair from his forehead and I puckered my lips to kiss his nose lightly.
Although we were both sweating, I pulled up the white sheet over Tricky and I.
Slowly he lifted his arm and placed his hand over my chest.
"What are you doing...?" I asked him curiously.
"Feeling your heartbeat...what makes amazing you tick..." he replied in a whisper.
"I'm amazing? Maybe you're confused, but I'm just another one of 'those guys', Tricky. One of the guys that somehow out of some miracle ends up with the truly amazing person and falls in love. You wanna see amazing just look at yourself. Somehow you're the cutest, smartest, most astounding person I've ever met in my entire life.You're all I'll ever need and more." I told him. He thought for a moment, then sighed happily. I pulled him ever closer to me and rested my head on his shoulder.
"I'll talk to you in the morning, Trick. Goodnight..." I said finally.
"Goodnight, Pete...I love you...." he murmered back.
"I love you too, Tricks." I replied.
Then I closed my eyes, took in a fresh breath of Patrick, and relaxed myself into a deep sleep.
And tomorrow I'd live and love in a completely new direction -- and from a new perspective.
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