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Risque Business

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After a video shoot, Patrick and Pete strike up a risque conversation that just might lead to some...well...just read and you'll see ;D

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Just when I thought I had my life all figured out, it flip-turned up side down.


"Aaaaand thats a wrap. Great job guys!"
I let out a short sigh and lifted my guitar over my head. Handing it to the tech guy, I headed towards my dressing room.
Shooting a video was fun and all, but seriously I'd been up and running all day that now I just needed to unwind. I checked my watch and it told me it was 5:37pm.
I opened the door to my dressing room and walked inside. Pete was using my mirror to do something with his hair - god knows what, it was already perfect. "Hey, Pete." I said in a tired tone. He turned to me and smiled.
"Hi, Patrick." he held my gaze a moment before I looked away.
"What are you doing?" I asked after picking up some clothes off the floor. I already knew that he was probably just waiting for me to get here. Pete was bored easily.
"Nothing now." he replied, turning away from the mirror as he seemed satisfied with his hair. He had already changed and wasn't in his suit anymore. I was still in mine though.
"Well, if you dont mind, Pete, I'm going to get changed now." I said, hoping he'd nod and leave. Instead he plopped down on the sofa and said, "Okay."
I let out a claerly frustrated sigh and loosened my tie.
"What?" he asked.
"Nothing, Pete." I said.
"No, whats wrong? Are you mad at me or something?" he asked.
I turned to face him and gave him 'the look'. By 'the look' I mean the look that only I, Patrick Stump, could give.
"'s just...can't I get some privacy?" I asked him.
He grinned, "Nope. And hey whats the big deal anyway? As if I've never seen you naked."
I felt my cheeks grow a bit warm. "W-What?"
"Duh. I've seen you, Joe, and Andy naked." he explained, smirking the whole time as if it were something to be proud a trophy.
"How'd that happen?" I asked nervously, curiosity lining my voice.
"I...well Joe isn't embarassed to change in front of me. And...Andy and I used to share a bedroom in the old apartment, so yeah." Pete told me. I blinked.
"And-and...what about me?" I asked, gulping and questioning my overall amount of privacy that I'd thought I had over the years.
"You?" he replied, smirking widely. I noticed he'd stood up from the sofa and was inching closer and closer to me until he was directly in front of me. I just stared in his eyes, waiting for his answer and beginning to sweat. He gripped my jacket and pulled me to his chest, his eyes all devious and playful. Then before I knew it, his lips were pressed to me ear, "I peek through the keyholes." he whispered. What was that supposed to mean?
He pulled away from my ear, but he was still holding onto my suit jacket and looking at me and grinning, waiting for me to reply. How would I reply?
"What...what are you talking about?" I asked slowly. He let out a dark chuckle and pinned me against the vanity. What was he doing?
He put his face near mine and looked down at me seductively, "I watch you dress, Trickster."
I swallowed hard, stunned, and not sure whether to laugh, cry, or scream.
I didn't know what else to say. How can I reply to something like that?
Pete let out an almost girlish giggle when he finally knew I wasn't going to say anything and then lifted his hand to my cheek. My eyelids fluttered closed and I gasped.
"'s okay. Dont feel guilty..." Pete said quietly. I had to admit, his voice was turning me on.
"-About w-what?" I stammered, as he pressed me against the vanity harder and leaned his face and ultimatly lips closer to mine.
"This." he said, and he pushed his lips against mine roughly, not giving me time to think as a thousand butterflies took off in my belly. His tongue fought it's way into my mouth immediatly. After it registered that 'Pete fucking Wentz, my best friend, is kissing me' I kissed back.
Damn he was good. I couldn't put into words how sexy I thought he was right now. All I concentrated on was making out with this...this...this sex God. He pulled away and there was a loud slurping noise as my lips protested. A grin was plastered across his face. His perfect face...
"Pete-" I began, but he cut me off.
Pete was already pulling me down ontop of him on the sofa. His eyes were filled with lust as he looked up at my shocked expression.
"Oh, come on, dont tell me you didn't know!" he exclaimed, laughing.
"Know what?" I asked, clueless. We started kissing again, and we only got out a sentence between each kiss.
"You never fucking saw the looks I give you?" Pete asked, smirking.
I kissed him again. "No."
"Mmmngh..." he groaned. I felt some kind of electric vibe pulse through my stomach...worse than butterflies. "I can't believe you didn't know." he replied.
"Know what?" I asked. I was confused.
"Fuck! I have a crush on you, I guess...I mean if thats what you wanna call it." he replied, placing another sloppy kiss on my eager lips. I kissed him back again after that and I felt his fingers fumbling at the buttons on my jacket.
"What are you planning on doing?" I asked, anxious and nervous at the same time.
He didn't answer, but he asked, " you want me?" his voice was gruff and deep.
"Want you to...what?" I asked seriously. He chuckled darkly.
"I thought you were the smart one! Do I have to explain everything to you?" he asked more in amusement than irritation.
Now I guessed that this was Pete in his sexual/turned on state. And I cant say I had seen him this way before, not that I didn't like it.
"Oh." I replied, leaning down for a kiss. He laughed and said, "Well?"
A few seconds passed, "Yes."
There was room for regret tomorrow. Right now I just wanted...or more like needed...Pete.
Immediatly he flipped me so that he was ontop of my body. He smiled as if he were having the time of his life un-doing to buttons on my dress shirt. My coat was already on the floor along with my tie.
All I could think as he removed his hoodie and t-shirt was how long had I waited for this without realizing it?
As his bare, muscular, chest came down on mine, I shivered at the warmth. He traced my hips with both hands and then found my belt buckle. As my belt slipped out of each individual loop, Pete leaned down for a long kiss.
Upon pulling away, he tossed my belt aside and ripped my pants down to my ankles like lightning, leaving my gasping.
He chuckled darkly, "Breathless? So am I..." he said to me, taking his own pants off.
I was amazed by his large erection pulling at his underwear. Looking down I noted that mine wasn't much different. He kissed me for a few moments, his hand traveling down my body until he reached the elastic of my boxers. I started pulling them off, my hands over top of Pete's.
"Oh my god..." Pete murmered, sounding almost as if he'd just come right then and there.
"Hm?" I squeeked out.
I felt him take in a deep breath, and thought I should do the same. But before I knew it he was fully naked too, and rubbing up against me. My deep breath turned into more of a sputter.
As Pete ground his dick hard into mine I moaned loudly. He picked up the pace, moving his hips rhythmically against mine.
"F-Fuck..." I muttered after a few minutes. Pete liked that word out of me. He pressed his lips messily to my neck but kept on working until he could keep quiet no more.
He let out a loud moan. A moan I thought I'd never hear out of Pete. A hot, sticky, liquid hit my skin and as I yelped his name I came too.
He was breathing hard, and I was just trying to catch my breath. He let his body collapse down onto mine and our lungs hevaed in sync. Somehow, through all this fluster of breath and sweat, his lips still found their way to my collarbone. Soft kisses tickled my chest and collarbone and up my neck. It was like he had this perfect routine of pleasure and then topped it all off at the end with comfort.
"P-P-Pete..." I gasped. He wrapped his arms around me and laid his head on my chest.
I couldn't think of what to say. Was this the part I just didn't have to say anything?
"Yes, Patrick. I am in love with you." he said innocently. He wasn't looking at my face, but somehow I knew that he was smiling the slightest bit.
"Y-You are?" I asked, my breathing coming back to a slow, normal, pace.
He nodded, his straightened,jet-black, hair rubbing against my chest.
"Well....W-well I'm in love with you, too." I said. As soon as the words were out of my mouth I knew that they had to be true. I had been saving myself for this boy all along, I just hadn't known it.
He giggled and turned his head to look up at me with glittering eyes. "I kinda guessed that know...this." he mused. I laughed.

And sometimes change hits you in the oddest ways.
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