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Chapter 2

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AU, Post OotP, No HBP, The Weasley's believe in family first. Arthur must choose; what is right or what is easy, Harry Potter or Albus Dumbledore

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The Weasley Plot 2
By Loralee

Amelia Bones, Arthur Weasley, Prudence Wilkins and the two Aurors sat in a small waiting area in the secure wing of St Mungos. Finally Amelia turned to Tonks.

"Auror Tonks when is your shift over at Privet Drive?"

"Emmy is supposed to relieve me at noon, Director."

Amelia looked at her watch.

"Goodness it is only 10:20 now. Quite a lot has happened this morning. Tonks, why don't you return to Privet Drive for now? If we can keep Mr. Potter's relocation to ourselves for the time being, all the better. I will be sending a team to analyze the wards there as soon as I return to the office. Please come report to me when you are finished there."

Tonks nodded and sped off down the corridor to the lobby apparition point to return to Privet Drive.

"Pru, I mean Director Wilkins, are you officially removing Mr. Potter from the Muggles?" asked Amelia turning her attention on the WCW head.

"Yes Director Bones and I am requesting a full investigation of Harry Potter's case." Said Ms. Wilkins formally.

"I agree. As to Mr. Potter's disposition, if I might, recommend fostering by Arthur Weasley. At least until Mr. Potter can be consulted and proper guardianship assigned."

"Arthur would you be willing to foster Mr. Potter." Asked Prudence.

"Of course I would, Harry and my son Ron are very good friends. I would also like to tender my application for formal guardianship of Harry as long as he is willing, of course." Said Arthur.

"So noted, I'll approve fostering as long as Mr. Potter agrees." Said Prudence.

Amelia smiled and stood. " I think I should be getting back to the office then. Auror Jackson I'd like you to accompany Mr. Potter today. I don't believe he needs a keeper but he does need some sort of protection. I think if it's presented in the right way he won't object to your presence. Arthur perhaps while Mr. Potter is being treated you should run his trunk home. Pru please keep me updated."

She started to turn away and then remembered.

"Arthur, I will need to discuss that other matter with Mr. Potter in the near future." She said.

"Why don't you come to the Burrow for supper tonight say 7 pm?" said Arthur.

Amelia nodded and left.

Arthur also left carrying Harry's trunk.

Arthur Weasley returned to the waiting room just minutes before the healer came to bring them to Harry's room.

Arthur, Prudence and Auror Jackson followed the Healer into Harry's treatment room.

"Mr. Potter," said the healer, "These are the people that were waiting for you. I will need your permission to speak with any of them about your condition although I am obligated to provide a written report to Wizard Child Welfare about your injuries. Do you know each of these people and do I have your consent to discuss my finding with them present?"

Harry looked at Auror Jackson warily.

"I don't know you." He said.

"Mr. Potter, I am Zeke Jackson. I work as an Auror for Madam Bones. She has asked me to be your escort today." He held up a hand as Harry took a breath. "I am aware that you don't need a babysitter or keeper. That is not I job I'd like either. I am here for your protection, be it from Death Eaters, the press, or Minister Fudge himself. I am here to watch your back as you take care of your business. I will not report to anyone anything that violates your privacy, with out your permission. I can help Ms. Wilkins with her investigation. If you want I can wait outside while the healer talks as that door is the only way in or out."

Harry grinned at the plainspoken man and said, "Please, call me Harry and I could use someone to watch my back, this thing doesn't have one." Said Harry pulling at the beige hospital gown.

Harry turned to the Healer and nodded.

"Very well, Mr. Potter." The healer turned to Prudence Wilkins. "I examined Mr. Potter here thoroughly, he has three cracked ribs, contusion to his right eye and a large hand shaped bruise on his left arm. I've treated the ribs and bruising and will send some bruise ease salve home with him. More troubling than the obvious abuse, is the lingering condition cause by malnutrition. Mr. Potter is a good 6 inches shorter and many pounds lighter than he should be. Mr. Potter has had a great many injuries in his lifetime. Now I understand that he plays quidditch and at least some of those injuries may be attributed to that. We should request his medical file from Hogwarts. It does concern me that the nurse there did not notice the malnutrition or the degradation of Mr. Potter's eyesight. His prescription in very out of date and may, in fact, cause further vision problems if not corrected. Also a routine scan for spell damage shows a number of tracking charms, a common infant magic suppression spell and worst of all, three scars with linger Dark Magic residue."

Prudence Wilkins was infuriated by the condition that Harry Potter was in.

"I'll need a full written report as soon as you can possibly manage."

"You'll have it by the end of the day, Ms. Wilkins." Promised the Healer.

Auror Jackson in the mean time had drawn his wand and muttered a several words.

"Harry, I've recorded the tracking spells aura's which may give us a lead on who is tracking you. Do I have your permission to remove them?" Harry nodded and sat perfectly still while Jackson muttered a few more words and then gave his wand a jerk.

"May I see your wand also, Harry?"

Harry held it out but really didn't want to hand it over. Jackson grinned at him understandingly and again waved his wand over Harry's.

"Ok, there were two tracking charms there also; the standard Ministry charm and a tracking charm from someone else. I removed them both."

"So that means I really can do magic outside of school?" asked Harry. "I thought Tonks was just teasing."

"The Ministry charms should have been removed when you completed your OWL's Harry. Secrecy laws are still in effect but you should have been able to curse that muggle the minute he laid hands on you. I don't know why you weren't told that but I assure you I will be finding out."

"Yes well," said the Healer. "I have a proposed treatment for the malnutrition." He was looking at Harry now. "There is a potion regimen that I can start you on. It consists of two potions per day for thirty days, a strict diet and specific exercises. The diet will be high calorie and I'd recommend that you eat four or five meals a day plus several snacks. The potions will jumpstart your metabolism and correct the deficiencies created by the lack of food in your formative years. You will probably have at least one of not two growth spurts over the summer." The healer looked pleased with himself but Harry was shaking his head.

"That sounds great but when Dumbledore finds me he's only going to send me right back to the Dursleys and I won't be able to follow the diet there."

"Harry, you are never going back to the Dursleys. Ms. Wilkins will allow me to take you home with me today and for you to stay at the Burrow at least until a proper guardian is found. But I assure you it won't be the Dursleys." Said Arthur Weasley.

"But Dumbledore..." started Harry.

"No Harry, Dumbledore has no say so in this. You are old enough to chose a guardian and your input is very important." Said Prudence.

"Mr. Potter, I cannot stress how important this regimen is. If you do not undergo this treatment you will remain small for your age and never attain your full growth, your bones may become brittle and fracture easily. There is the possibility of major health problems later in life and a greatly shortened life span." Said the Healer.

I...I...can I talk to you alone, Mr. Weasley?" Harry asked in a small voice.

"Of course, Harry." Said Arthur.

Ms. Wilkins and the Healer exited into the hall but Auror Jackson looked at Harry for a moment and then asked, "Harry do you know the spell for the privacy bubble?"

Harry shook his head and Auror Jackson took the time to show it to him then stood beside the door still inside the room.

"Go ahead Harry and cast it."

Once the spell was up and Harry could tell that Jackson couldn't hear them. Harry turned to Arthur Weasley.

"Mr. Weasley, I love your family like it was my own and I would love to live with you and be able to pretend, once in a while, that you are my dad but my being there would only put you and your family in more danger. Do you know the prophecy, sir? The one you were guarding when you got hurt? I do, it's why he killed my parents; I have to kill him or die trying. Dumbledore told me when we got back from the ministry that night. I can't stay with you, I don't want you to die too." And with that Harry began to cry.

Arthur Weasley did what he had always done with his children. He sat on the bed and gathered Harry into his lap. It had been several years since any of his boys had fit but he hadn't lost the touch.

"There now Harry, let it out."

As Harry's tears stopped, he pulled away slightly and Arthur let go.

"Harry, I love you and I want you to come and live with us. We are already in danger. Everyone is in danger. I swear I will do everything in my power to help you do what you have to."

"But you can't help, I have to do it."

"Harry, does this prophecy say that you have to do it alone? Does it say that you must fight all of his Death Eaters as well? Does it say you can't have friends and family at your side? Someone to watch your back? You just told that Auror that you wouldn't mind him watching your back do you object to me watching your back, Harry?"

Harry stared opened mouthed at Arthur. He hadn't quite thought of it that way. He felt that there was something he should say to make Mr. Weasley take him back to the Dursleys and forbid Ron from ever speaking to him but he couldn't think what and he finally decided that he didn't really want to give up the Weasleys.

"I'll come with you but you have to promise me not to die." Harry choked out.

Arthur hugged Harry again. "I can't promise that but I will do my best, son. We'll talk more about this later. For now take down your spell work and we can get out of here."

Harry's bubble came down and Arthur signaled to Jackson.

When the Healer came back he carried two packages and a pair of glasses.

"Mr. Potter, here is the salve I promised you. I also have a new pair of glasses for you. These have a self-correction prescription in them so as to keep you current. Since you are near sighted we have a procedure, which can correct your eyesight. It takes two day but you really need to sort out the other problem first. Have you decided on the potions regimen?"

Harry nodded sheepishly, "Yes sir, I'll do it. Thank you sir."

The healer then handed the second package to Arthur.

"There are a weeks worth of potions in this package along with instructions for dosage times, diet requirements and exercise. I also include a weeks worth of a very mild sleeping draught just in case you need it. I'll need to see you in a week's time to monitor your progress. Owl or floo me if you have any questions or have any problems. At the end of the regimen we can talk about the eye correction procedure."

Prudence Wilkins had floo'd Gringotts and spoken to Fleetfoot the goblin who oversaw WCW's accounts. She had told him she had a wizard orphan who'd been removed from his current residence and that she need to set up a new account to provide a stipend for his care. Fleetfoot had authorized her to bring the new client through the security floo entrance as soon as the client was released from St Mungo's. She had then arranged to use the staff floo, three doors down from Harry's treatment room. Thus they missed seeing any one who could have identified Harry.

However Fleetfoot recognized Harry Potter as soon as he entered the office and informed Prudence that WCW could not pay a stipend for Harry's care because Harry had more than the maximum galleons in assets to qualify for assistance. That led to inquiries into Harry's finances and the answers surprised everyone, especially Harry.

Harry left Gringotts that day with a large amount of galleons and pounds. The party had a brief lunch at a fish and chips shop not far from the Leaky Cauldron. Prudence insisted on stopping at medium size department store and leading Harry though buying at least a minimum amount of clothing and accessories, as well as toiletries for a new life away from the Dursleys.

When they finally arrived at the Burrow, Prudence Wilkins sat down in the main living area with Arthur Weasley and Harry. Auror Jackson sat in the kitchen with Molly enjoying her homemade brownies and a cup of tea. He said he would escort Ms. Wilkins back to the Ministry when she was ready to leave.

"I know you're tired Harry and it's been a rough day but I do still need to ask you some questions." Said Prudence.


Prudence sat up a dicta-quill and then had Harry describe his life at the Dursleys, she asked him about his school life, Dumbledore, quidditch injuries and dark magic scars.

Inside the privacy bubble Harry talked till his throat grew raspy and then talked some more. It was about three o'clock in the afternoon when Harry ran out of things to say and Prudence Wilkins went back to the Ministry to confer with Amelia Bones.

Harry went upstairs to Percy's old room, which Arthur said was now his, and fell asleep with no problem.

Arthur Weasley when questioned by his wife could only cry in her comforting arms.

Arthur Weasley was a man who cared about his family above all things and Harry Potter was now a part of his family and someone was going to pay for all of the pain that Harry had gone though. Arthur was not a violent man, though he had been known to scuffle with Lucius Malfoy on occasion but if Albus Dumbledore had walked through his door that afternoon Arthur would have punched him right in the nose.

When Arthur Weasley had brought Harry's trunk to the Burrow that morning he'd ask Molly to invite their son Bill for supper. Molly Weasley had sent Ron and Ginny out to the orchard to fly, owled Bill and floo'd the twins to come to supper or else. She was determined to have the majority of her family there to welcome Harry.

Bill Weasley didn't really want to go to supper at the Burrow. He'd started his career in Egypt for a reason after all. Although there was a standing invitation to return home for meals and even to move back in, his mother did not demand his presence often, so Bill canceled his date, much to the aggravation of the witch in question and at 5 pm apparated to the back door of the Burrow.

Bill was surprised to find his father already home.

Arthur took Bill out to his work shed for a private talk as Harry was still sleeping up in Percy's room.

"What's this all about Dad?" asked Bill

"I have agreed to Foster Harry Potter, Bill."

"That's great Dad, I'm glad Dumble..." Bill was interrupted.

"Dumbledore doesn't know that Harry is here. WCW removed him from his muggle home. I went to Amelia Bones for help this morning, Bill. There could be trouble when Dumbledore finds out. He isn't and never has been Harry's guardian. Dumbledore at the very least mislead everyone, if not outright lied. Harry's been abused by those muggles and Dumbledore had to have known that it was going on. He has Harry so afraid that his mere presence here will put us in danger that the boy was willing to stay where he was being abuse to keep us safe."

Bill stared at his father. He'd never seen his quiet father quite so worked up before except when he was talking about Lucius Malfoy.

"Well, then you need to change Dumbledore and the rest of the order's access through wards. I can call in some favors and maybe get a team out here in a couple of days to strengthen the wards. I wanted to suggest it before but well, you and mum," Bill broke off.

Arthur smiled at his son, "I will except what ever help you can offer, Son. There is a time to swallow ones pride."

Bill looked at his watch.

"You know dad as important as this is I don't think it's to late in the evening to catch a couple of goblins I need to talk to. Why don't I pop back to Gringotts and set things in motion. I'll be back hopefully in time for supper. Mum said 6:30."

"Actually 7 Bill, Amelia Bones is coming for supper tonight."

Bill nodded at his father and left for Gringotts.

Bill Weasley entered Gringotts through an employee entrance on the side of the building. Goblin magic checked the magical auras of the employees as they entered through a rune inscribed doorway assuring that no one other than employees were allowed in.

Bill had once seen the result of a polyjuiced imposter caught by the doorway. He would never be able to eat Spaghetti with meat sauce again.

Bill believed that his superior would allow him to trade his vacation days for the services of a Warder. With the services of one Warder goblin, Bill believed that he could improve the Burrows wards by 75 percent. Bill knew the Warder he wanted, he just didn't know if the goblin had the time.

Snaptick was still in his office when Bill entered the warren of offices the teams of curse breakers occupied.

Bill moved to stand before the desk and waited to be acknowledged.

"Weasley, thought you'd gone for the night, problem?" Snaptick was always direct.

"I would like permission to negotiate my leave time for a Warder to help me protect my family property." Said Bill.

Snaptick looked up and flicked his fingers raising a privacy shield. "Harry Potter is being Fostered by your father. This is the reason for more security?"

Bill was stunned, "Yes, it is but how did you know that? It only happened today."

"Mr. Potter was in Gringotts today. The council has met. Every courtesy is to be extended to Mr. Potter and his Fosterage. Do you accept Mr. Potter as foster brother?"

"Yes I do. I don't know any details but my Mother and Father and my brother Ron love him as family so I will accept that." Said Bill.

"And your Oaths to Gringotts? Do they come before or after your loyalty to family?" asked Snaptick.

Bill was shocked by this question. He drew himself up. "My family will always come first but my oath to Gringotts will never be in question. My family would not ask me to forswear that."

"And what of Albus Dumbledore and his Order of Phoenix? Has he asked of you confidential information?"

Bill thought for a moment. "He has not asked directly for confidential information. He has asked that I sound out my co-workers and superiors on the question of Voldemort. He has asked for general information on those that we believe Death Eater. I have not broken my Oaths."

Snaptick nodded and flicked his shield down. "Follow me Weasley."

Bill followed the goblin unsure if his answers had been satisfactory. He hadn't thought of Dumbledore's asking for information in the manner that apparently the goblins had. The thought that the Headmaster might have asked him to forswear his Oaths to Gringotts or that he could have accidentally done so bothered him immensely.

They went down several long corridors to a heavy wooden door, inscribed in gold on the door were several goblin glyphs. Bill didn't know exactly what the glyphs meant but he did know whose office it was. Ragnoc was the Head of Gringotts Bank and leader of the Gring Horde. He was the senior member of the Goblin council.

Snaptick knocked briefly and then entered the office Bill followed unsure if he would live through this or not.

"Snaptick?" There was both question and command in the voice.

Snaptick, without a glance at Bill began to speak in rapid goobledegook, Bill could only catch a few words. When he was done Ragnoc nodded and turned to Bill.

"Snaptick believes that you are loyal to Gringotts, only behind your family which is as it should be. Are you willing to sever your ties to Albus Dumbledore and his organization?"

"Yes Sir, I am." Said Bill without hesitation.

"Excellent. I have a new assignment for you Weasley. You are to take a team of Warders to the residence known as the Burrow, where Arthur Weasley is Fostering a very valuable client. You are to assist the Warder team to ward the residence and grounds. You are to assure that not only the householder but also the client, participate in the warding."

Bill's mouth opened and then shut again as he thought better of objecting.

"Question, Weasley?"

"Uh, Sir, Harry is only a kid, you want him to take part in the warding?"

Ragnoc chuckled, "You are aware that goblin magic can analyze auras? You pass through the employee doorway everyday. Have you ever looked carefully at the doorway to an account manager's office? We are very careful to make sure that those we deal with are who they claim to be. Harry Potter is a very special client. Mr. Potter had never spoken with an account manager, until today. A lapse that is being investigated, I assure you. We goblins know exactly who and what he is. Have him take part in the Warding. Your family will be safer that way and he will be protected from not only those wishing his death but those seeking to use him as well. Answer his questions."

"Yes sir. Thank you, sir." Said Bill still confused but willing to make his family safer.

Ragnoc spoke to Snaptick for a moment in goobledegook and then told Bill, "There will be a team waiting for you as you leave. This is not something to delay."

Bill knew dismissal when he heard it and backed away from the desk. Snaptick led him back down the corridors to the curse breakers warren.

"See me first thing tomorrow, I believe you may have new duties."

Bill met a four goblin, Warder team on the way to the exit unable to quite believe what had just happened.

Arthur went back to the house and set the floo to calls only and manipulated the wards to allow only family to apparate to the back door. All others would be shunted to the end of the drive and a warning would sound in the house.

Ron and Ginny were called into the house but told to stay quite as Harry was there but sleeping.

At 6pm Amelia called through the floo and asked if it would be all right if she came early to speak with Harry before dinner. Molly opened the floo for Amelia but made sure it was closed for travel again after.

"Good evening Molly, thank you for having me." Said Amelia.

"You know you are always welcome Amelia. After all if Fabian had had his way we would have been family." Said Molly with a hug for Amelia. "Arthur has gone up to wake Harry. Please have a seat in the lounge."

She ushered Amelia into the living area and tried to shoo Ron and Ginny up to their rooms however Arthur came back down at that point and said that if Harry didn't mind perhaps they should stay.

"You're looking much better Mr. Potter." Said Amelia.

"Madam Bones, are you here to make me go back to the Dursleys?" asked Harry sitting down in a chair across from Amelia.

"No Mr. Potter, you will never return to those people. You should never have been left there in the first place. I'm actually here to ask you about Delores Umbridge."

Harry nodded slowly, "Please call me Harry, Ma'am, what has she been saying? Am I in trouble again?"

"Not at all." Amelia tapped the dicto-quill next to her. "I will be recording this conversation. Harry did you have detention with Delores Umbridge in this past school year? And if so can you describe said detention?"

Harry described his detentions with Umbridge and his fears that she would sack McGonagall if he complained.

Molly Weasley cried silently into her apron during Harry's talk. Amelia ask a few questions to clarify and then tapped the quill again.

"Well Mr. Potter, Harry, I can assure you that I will issue a warrant for her arrest tomorrow. You might be surprised by how many complaints I've had today. It seems that one young man was persuaded to come forward this morning and then when he found that I was willing to listen to his complaint he contacted other students. I've had a steady stream of Hogwarts students in my office this afternoon complaining about Madam Umbridge."

I've also followed up on your case. I sent an Auror team to check the wards at Privet Drive. They reported that the residence there had standard wards, nothing out of the ordinary if, Harry there are or were any kind of Blood wards there they could find no sign of them."

Harry's fists clenched, "He lied? Dumbledore lied to me? Why would he do that?"

"I don't know but I swear Harry that I will try to find out." Said Amelia.

"What about the Dursleys, will they be safe there?" asked Harry.

"Why do you care?" ask Ron.

"They may have been mean and hateful but they did take me in and keep me. Petunia is the last of my family. There are no more Potters or Evans. I would be totally alone if not for her and Dudley. I don't have to like them or want to be around them but I don't want to see them dead, either." Said Harry in a soft voice. "I don't want anyone else to die because of me."

Confused by this statement Amelia ask, "Who do you think died because of you Harry?"

Harry looked at her in surprise, "My parents died because of the prophecy about Voldemort and me, Quirrell died because Voldemort used him to try to take the stone and kill me, Cedric died because I wanted to play fair and share the cup, Sirius died because I was stupid and rushed into a trap. People always die because of me, because I have to be a murderer and kill Voldemort or let him kill me. And I know if I die, if I take the easy way and let him kill me, then he'll win and kill everyone I care about. I don't want to die but I don't think I can kill him either. I will fail and everyone will die." His head dropped into his hand and a sob escaped.

Molly Weasley dropped down onto the arm of the chair and hugged Harry to her with out a word. Arthur looked into Amelia's horrified face and motioned to the kitchen. Ron and Ginny sat in silent shock.

"Arthur what in Merlin's name!" began Amelia, Arthur just put up a silencing charm on the kitchen door.

"I don't know the details but apparently there is or was a prophecy about Harry and HIM, it's why the children went to the ministry. Ron told me it was destroyed but Harry told me this morning that Albus told him that night after they returned to Hogwarts. I cannot understand why he would tell Harry something like that just after Harry saw his godfather killed."

"Sirius Black? You said this morning that Harry believes him innocent."

"Yes, Albus also told the Order that Sirius was innocent."

"Another thing to ask Harry about then when he calms down. Do you believe this 'prophecy', Arthur?"

"I don't think it matters what I believe. The prophecy sphere was smashed and Dumbledore has convinced Harry that it is real. I don't know the wording but I can see the damage being done to Harry. If Voldemort finds out that Harry knows it only puts more pressure on the boy. Amelia what could that old man have been thinking?"

"I don't know Arthur but I would certainly like to give that man a piece of my mind and a good cursing."

The twins coming in the kitchen door followed closely by Bill and several goblins interrupted their talk.

An hour and 45 minutes later Arthur Weasley, his family, Harry Potter, Amelia Bones and a Goblin Ward team set down for a late dinner. It was the first time that Molly Weasley entertained Goblins at her table. It would not be the last

The new wards on the Burrow were in place. Bill Weasley was impressed in spite of himself. Harry had taken to the complicated warding magic like a duck to water. The magic had flowed easily from Harry's wand and was amazingly powerful.

Lead Warder Stiffinger had incorporated the new wards with the standard Ministry and the individual family wards already in place and Bill was now staring abstractly at the wards trying to figure out, from a curse breakers point of view, where the most logical place to assault the wards would be. A couple of words to the twins and they could set traps there for added security.

"Mr. Potter we have been most honored with your assistance. If you ever desire employment in this field please, come and see me. Your natural talent for Warding could earn you a very lucrative offer from Gringotts." Said Stiffinger.

"Harry, dear, please asked the gentleme, er, the goblins in to dinner. It's on the table and I've set extra places."

Bill was brought back to earth and cringed when he heard his mother. One didn't just ask Goblins to dinner. His family was sure to insult them somehow. Bill's jaw dropped however when the four goblins after exchanging looks, followed Harry into the house.

"Will you make the introductions, Bill? In the rush, I don't think we were introduced to your friends."

Bill flinched, "Mum this is Stiffinger, Roknag, Blathook and Steve. My mother Molly Weasley, brothers Fred, George, Ron, Sister Ginny, Amelia Bones, and you met my father Arthur and of course Harry Potter."

The goblins all gave little bows and Ron burst out, "Steve?"

"Ron, don't" started Bill flinching again.

"Quite alright, Weasley," said Steve, "I always get questions on it. I take no offense."

The dishes started around the table then and Bill franticly scanned the table for items that might offend the goblins.

"How did you get the name Steve, sir?" asked Harry.

Steve took two slices of warm bread from the basket but passed the steamed vegetables on with a shudder.

"Well, Mr. Potter," he stopped as he slid three slices of roast beef on to his plate.

"It's Harry, please, sir."

"I am honored, Harry. We goblins take new names as we age and achieve. Some are chosen some are earned. There was a great battle-master who earned the name of Trollkiller. Some times we quest for a name. Ah, an adventure you might call it. Young goblins may travel to earn their names. My quest was long and arduous and not fit for the table."

There was a groan at this and Steve grinned showing a mouth full of sharp teeth.

"I will say this, my naming involved three Australian wizards, a large lizard creature with huge teeth called a crocodile and a very large quantity of beer. Steve is a glorious name."

Molly Weasley was very pleased that the goblins each had three helpings of roast with gravy and they seemed to enjoy the bread but the hit of the evening was the dessert. She'd made treacle tart especially because she knew that Harry liked it.

"Madam Weasley, you do us honor by allowing us to your table. I have never had this dish before, my spouse would be most displeased if I did not offer trade with you for the recipe." Said Rocnag after the dessert had been served.

"Trade?" said Molly in surprise.

Bill was about to jump into the conversation when Stiffinger placed bony hand on his arm in warning.

"There is no need for trade, you've done us a favor by working so hard to put up wards. You must have missed dinner with your family so it was only fair that you shared with us. Of course your wife can have the recipe. I'll just write it out and you can have it to take home. I'm just so glad you enjoyed it."

Molly bustled away from the table in search of quill and ink leaving Rocnag looking a bit startled.

Molly came back and whipped her wand at that end of the table clearing a space to write, still muttering about trading.

"Please Madam, may I also know the spices in the gravy?" added Rocnag.

Molly was blushing now and Bill just hung his head. He had never thought to ask any of his goblin co-workers home. He wondered if they would have accepted and why he'd thought they might be offended.

The meal had gone exceptionally well, Arthur, Amelia and Stiffinger had talked of the Ministry and Blathook had discussed pranks with the twins. What Bill had over heard made him wonder if he'd be seeing Weasley Wizarding Wheezes inside Gringotts or if the twins were planning on goblin wheezes.

Bill Weasley never really understood how that hectic nerve-wracking dinner with goblins at his mother's table increased his status in goblin society and just why he received a nice raise but he didn't question his good fortune, always thinking about just how badly it could have gone.

The Burrow had become the most heavily warded house in the British Isles and Harry Potter, who had participated in the Warding, would forever feel that he was truly at home there
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