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The Game

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A tiny little Peterick about how Pete and Patrick are the sneakiest secret keepers...almost xD

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Me and Patrick had always been together.

Well, almost.

We'd hooked up while recording From Under The Cork Tree after confessing our undying love to one another.
Regardless, we had never had anything to worry about. We were star-crossed lovers, but nobody knew.
It was our dirty little secret that we were experts at keeping. It was amazing that neither Joe nor Andy had figured it out yet.
Patrick and I were so sneaky about our public display of affection that not one soul even suspected us.
And when no one was around, we'd snuggle and kiss and make-out...and often it lead to hot, sweaty, sex. I loved Patrick so much and I was so happy to be with him, and he was absolutely aware of that. And even though we were quite safe about our secret, I even had a 'girlfriend' as a cover up. Everyone thought she was something serious, but there was no way. She thought I had feelings for her, but everytime that I had to force myself to kiss her, it was only because I'd think of Patrick to fill the void.
Me and him got so many laughs over our dirty little secret, it was almost as if being together had come with a fun little game which we would win everytime.
So many interviews where we were asked questions about one another that would normally be awkward, and we would lie so sarcastically. And they wouldn't even notice. Then we'd watch the replay and laugh until we cried.
"Does Pete's body make you happy, Patrick?"
"No. No it doesn't." he would reply. and I would have to choke back my laughter until we were backstage again. Then we would start making out and he'd tell me the truth. In full description.
It seemed it was so easy fooling people that we were having tons of fun. We couldn't have a care in the world.

Until one day.


I had Google-ed my name a bunch of times before, mostly because it was so amusing to read the latest press bullshit that was being posted about me.
But this time I got something different.
"Huh. Never seen this before...." I murmered. I clicked the link which read 'DeviantArt'.
It was an art website. But lets just say the link wasn't to the homepage. There was a drawing of Patrick and I clinging to eachother cutely and little cartoon hearts above our heads. The title was 'Peterick'.
"What the fuck...?" I muttered, half amused and half weirded out.
I hit the back button to Google's search engine and typed in 'Peterick'. I mean the hell was that word, a mix between my name and Patrick's?
A lot of hits came up. I clicked on another DeviantArt one.
'Peterick one-shot' was the title. I had no idea what a 'one-shot' was, but there was no drawing this time.
Nope. It was a story. I began reading and soon I was so consumed by the plot that I couldn't stop.
The sex scene hit me like a brick to the face. My eyes swallowed up the descriptive words and suddenly a sickly feeling of realization washed over me and filled the pit of my stomach.
I stopped reading.
"Patrick!!!" I called.
In a minute, Patrick walked calmly into the room.
"Th-the fans. They know."

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