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Chapter 1

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AU, Post OotP, No HBP, The Weasley's believe in family first. Arthur must choose; what is right or what is easy, Harry Potter or Albus Dumbledore

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The Weasley Plot
By Loralee

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter

Arthur Weasley was a man who cared about his family above all things. When events conspired to put some of that family in danger he became a man who wanted answers. Arthur Weasley knew he'd have to be firm and commanding to achieve those answers that it could be dangerous and heartbreaking but he'd made up his mind, he was going to question his children.

Dinner after their return from Kings Cross had been quiet, to quiet for Arthur's peace of mind but with only Ron and Ginny of the children and he and Molly well it just was to quiet.

"Ronald, Ginevra, help your mother clear the table then I want to talk to you both." Said Arthur at the end of the meal. Surprisingly Molly only nodded.

Ron and Ginny exchanged glances. They had been expecting their mum to yell. Having Dad's quiet voice saying he wanted to talk well that was just scary.

When the table was cleared the four of them took their seats.

"Just what were you thinking!" started Mrs. Weasley.

Her husband interrupted her, "Molly, let me handle this."

"Now Ron, Ginny, I want to know what happen to Harry this year, that would make him run off. I know that he has dreams of what He-Who er Voldemort is doing. Is that what happened?"

Ron and Ginny exchanged glances.

"Well dad," started Ron, "Harry's dreams kept getting worse because of the Occlumency lessons least I think that's why his head always hurt and the dreams were worse. Not that he would admit it the gormless prat."

"Ronald language" said his mum.

"Harry didn't do well with Occlumency?"

"No Dad, Snape was awful to him, I saw him once just after and he had bruises on his knees and elbows like he'd fallen or something." Said Ron, "but he wouldn't say anything."

"Just like he wouldn't complain about Umbridge and her quill when his hand was hurt." Said Ginny.

"Quill?" asked Arthur.

"She made Harry write lines with a quill that wrote in his own blood and scratched the words into the back of his hand." Said Ron.

Molly looked horrified and Arthur sat up straighter.

"A blood quill are you sure Ron?" He asked.

"Yeah, I know that Lee Jordan had to use it too." Said Ron.

"Dad, we aren't going to leave Harry with those Muggle for long are we?" asked Ginny.

"Dumbledore says he is safest there. We threatened the Muggles after all, they should be on their best behavior." Said Arthur

Ron snorted, "I hope someone is watching. The way Harry talks, or maybe doesn't talk about them they are likely to blame him for that. Three days is a long time to be locked up without food."

Arthur had more questions than answers that night as he went to sleep.

Arthur Weasley was dreaming. He knew he was dreaming and that this was an important dream. He'd had such dreams several times in his life, always at a turning point.

Arthur Weasley stood at a fork in the road. To the left the path was rocky and narrow. He could see a small boy sitting on the path just a few yards up it. The path led into some very rough terrain. The boy looked up at him and he realized it was Harry Potter.

Arthur started to go to the boy but was stopped by a voice from the right hand path.

"This way my boy, come this way I'll lead you in the right direction."

Albus Dumbledore stood on the right path. It was wide and sunlit and easily walked.

Arthur glanced back at the small figure, the bright green eyes begging him.

"He will be fine Arthur, see he has his relatives to care for him."

Arthur noticed then the shadowy figure hovering over the boy. The left path was narrow and steep, rocky and hard. If he went that way he knew he'd have to carry the boy at least part of the way.

He turned toward the Headmaster once more. Dumbledore beckoned him with a smile.

"This way Arthur, it's for the best, if you come this way."

He turned up the right hand path. The way was easy and beautiful. He came to a clearing. In the clearing was a desk like what one would find in the ministry. Behind the desk sat Percy.

Percy looked at him in scorn. "Really father how could you be so stupid? I'm ashamed of you. Move along."

Arthur shook his head. Perhaps further up the path Percy would come back to them. He felt this was only a bit of rebellion.

Arthur started walking again. He caught sight of Dumbledore further up the path leading the way.

At another clearing beyond a short wall he saw Molly and Ron arguing.

"I won't abandon him Mum, Harry needs me and I will be there for him."

Ron slammed out of the house and stormed down a path leading to the left. A path Arthur could no longer reach. Leaving Molly crying behind.

"Ah, youth, don't worry Arthur he'll come to his senses sooner or later." Said Dumbledore in a kindly voice. "Come, it's for the best."

Once again he started up the path. It was still broad and easy to walk but clouds had started to move in.

Thunder rolled overhead and Arthur saw his worst fears. Beside the path lay his eldest born son. Bill lay in a pool of blood beside a young woman. They were both dead. Arthur wanted to go to his son but his feet could not leave the path. He saw Dumbledore standing on the top of a small rise, waving him to hurry.

As he top the rise, he saw on the opposite side of the path, George holding his twin. Fred was dead and George's blank eyes stared at him accusingly.

Just beyond the twins was a bier. Arthur was shocked when he recognized his daughter Ginny lying upon it. Molly stood nearby holding an infant arguing with a very blond man. The man took the baby from Molly, smirked at Arthur then disappeared with the baby leaving Molly to collapse across Ginny's body sobbing.

Dumbledore stood up the path, waiting impatiently and Arthur hurried on only to be confronted by the burned out husk of the Burrow and Percy glaring at him.

"Really father, this is all your fault for following that stupid old man. Look at him."

Arthur looked up the path. Dumbledore stood there smiling, eyes twinkling, holding out a bag of candy. He looked back at his son.

"Percy," he started but Percy turned to walk away black cloak swirling, silver mask in hand.

Arthur stared after him and then shouted to Dumbledore who was moving further and further away, no longer waiting for him.

"Wait, my family?"

Dumbledore's voice drifted back, "It's for the best, come along."

He glanced back at the ruins of the Burrow but hurried after the aged Headmaster.

Suddenly the path opened out onto the edge of a deep ravine. There was no way across.

There at the edge stood Dumbledore, Molly and Fred looking across at a battle. Arthur looked closer. He could see Harry Potter fighting the Dark Lord, Voldemort. He could see bodies on the ground and then he saw Ron, beside Harry, fighting a Death Eater whose mask fell away to revel Percy just as both were killed. His sons had killed each other.

Molly moaned and sank to the ground, rocking back and forth. George stepped closer to the edge and it began to crumble beneath him.

"George step back." Said Arthur reaching for his son, but Dumbledore stood in his way and made no effort to draw George back from the edge.

"We should be there." Said the hollow eyed George and then the ground crumbled and George slid away down the steep side of the ravine without a sound.

"We should be there, Dumbledore," screamed Arthur.
Dumbledore just smiled and said, "This is Harry's duty. He has to save us all. He knows that. Lemon Drop?"

Arthur Weasley watched in horror as Harry first killed Voldemort and then fell himself.

"Ah, success, " said Dumbledore. "Voldemort is defeated. It really is all for the best."

He nodded to Arthur and then turned away to address the crowd that had gathered.

The crowd cheered for Dumbledore and he smiled happily at them.

Arthur looked at his sobbing wife and battlefield across the ravine he stooped to pick up Molly and the ground crumbled under him as he began to fall into the abyss. He knew that if he had taken the other path; he could have made a difference in the battle, that his children would be alive.

Arthur Weasley woke with a cry. He rose from his bed and crept through his home to check on his children.

He owed Harry Potter a life debt. He owed Harry Potter for Ginny's life and for the financial backing of the twins. He owed Harry Potter and if that meant carrying Harry over a rocky mountain then by Merlin that was what would happen.

Arthur Weasley did not go to his office when he left his home the next morning. Instead he apparated to Diagon Alley to see his twin sons, hoping they would be able to put him in contact with Lee Jordan.

As luck would have it Lee had accepted a job with the twins to help man the counter in the shop that had opened the day before. Fred and George were rather shocked that their father would visit their new shop when he should be at work.

"Dad what's wrong?" asked Fred as Arthur entered the shop.

"Nothing boys," said Arthur and then worried them even more by hugging each twin. Exchanging glances the twins led their father into the back of the store.

"Something's wrong or you'd be at work, Dad." Said George.

"I need to talk to your friend, Lee, boys. Ron and Ginny told me about his detention with Madam Umbridge last night."

"This is about Harry isn't it?" said Fred.

Arthur looked surprised for just a moment.

"Boys, when you said you had to pull bars off of Harry's window several years ago were you making it up?" Arthur's voice was deadly serious.

"No, Dad we weren't, they really did have him locked up and he was awful thin that year." Said George.

Arthur nodded, "Now about Lee."

"What about me?" asked Lee just coming in the back room. "Oh, hello Mr. Weasley, how are you?"

"I'm well, Lee. I wanted to ask you about your detention with Madam Umbridge." Said Arthur greeting the new arrival.

"Oh, um, are you talking about that nasty quill?" asked Lee.

Arthur nodded, "Lee, blood quills are illegal. I was wondering if you'd like to go to the DMLE and file a report? I'd be willing to go with you of course."

Lee looked at the twins for a moment and then said, "There's more to it than that, isn't there? Yes, I'll complain if you think I should. Don't tell me why yet."

"What ever do you mean Lee?" ask Arthur a little confused by the statement.

Lee grinned. "Lets just say that I recognize the look in your eyes, Mr. Weasley and I think I know where these two get it now."

Amelia Bones was mildly surprised when her secretary announced that Arthur Weasley was there to see her.

"Show him in."

"Good morning Amelia, I'd like you to meet a friend of the twins, Lee Jordan. Lee, this is Director Bones."

"Good morning Arthur, Mr. Jordan, please have a seat. What can I do for you this morning?" said Amelia pleasantly.

"Lee here had some trouble at Hogwarts and I brought him to you for his complaint. I believe it is something you should hear." Said Arthur.

Amelia raised and eyebrow at that. She wondered what the young man could have gotten into that would require her attention.

"Arthur you aren't normally one to ask for special treatment." Said Amelia softly.

Arthur Weasley blushed slightly.

"Very well." Said Amelia as she pulled a standard complaint form from her desk. "Tell me what happened."

Lee looked at Mr. Weasley who nodded slightly.

"Well, you know that Umbridge witch was the DADA teacher?" at Amelia's nod he continued, "I had detention with her. I don't think I deserved it but that's beside the point I guess. Any way she made me write lines. I had to use her quill though and it didn't use regular ink. Instead it used my own blood and cut up the back of my hand something fierce. My hand was a bloody mess by the time I was done."

Lee looked up after this and took Amelia's horrified look wrong.

"I wasn't swearing honest, I just meant that there was a lot of blood."

Amelia held up a hand to stop the apology.

"Mr. Jordan, are you claiming that Madam Umbridge forced you to use a blood quill in your detention as punishment?"

"Yes ma'am. If that's what that kind of quill is called."

"Do you know what a pensieve is Mr. Jordan?" asked Amelia.

"No ma'am, I'm sorry, I don't." said Lee.

"No matter." She reached back to a shelf behind the desk and took down a silver cup with a flip up lid decorated with runes. "This is a testimony pensieve. It is used to gather evidence. You will need to bring the memory of your detention to the front of your mind and concentrate on it. I will use my wand to extract a copy of the memory and place it in this container where we will be able to view it. Will you do this?"

Lee nodded.

"I need a verbal response for the record, Mr. Jordan." Said Amelia gesturing at the quill that had been recording the conversation on the complaint form.

"Uh, yes ma'am, I'll try. Just think about that detention?"

"Yes, think about the detention focus on it, the entire evening."

She brought her wand up to his forehead and muttered a spell to low for him to hear and drew out a long slivery strand of something.

After placing the strand in the container Amelia continued.

"Mr. Jordan, do you know of any other students who had detention with Madam Umbridge and if they were also force to use this blood quill?"

"Uh, I know Harry Potter had several weeks worth of detentions with her. He's the one who told me what to do about the mess my hand was."

Amelia's eyes widened and she shot a look of disbelief at Arthur.

"Harry Potter, the boy who lived?" she asked, for clarification.

Lee smirked slightly, "Yes ma'am, that Harry Potter, but he really doesn't like that name. He likes to think of himself as just Harry."

Amelia nodded, "Did you complain to your Head of House or the Headmaster?"

"No, ma'am, Harry had already had a bunch of detentions with her. I figured if he complained and they didn't do anything then there was no point in me complaining and if he hadn't complained then there was a good reason and I didn't want to cause Harry trouble."

Amelia nodded slowly.

"I think I understand. If you will wait one moment while I review you memory."

She then stuck the end of her finger into the slivery substance in the container and sat frozen for a moment.

As she blinked back to awareness her features hardened and with an icy voice she said,
"Thank you for bringing this to my attention Mr. Jordan, I promise I will get to the bottom of this. I will not allow that woman to get away with torturing students."

Arthur Weasley gestured Lee up and ushered him out of the room. He turned back and reseated himself after Lee was gone.

"Is there something else Arthur?" said Amelia still furious over what she had just witnessed.

"Yes Amelia, I, well I supposed you'd be going to ask Harry about this and I thought that perhaps you might take a look around his relatives house."

Amelia frowned, "What is this really all about Arthur?"

"I think that Harry is, at the least, neglected by those muggles, Amelia if not out right abused. Dumbledore shows no concern for the boys care, insists that it's the safest place for Harry due to some sort of blood wards but I, well I've never questioned Albus before but this latest incident has me worried."

"This blood quill thing Arthur?" Questioned Amelia.

Arthur shook his head, "No, I know you were apprised of at least a part of what happened during the battle here in the ministry recently but were you aware that Sirius Black was killed, that Harry witnessed it and that Harry believes that Sirius was innocent. That Harry has seen Peter Pettigrew alive and in service to You-Know-Who. Harry also witnessed Cedric Diggory's death last year and that this year, like last, Albus has sent Harry back to those muggles, cut off contact with his friends, told the order members watching his neighborhood not to 'bother' Harry to 'leave him to his grief'. I'm sorry Amelia but leaving someone who is grieving alone and with out counsel is just not the proper thing. Every year when we see Harry, the boy is thinner than at the beginning of summer. I really do think something is wrong there." Arthur ran out of words and just sat staring at his hands.

Amelia Bones had never in her life considered Arthur Weasley a passionate man but at that moment realized that he had hidden depths.

"If that household is unsuitable would you be willing to take him in, Arthur?" asked Amelia.

"I would insist on it actually, Amelia." Said Arthur with a smile.

Amelia nodded, "Come along then."

They exited the office and Amelia paused just long enough to tell her secretary to have Auror Jackson meet them in the Atrium in ten minutes and that she'd be out of the office for an indefinite period after that.

Since they were only going one floor up Amelia didn't bother to wait for the lift and steered Arthur to the stairs.

Entering an office that contained several cubicles, Amelia told the secretary that she needed to see Prudence right away. Minutes later they were in the office of Prudence Wilkins, Director of Wizarding Child Welfare.

"Amelia, Arthur how nice to see you both, what can I do for you today?"

Prudence had gone to school with Amelia Bones, had in fact shared a dormitory with her for seven years. They had been several years ahead of Arthur Weasley but in the same year as one of Arthur's older brothers.

"Ah, Pru, something's come up. We have a wizard born orphan, living with muggles who may be neglected or worse. I need to question him about an incident that occurred at Hogwarts and wondered if you'd like to send someone along for an evaluation?" said Amelia.

"Wizard born? We should already have a file then, what's the name?" asked Prudence.

Arthur and Amelia exchanged a glance.

"Harry Potter" said Amelia with a grimace.

Prudence Wilkins looked at Amelia with a bit of shock. "You believe that The Boy Who Lived is being neglected? Amelia you can't be serious. The ministry surely put up wards at his residence to monitor for that sort of thing."

She tapped her wand on a file drawer and said, "Harry Potter". A thin folder appeared.

She opened the folder with a frown. It wasn't nearly as large as she thought it should be.

"I don't understand this Amelia. There have been no visits of any sort to Potter's home. No file reviews, no interviews, there are no school records or medical reports in this file. What in Merlin's name is going on here? This file shows a wizard guardian not muggles."

Prudence Wilkins looked at Amelia and Arthur with some confusion and not a little irritation. When she found out who had messed with this file heads would roll.

"Who is the guardian of record then Pru, is it Albus Dumbledore." Asked Amelia. If Dumbledore were Harry's guardian it could be a problem.

"Sirius Black is the guardian of record, Amelia, but that can't be right. The man is an escaped criminal who'd been in Azkaban for years. I think that I will be the one to accompany you on this visit, Amelia. When do you propose to go?"

"Now, if that is convenient." Was the response.

"I'll get my cloak."

Nymphadora Tonks was bored. She was currently watching over Harry's home and felt that it would be a long summer. She couldn't understand Dumbledore's insistence on leaving Harry here, in this backwater, boring street with those disgusting muggles. She herself liked most muggles but Harry's rellies were the kind that gave muggles a bad name.

She had decided that if she got the chance to chat with Harry this summer, she'd take it no matter what the old man had to say about it. If she, as an Auror, had to undergo counseling when she'd witness a death in the line of duty then Harry should also. Leaving him alone was about the stupidest thing she heard from the old man.

Tonks came to full alert at the sound of apparition near her and then was shocked to see her bosses boss Amelia Bones, Arthur Weasley, the head of WCW Prudence Wilkins and Senior Auror Jackson making their way toward Number Four.

Tonks was undecided as to whether to reveal herself right up until Auror Jackson looked directly at her and then said something to Director Bones.

Tonks threw off the invisibility cloak and rushed over to the foursome wondering if she'd be allowed to keep her job.

Director Bones scowled at her, "Auror Tonks why are you here?"

"Ma'am, I volunteered some of my free time to help guard a high priority, Death Eater target." Said Tonks in her best official voice.

"That 'target' being Harry Potter? Does said 'target' know that you are here? Or do you enjoy spying on a teenager, unawares?"

Tonks flushed and shook her head. This was not going to be good.

"Yes, Director, the target is Harry Potter, no he doesn't know that I am here but I had already decide to speak with him if I had the opportunity."

"Against Dumbledore's direct orders?" questioned Arthur.

Tonk's eyes widened at this question but she gamely carried on. "Yes sir. I don't believe that it the best thing in this case and after all, I'm volunteering my time for this."

Director Bones nodded in her direction, "Perhaps you are not a total loss then Auror Tonks. You will accompany us. Consider yourself on duty. You will tell no one of anything you see or hear today with out my express permission including your direct superior and Albus Dumbledore. In this matter you will report directly to me. Do you understand and agree or shall I have you oblivated and relieved of duty?"

"Yes, Director, I understand and will follow your direction." Said Tonks standing at attention and rather frightened by Director Bones.

"Very well, how long have you been watching the neighborhood and do you believe that Harry is in residence and secure?" Asked Bones.

"I've been on since 6am, I was told that Harry was in residence when I came on but haven't seen him this morning. I've seen no threats. I believe all the Dursleys are also in residence. Petunia Dursley retrieved milk from the stoop at 7:10 am. Vernon Dursley is still in residence though I know that he should have left for work around 7:30 am." Reported Tonks.

Amelia nodded and then proceeded across the street to Number Four followed by the rest of her party.

Vernon Dursley was not having a good morning. He had decided to take a half-holiday after his freak of a nephew had woken him early that morning. Vernon had expressed his displeasure with the early morning wakening and had managed to hurt his hand. Vernon was sitting at the breakfast table with ice on said hand, listening to his son discourse on the proper treatment of bruised knuckles and how to avoid bruising them in the first place, when the doorbell rang. Thinking it to be some of Dudley's little friends he sent Dudley to the door. Vernon's day was about to get worse.

Prudence Wilkins was appalled at the size of the boy who answered the door and completely stunned when the boy ran away, yelling about freaks at the door.

Since the door had been left conveniently open, they followed the large boy into the house where they were confronted with an equally large, florid man with a walrus mustache who appeared to be one small step from apoplexy.

This man, who Prudence felt must be Mr. Dursley, started demanding that they leave immediately.

Amelia finally over rode his rant.

"Mr. Dursley, please, I am Amelia Bones, Head of the Department for Magical Law Enforcement and I am here to see you nephew Harry Potter."

Vernon Dursley glared, "What's the boy done now?"

"Harry hasn't done anything Mr. Dursley. I believe that he has information in an ongoing investigation. Would you call him in here?" said Amelia going into the lounge area.

"No, we don't hold with your kind. I'd like you to leave." Sputtered Vernon Dursley

Amelia smiled a sharp smile. "I'm sorry Mr. Dursley I should have introduced the rest of my party. This is Arthur Weasley he is head of the MMA Department at the Ministry, Prudence Wilkins Head of Wizard Child Welfare, Senior Auror Jackson and Auror Tonks."

For such a florid man Vernon Dursley could go very pale.

"He's, he's not here, run off last night. Didn't come back, might be days before he comes home, he's not very responsible, you know." Said Vernon.

Amelia looked at Auror Jackson who raised his wand and muttered a couple of words.

"Here now, you can't do that stuff in my house, I know the rules. It's not allowed!" yelled Vernon.

"He's upstairs." Reported the sandy haired Jackson.

Amelia nodded, "Madam Wilkins would you take Auror Tonks with you to fetch Mr. Potter?" Then she turned to Vernon, "Mr. Dursley, what in the world makes you think that adult witches and wizards are not allowed to do magic in your home. You are fully cognizant of the Wizarding world and therefore are exempt from the Secrecy Acts. Harry may not have been allowed to do magic before but since he's taken his OWL's he is perfectly with in the law to practice magic this summer. In fact he should be practicing this summer since he is such a high priority target of the Dark Lord."

Vernon Dursley was certainly headed for a stroke or heart attack, as he turned red and then paled again in a strobing fashion.

Prudence Wilkins had already half way made up her mind that she would be removing Harry Potter from this house as she went up the stairs. Mr. Dursley didn't seem to care about his nephew. She'd seen quite a few pictures of the large boy at various ages but not one of Harry Potter.

At the top of the stairs she found Auror Tonks standing in front of a door with a lock on the outside of the door.

"This is Harry's room. Alohomora"

The lock sprang open and with a light knock Auror Tonks pushed open the door.

"Wotcher Harry." Said Auror Tonks to the boy sitting in the desk chair.

Prudence gave the room a practiced once over. A school trunk sat at the end of a small bed with rather ragged covers, the desk and chair had clearly seen hard use. The shelves were full of broken toys. An empty owl cage sat in the far corner.

Prudence Wilkins then took her first look at the famed, Boy Who Lived, and only a career in child welfare kept the gasp and shock from her face.

"'Lo Tonks, why are you here?" said the boy.

Tonks looked over to Prudence.

"Mr. Potter, I'm Prudence Wilkins, I'm the head of Wizard Child Welfare. I'm here to check up on you and evaluate your living conditions. May I scan you for injuries other than your face and ask what happened?"

The boy blinked at her in surprise and then laughed, bitterly.

"You pick now to come check on me. Damn, someone must really hate me. Do you have any idea what he's going to do when you leave?" said Harry.

"What do you mean Harry, we thought warning him would do some good but you look like a Bludger got you." Said Tonks, "You need to tell Ms. Wilkins, so we can take you out of here." She turned to Prudence; "We can take him, right?"

"If you tell me honestly, what happened to you, Mr. Potter, I think that we can remove you from this house." Said Prudence. After all it was quite obvious to her that he was being abused. Locking him in was proof of that.

"Yeah right, that will go over real well with Dumbledore. He'll just make me come back. He says this is the only place I'm safe from Voldemort because there are blood protections from my Mum here." Said Harry with another snort of derision.

"I don't understand what Albus Dumbledore has to do with this, Mr. Potter." Prudence was at a loss to understand this boy.

"Dumbledore is the one who put me here, he is the one who sends me back every year, the one who says; who I can talk to, where I can go, what I must study and only tells me what he wants me to know." Said Harry as if speaking to a small child.

"I'm not sure why that would be Mr. Potter, Albus Dumbledore is not your guardian. He is merely the Headmaster of your school and if he is forcing you to stay here and is aware of the circumstances of your living conditions. That is, if someone living in this household has caused those injuries and you are locked in this room on a regular basis, then he may be as culpable as your relatives. Albus Dumbledore cannot stop me from removing a child from unsuitable living conditions, if I feel that it is necessary. Please trust me, Mr. Potter."

Harry Potter eyed her for a long moment.

"Please call me Harry, and yes, my uncle beat me this morning when I woke him up with a nightmare. I am locked in on a regular basis and I am required to 'earn my keep' with chores. I can give you a list. Go ahead with your scan. Can you do healing spells? I wouldn't mind being healed, before I have to come back here."

Prudence scanned Harry.

"No, Harry I can't do the healing that you need. We will need to go to St Mungo's for that and to document your injuries. My scan shows bruised ribs and the black eye. Do you hurt anywhere else?"

Harry shook his head and groaned slightly. At Prudence's inquiring look, he shook his head again.

"I was thinking about what the Prophet would have to say, 'Boy Who Lived beaten by Muggle'." Harry said with a sigh.

Prudence shook her head this time. "We will try to keep it from the press Harry." She stood up from where she had knelt beside his chair and looked around the room again.

"May I look in your wardrobe, Harry?"

"If you want, my school robes are still in my trunk. I don't know what Aunt Petunia's put in there this year. I get Dudley's hand me downs." Harry said with a shrug and then grabbed at his ribs.

"Everything still packed then, Harry?" asked Tonks, preparing to take Harry's trunk down stairs.

"There are a couple of things under a loose floorboard. I wasn't sure if Vernon would be in to take my trunk and lock it up."

Tonks retrieved the items indicated while Prudence shook her head in disgust at the so-called clothing provided for Harry.

"Harry, why didn't you use magic against your Uncle?" asked Prudence.

"What, and be hauled up before the Wizengamot again? No, I don't think so."

"But you've taken your OWL's Harry, you're allowed to use magic in the privacy of you own home." Said Tonks in surprise.

"Really, I guess someone forgot to tell me that." said Harry angrily.

Meanwhile downstairs Vernon had tried to say he needed to leave for work but Amelia had made him stay after Auror Jackson had noticed Vernon's knuckles. Vernon tried to put them off, claiming a spanner accident while working on his automobile. Auror Jackson had seen to many knuckles busted on heads to believe this and stood fingering his wand.

Petunia had entered the room and began protesting as well.

When Prudence, Tonks and Harry arrived downstairs. Auror Jackson had only one thing to say.

"Dursley, please resist arrest."

Amelia however decided against arresting Vernon Dursley, at this time though she said they would be making a full investigation. With that threat, they took Harry and left Privet Drive.
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