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Chapter 3

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AU, Post OotP, No HBP, The Weasley's believe in family first. Arthur must choose; what is right or what is easy, Harry Potter or Albus Dumbledore

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The Weasley Plot 3
By Loralee

Alastor 'Mad Eye' Moody crept up Privet Drive under his invisibility clock at 5:30 am. He was due to relieve Hestia Jones at 6. He was early simply to check on Hestia and because being right on time, could lead into a trap.

He spotted Hestia sitting in a conjured armchair on the front lawn of number 4 next to the bushes. He thought momentarily of grabbing her through those bushes but dismissed the idea. It was too early to listen to her shriek. He scanned the property line and ambled behind the house to the back garden, without setting off Hestia's perimeter alarms.

Mad eye sighed. Even after the Dementor scare last year they still weren't taking the boys security seriously. Albus was the worst. No damn blood wards would work if the boy was being mistreated. No matter what Albus said, Moody intended to speak with the boy today.

If that bastard, Dursley laid hands on the boy this year Moody would have him out of there. He'd seen to many good lads stressed to the breaking point not to recognize the stress in the Potter boy.

James Potter had been a good man and Moody owed him. He was done listening to Albus' reasons why the boy had to stay imprisoned in this house. Just look what had happened to Black. That was reason enough in Moody's mind to remove the boy. He needed counseling and training.

Moody had no doubts about the boy being in the front lines of this war. After all Voldemort had a score to settle and wasn't going to just stop going after the boy. If Potter was happy here or vacationing on a beach, chasing girls then Moody would say, yes, let the boy live a little but that wasn't going to happen, so better to train him up and give him a fighting chance.

Moody made his way back around the house to Hestia. He decided to see if she'd pick up on active magic used near her and cast for the boy's magical signature.

Hestia didn't catch the magic but worse yet, Potter's signature wasn't within number four either.

"Hell and damnation, Jones, when'd Potter leave?" bellowed Moody next to Hestia's ear.

Hestia Jones launched herself from the chair with a scream, tripped on the edge of the invisibility clock she was wearing, sprawled full length in the grass and dropped her wand.

Up and down Privet Drive windows were opening and heads began popping out.

"Get it together girl," came Moody's voice a little quieter this time.

"Moody, what the bloody hell did you do that for, you 'bout gave me a heart attack." Stormed Jones.

"Potter's not in the house, when did he leave and why are you here if he's not?"

"What do you mean not in the house? He hasn't left since I've been here. Collins said, he was inside, when I came on at midnight."

"Well he ain't there now. No trace of him. Point me Harry Potter. Damn, not in the neighborhood either. Wait here I'm going in to talk to Dursley."

"Dumbledore said not to talk to them no matter what." Reminded Hestia.

"Last I checked, I was in charge of security. I'm going to talk to Dursley, he hasn't left for work yet has he?"

"No, I haven't seen hide nor hair of any of them, yet." She looked at her watch, "Merlin's sake Moody, you're early anyway."

Moody however wasn't listening to her; he was half way to the door. He didn't bother knocking. He just waved his wand and unlocked the door. Shedding his cloak as he entered the house he advanced, wand at the ready. His scans showed no sign of dark magic but he wasn't taking any chance either.

Moody didn't find Harry or any of his things. He also didn't find the Dursley. He did however find signs of hurried packing. The Dursley's had fled. Now the question, Moody thought, is whether Potter is with them or if they fled because Potter had gone. Either way he would enjoy hunting that fat Dursley down and making him wish he'd never run.

Moody stalked from the house.

"Come along Jones, we need to talk to the old man." It was just 6 am.

After listening to Moody's report Albus Dumbledore sighed deeply.

"Really Alastor, I imagine they've take Harry on Holiday." Moody snorted.

"Not likely Albus, they packed in hurry. Left a light on in the loo. There was milk on the stoop. Honest folk going on holiday cut off delivery. They've taken a runner. Only question is, is the boy with 'em." Said Moody.

"Very well, discreetly check the Leaky Cauldron and Diagon Alley for Harry."

Moody left the office and Dumbledore looked at his watch. To early to floo Molly Weasley, if Harry showed up at the Burrow Albus was sure Molly would floo him. Instead he took out parchment. He owl the Granger girl, find out if Harry planned to go on holiday. Then he'd check on Remus at headquarters and call a meeting for this evening. Harry would turn up soon he was sure. After all he had placed a tracking charm on Harry's wand, a bit of magic and he'd soon be found.

Amelia Bones entered her office early; she had a lot to do. She added Harry's statement to the pile and drew up charges against Delores Umbridge. She checked the time and then began to gather the evidence against the Dursley's. She filled out the request for the medical and student records for all of the students who'd filed complaints about Umbridge including Harry and owled if off to McGonagall. She filled out another request to Gringotts, for verified copies of James and Lily Potter's wills along with a transactional accounting for Harry's trust vault. She reread Prudence Wilkins and Auror Jackson's reports from the day before and added them to the file with Tonk's report and the report of the ward assessment team.

She glanced at the time again and decided it was late enough. She signaled her secretary.

"Would you ask Senior Aurors Shacklebolt and Jackson and Auror Tonks to come to my office?"

"Of course Director, there is young lady, Miss Hermione Granger, waiting to see you."

"Send her in, ask the Aurors to wait."

"Miss Granger, please have a seat. What can I do for you?" ask Amelia with a smile.

"I am here to file a complaint against a teacher at Hogwarts." Said Hermione.

Amelia smiled, "I spoke with several students yesterday who told me that you contacted them about seeing me. I did not think that you had detention with Ms. Umbridge."

"Yes well, Fred and George floo'd me for help contacting the muggleborn's that Umbridge targeted. I didn't have any detentions, personally but I wanted to know if you spoke with Harry Potter? He had a lot of detentions with her and I knew he wouldn't be able to come here."

"You can't find a complaint on behalf of another student Miss Granger."

"I can testify against her with what I personally witnessed though can't I?" asked Hermione.

"Miss Granger, I did speak with Harry and have pensieve evidence of his detention. You don't have to-" Hermione cut her off.

"Did he tell you about the Dementors and the Veritaserum and her trying to use the Cruciatus curse on him?" asked Hermione.

Amelia was stunned, "No, Miss Granger, he didn't. One moment."

"Sarah are the Aurors here?"

"Yes Director."

Amelia stepped to the door. "Aurors, I have an arrest warrant for Delores Umbridge. I have reason to believe she is in the building. The charges are use of a dark object on a minor wizard for the purpose of torture, multiple counts. She is to be held in a maximum-security cell and I want her strip-searched, Auror Tonks. There may be more charges to follow. You have your orders."

The three Aurors saluted and started away and Amelia came back into her office. She looked at Hermione then set up parchment and dicto-quill.

"Alright Ms Granger. Please tell me what you know."

When Hermione finished her concise report on the actions of Delores Umbridge Amelia asked, "Miss Granger are you willing to allow me to extract a copy of your memory of that incident to view in a pensieve?"

"Yes ma'am, I have a question though? Is it admissible in court? Can memories be discounted or tampered with? It there a minimum age limit on testifying by memory?"

Amelia frowned at the questions. "I'm not sure why you are asking. As long as a child is old enough to think coherently, to be able to concentrate on a memory we can use it. This is a testimony pensieve it cannot be tampered with. If the memory has been tampered with, erased or obscured it can be detected. The images will be fuzzy the same as if I were to pull a dream rather than a memory."

"I just need to concentrate on the memory I want to produce correct?" asked Hermione.

"Yes." Amelia pulled the memory. "One moment while I take a look at it."

When Amelia exited the memory she shook her head. "Very good Miss Granger, I can see why my niece says you are smarter than the Ravenclaws."

"Madam Bones may I give you another memory to look at?" asked Hermione hesitantly.

Amelia blinked, "Is it important?" at Hermione's nod, "Very well."

She labeled the first and then pulled a second container down. "You have the memory?"

After she'd pulled the memory she laid both hand on her desk.

"Does this have anything to do with the Umbridge case?"

No Ma'am. It doesn't"

"Does it need immediate attention?"

Hermione hesitated and then shook her head. "As long as you do look into it at some point. We were told there was nothing we could do, that no one would believe us because we were children."

Amelia nodded slowly, "I see. After I look at this memory will you tell me about it?"

Hermione nodded again, "Everything, even if it gets me in trouble too."

With that Amelia entered the pensieve.

Amelia was white faced when she came out of the pensive. "Black and Pettigrew, you've had evidence all this time. Who dared to tell you not to report this?"

"The Headmaster said Minister Fudge wouldn't believe us, he had dementors at the school and was going to kiss Sirius so the Headmaster told Harry and I to use my time turner to help Sirius escape." The words rushed out.

Amelia opened her mouth to ask more questions when they heard shouting from the outer office. Minister Fudge had arrived.

"We will speak more of this at a later date, Miss Granger but I need to deal with this now. Can I call on you?" asked Amelia labeling and placing the pensieve in a safe drawer.

"Of course, any time."

"Please step out this way" and let Hermione out a different door than the one she came in, one that let out on to a corridor on the backside of the office.

Fudge had stopped screaming about fully supporting Umbridge shortly after being told about her use of a blood quill for detentions and then left after demanding she be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Shortly after fudge's departure a goblin courier arrived with the legal documents she'd requested.

She'd had time read over the wills, the Potters had left everything to their son. Named Sirius Black as guardian of first choice and Alice Longbottom, second choice. A clear violation of the will as the Longbottoms weren't attacked until the middle of November and Potter should have been placed with them. She wondered how Albus had kept young Harry from Frank and Alice, if they had known they were named in the Potter will.

She began looking over the account transactions when Sarah informed her Minerva McGonagall was in the outer office.

Once McGonagall was seated in her office and served tea she got down to business.

"Amelia, or I suppose I should say Madam Bones what is the meaning of summonsing my students records?" ask McGonagall with a touch of asperity.

Amelia smiled sharply, "I have had Madam Umbridge former Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher arrested for use of a dark item on minor wizards for the intent to torture, multiple counts, today, Deputy Headmistress. I wish to see the complaining students records to determine if other teachers or administrators were in collusion with or had knowledge of these crimes."

"What? Torture, she tortured my students?" Minerva McGonagall looked down to the bag with the student records she'd brought with her, mentally going through the list of names. "Why didn't anyone say anything? How could I not have known?" The last was whispered almost to herself.

She looked up at Amelia. "I'll take an oath that I had no knowledge of this, though I should have. May I help now? Can you tell me what she's done?"

Amelia's posture relaxed some. She wasn't sure what she would have done if she thought that McGonagall had known. Her reaction proved to Amelia that she didn't know.

"She forced the students to write lines with a blood quill Minerva. I'd like to believe the rest of the staff had no knowledge of this."

"I don't understand why in Merlin's name didn't I receive any complaints at least from my own house." Said Minerva shaking her head.

"Minerva may I have those records."

"Oh, of course. I was concerned that this was one of Fudge's vendetta's against Mr. Potter."

"You did bring his records didn't you?"

"Oh yes, I believe he had quite a few detentions with that woman." McGonagall paused in thought. "Oh dear, Harry did complain to me about her being unfair. I told him " she trailed off eyes wide and stared at Amelia. "I told him to keep his head down and his mouth shut, that I could do nothing about his detentions, that she was his teacher and allowed to punish him." McGonagall had paled during this recitation.

"It isn't your fault Minerva. If no one told you what punishment they were receiving." Said Amelia firmly.

"I should have paid more attention. Harry had weeks of detention with that...that... horrible woman. How many of the children have you talked to Amelia? I would like to go with you when you speak to Harry"

"I already have testimony from Mr. Potter Minerva. From all of the children on the list I sent you. There may be others though that I haven't spoken to. If you think of anything please let me know. I'm sorry to be abrupt but I really do need to sort through these files and finish up my case."

Minerva nodded and stood, still shocked by the thought that her students had been tortured.

"I'll speak to Albus and the other Heads of House, I assure you Amelia we will cooperate fully in this investigation." Stated McGonagall.

Arthur Weasley spent half of his lunch hour in Prudence Wilkins office completing the paperwork to Foster Harry Potter. When it was complete Prudence and Arthur went to Amelia Bones' office to discuss the best way to file it.

As they entered Amelia's outer office Arthur was startled to come face to face with a grinning Alastor Moody.

"Well I think I know now." Said the scarred old man.

Amelia opened her door just then. "Alastor what brings you here?" she asked surprised at the trio.

"I think a private discussion is in order Madam Bones but these two should be privy to it." Said Mad Eye hooking a thumb at Arthur and Prudence.

"Please come in, all of you." Said Amelia with a sigh.

Moody's eye whirled around as they entered the office and he placed his own privacy ward over the top of Amelia's with out a trace of apology.

"I discovered that Harry Potter was missing from his residence at 0600. I reported the fact to Dumbledore. He's not too worried, thought them damn Dursleys had taken the boy on holiday, damn fool. Had me check the Caldron and Gringotts just in case. No sign of the boy, of course. I decided on my own to track down the Dursleys. Imagine my surprise. Find 'em hole up in Dover debating where to go next. After I scared the piss outta Dursley he said freak police came with child welfare and the red headed freak that blew up their fireplace and took the boy. I told 'em not to leave the country. Then I came here and find these two in your office. Mystery solved." Moody rumbled a wheezy laugh.

"Yes, and what exactly do you intend to tell Dumbledore?" asked Amelia.

"He didn't tell me to find Dursley, did that on my own. I think he's doing a piss poor job of watching that boy. I think that if Arthur has him at least he'll eat right. He needs to talk to someone about his problems, he needs proper training if he wants to make it to Auror training." He nodded at Arthur. "I respect you, Arthur, you did a damn fine job with that lot of yours. I think you might be what that boy needs."

Arthur Weasley smiled at Moody, "So you won't tell Dumbledore that I have Harry and you're willing to come teach Harry? Would you teach my Ron and Ginny also? No matter how Molly and I want to protect them I think they need to be able to do it themselves."

Moody nodded. "Your two and that Granger chit as well. I'd like to speak to young Harry about what he thinks he needs before making hard plans."

"I'm glad you came to me Alastor but I'm not sure you're going to like what I've found."

She pulled out Harry's file and opened it to the ward analysis and handed it to Moody. Then she pulled out Harry's medical file and the St Mungo's healers report.

"There is a copy of the first report that Madam Pomfrey sent to Dumbledore about Harry's malnutrition, past injuries and a number of scars. I'm not sure why there was no follow up but this is proof that Dumbledore knew that Harry Potter was being mistreated and neglected.

"Bloody Hell, what's he playing at." Bellowed Moody.

"What I want to know is what can be done about it?" said Arthur.

Amelia shook her head. "At this point I'm not sure there is anything really chargeable. With Dumbledore's position, I don't think I could get any sort of conviction and do we really want to prosecute the only person that Voldemort seems to fear?"

"We still have to confront Albus," said Arthur, "He must not be allowed to meddle in Harry's life or that of the other children."

Suddenly Moody let out a harsh laugh. "Tell me Amelia how do feel about attending an Order meeting this evening. The old man is pushing us to try to recruit from the DMLE."

Arthur and Amelia began to smile and Prudence giggled.

Harry had slept late and started the nutrient potion regime with the late breakfast. He'd read over the exercises and discovered that he could do most of them. He had a large lunch and after that he, Ginny and Ron had gone flying in the orchard. About 3pm Harry felt the vibrations in the wards that told of someone coming up the drive.

He and Ron peeked through the trees to see Mad Eye Moody who waved them to the house.

The three of them gave Moody wide berth going into the house and Moody chuckled at their 'constant vigilance'.

"Arthur floo'd that you'd be by Alastor. Would you like some tea or pie? I think Harry could use a snack."

"I won't turn down your pie Molly but don't tell anyone. I'm here to talk to Potter." Said Moody.

"You're here to take me back to the Dursleys aren't you, Professor?" asked Harry.

"No Potter you're better off here. Those new wards are something else gave me a tingle coming through 'em. No lad I'm here to discuss what kind of training you think you need."

"You're actually asking me?" said Harry incredulously.

"Yes lad, what do you need to know, to learn to defend yourself?" said Moody gently.

"Do you know the prophecy, Professor?" asked Harry.

"'Bout you and him is it? Don't need to know, lad."

"I have to kill him."

Moody nodded. "Dirty job, what do you need from me then?"

Harry closed his eyes and breathed out a sigh of relief.

"I need more spells, dueling, occlumency from someone who doesn't hate me, apparition, what to do when I lose my wand, and a way to kill him." The words came out in a rush but Moody understood.

"I agree with all that. Tell me about your Occlumency lessons Potter. What part did you have the most trouble with? Theory, practical, meditation or shields?"

Harry stared at Moody for a moment. "Snape told me to clear my mind and then he used the Legimens spell on me until I fell down or was able to hex him with my wand. I saw his memories a couple of time and that only made him angrier."

"Hmm, Snape give you a book to read?"

"No sir, I looked in the library for information but couldn't find anything."

"The Headmaster supervise any of these lessons?"

"No, Dumbledore was ignoring me last year. After the ministry he said he was afraid that Voldemort would be able to possess me and attack him if he taught me or paid to much attention to me. I just wish someone would have told me why I needed Occlumency or that Voldemort could send me false visions."

"Snape explain what occlumency is?"

Harry shook his head, "He said to clear my mind that I was to emotional."

Moody sat there deep in thought for a moment. "Well lad I think that Snape has shit for brains and Dumbledore's senile. I'll send along a couple of theory books for you to take a look at along with one on apparition. You read 'em over and I'll see about finding you a proper teacher."

"Thank you Professor."

"You best just call me Mad Eye or Moody, lad since I never really was your professor. If you could pick who would you want to train with you?" as Harry opened his mouth Moody went on, "Keep in mind, lad, that your friends aren't going to let you go into a fight alone, trained or not."

Harry closed his mouth and thought for a moment and then shot an apologetic glance at Molly.

"Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Neville and Luna are in danger because they went to the ministry with me. I'd pick them. Neville will need a new wand, he was using his fathers and don't think it was a great match."

Moody nodded, "I'll check with his grandmother. Anything else?"

Harry shook his head. Moody nodded and got up to leave.

"Give me a few days and I'll come around to discuss training and schedules. You'll have refusal for anybody teaching you, lad. You can learn from someone you don't like but it ain't easy and no call for it, if there's a choice."

Minerva McGonagall was pacing anxiously in her quarters.

"For the love of Merlin, Minerva, sit down before I hex you." Said Severus Snape.

"I just wish Pomona, Filius and Poppy would get here soon."

"Why don't you just tell me the problem?"

"No, Severus, I only want to go over it once. That will be bad enough."

Snape sunk deeper into his chair toying with his wand and finally decided that the momentary relief of hexing Minerva would not out way the lasting retribution of the angry Professor. She could be vicious when she wanted.

Finally a knock came on the door. The other two Heads of House and the mediwitch entered McGonagall's rooms.

"What is it that is so urgent, Min?" asked Sprout.

"Has something happened?" asked Flitwick.

"Please sit down, I'll try to explain. I saw Amelia Bones this morning and found out something rather disturbing." Said McGonagall finally taking her own seat.

"Well spit it out woman." Snarled Snape.

"That Umbridge woman was torturing our students. Were any of you aware of this?"

Reactions were mixed, Sprout and Flitwick looked horrified, while Poppy nodded and Snape merely sighed.

"Is that what this is about. Which of the little miscreants finally told someone, Minerva." Asked Snape.

"You knew?" squeaked Flitwick.

"Of course I knew. I treated Griggs' hand after his detention. Damn woman was using a blood quill. I warned my house to tread lightly. It's how she got her damn inquisitorial squad."

"Severus why didn't you say anything?" whispered McGonagall.

"I did tell Albus, he said there was nothing to be done. Told me to ignore it, not mention it to anyone. He said he would deal with her when the time was right whatever the hell that meant. All I could do was try to keep my Slytherins out of her clutches."

"I treated two children for scratched hands, Minerva. I also was told to do nothing by the Headmaster. He does not pay attention to my complaints anyway. Hasn't for several years." Said Pomfrey.

"Poppy, have you examined Albus lately, is his health good?" asked Filius quietly.

Poppy Pomfrey turned a glare on Flitwick. "I really couldn't say."

"Poppy I know about patient confidentiality but as Deputy Headmistress it my duty to inquire as to the Headmaster health and yours to inform me of anything I might need to know." Said Minerva sternly.

Poppy face took on a strained look. " I really couldn't comment on the Headmasters health. Now if you'll excuse me I have better things to do than talk about things I can't talk about." She rose and walked to the door, once there she paused for a moment and turned a look on the room, then walked out slamming the door behind her.

Sprout stared open mouthed at the slammed door. "What was that about?"

"She really couldn't talk about it." Said Snape.

"Secrecy charm." Stated Flitwick.

"Albus' work no doubt. So there is something wrong with him." Said McGonagall

"Wrong with Albus?" said Sprout, an air a doubt behind the words.

"I've wondered," said Flitwick, "his treatment of the Potter boy."

"Potter," said Snape, with a sneer.

"Potter," said McGonagall, "is not the spoiled brat you make him out to be Severus. He also spent several weeks in detention with that woman."

"Ah, that would be why no one else complained then, Minerva. If no one protected Potter, then the rest of the student would assume the treatment was condoned and would not have complained." Said Sprout.

"What do you mean, Pomona?" ask Minerva.

"Potter's special, he's the Headmaster's favorite, everyone knows that. Albus would never let him be permanently harmed. So if no one stepped in for Potter, they certainly wouldn't for anyone else."

Snape snorted, "I'm not so sure of that." He glared at the other Heads.

Then with a sigh, "If, there is something wrong with Albus then it has been building and it has to do with that blasted Potter." He rubbed the bridge of his nose. "Is this just talk or do you intend to take steps?"

The other two looked to McGonagall.

"Albus' actions have been erratic for some time. Insisting that Potter compete in that absurd tournament. Not seeing the fake Moody for what he was. Insisting on sending Potter to those Muggle every summer. Ignoring the boy last year." She shook her head.

"The Occlumency 'lessons' last year." Said Snape in a low voice.

"What was that?"

Snape sighed again. "I pledged myself to Albus long ago but I never thought I would end up torturing students, even one I don't like, for him. Potter's 'lessons' last year were a sham. I saw things in his mind. I believe he is abused by those muggles he lives with. I tried to tell Albus, he wouldn't hear of it. He said Potter had to be molded, that he was a weapon against the Dark Lord, that he had to come and ask for training. Albus is the only thing between me and Azkaban. That threat is always there. I dare not go against him."

"I'm afraid you will have to Severus. We can't allow Albus to put the students at risk in his obsession with Potter." Said Flitwick.

"We will have to go to the board." Said McGonagall.

"We should give him the chance to explain, Minerva." Stated Sprout.

"Perhaps we should." Nodded Flitwick.

"There is an Order meeting tonight. We should all attend and speak to Albus afterwards. Maybe it isn't as bad as we think." Agreed Minerva.

Snape shook his head. "It is. I believe that Albus is quite mad. There is no telling what he might do next. I don't believe this will end well, at all." He whispered.

Arthur and Bill floo'd into the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix twenty minutes before the scheduled time for the meeting. Remus who'd been sitting alone in the kitchen jumped up and immediately began babbling.

"Has he been found? Is he all right? He hasn't come here. I wanted to go check on him myself but Dumbledore is afraid the house will seal itself or some such. He is all right isn't he?"

"Remus slow down, now who are you talking about?" said Arthur, guessing Remus had been told Harry was missing.

"Dumbledore came by this morning. Said Harry was missing. Said the Dursley's had probably taken him on holiday. I don't believe that for a moment. Told me with Sirius gone I had to stay here. Couldn't leave, lest the house seal up for the next heir, who ever that might be." Said Remus.

Arthur glanced at Bill, who started making tea then turned back to Remus.

"Remus, if you had to chose between supporting Dumbledore and Harry which would you choose?"

"What do you mean Arthur, you don't think Harry's going dark do you. That's just rubbish. Harry wouldn't go dark and run away. He's the only family I have left. Not blood of course but family all the same."

As Arthur tried to calm Remus down, Bill set a cup of tea in front of him.

"Of course Harry wouldn't go dark, what kind of idiot said that?"

Remus' face fell, "Dumbledore said he was afraid that the connection to Voldemort would cause Harry to go dark."

"Remus," Arthur struggled not to shake the man, "get a grip, man. Harry is safe, he is not going dark and you are coming home with me when this meeting is over. You are not going to stay another night in this dismal place alone even if it does seal itself up. Sirius would not want you confined here anymore than he wanted to stay here himself. Now drink your tea. You'll need all your wits tonight."

Remus took a deep breath and looked up at Arthur. For just a moment Arthur Weasley had an all most evil grin on his face, one that usually was only seen on the faces of the twins. Remus relaxed and began to drink the tea in front of him. For the first time in several days he thought perhaps things would work out.

They heard the portrait of Mrs. Black begin shrieking then and a few minutes later Tonks and Kingsley stepped into the room followed by several other order members and the floo emitted Minerva McGonagall followed by Flitwick, Sprout and Snape.

"Wotcher Remus, everybody." Said Tonks.

Dumbledore entered a few minutes later, "Is everyone here?"

"Moody said he's bringing a guest, should be here in just a few." Stated Kingsley.

"Oh, someone from the DMLE?" questioned Dumbledore.

Kingsley nodded and McGonagall made her way around the table. "Albus something has come to my attention that I, we," she gestured back at the other heads, "need to speak to you after the meeting."

Dumbledore merely twinkled at her, "Of course, Minerva."

Then Moody came in with Amelia Bones. There was a murmur though the room and Snape drifted back into the shadows of the hearth just out of sight of the Director of the DMLE.

"Amelia, how good of you to come. I do hope this can be a permanent arrangement."

Amelia Bones smiled and glanced around the room. She didn't miss Snape hiding in the corner of the hearth; she nodded at Tonks and then eyed Shacklebolt.

"Somehow I doubt that Dumbledore. I wouldn't work with a conniving, manipulative bastard like you if you were the last wizard on the planet. I am here in an official capacity." She said in her best Auror voice.

Dumbledore's jaw dropped and his face paled. No one moved or scarcely breathed.

Bones threw an envelope on the table between them.

"This is the official notification of the removal of Harry James Potter from the care of the Dursleys. The investigation into the placement of Mr. Potter has uncovered evidence that you kept him from his legal guardians of record, that you placed him with people specifically forbidden by the will of James and Lily Potter, that you knowingly sent him back to an abusive household every summer, that "

Dumbledore had recovered his wits sufficiently to cut her off. "If you truly had proof of that type of thing you would have me arrested rather that confront me hoping for an admission of guilt. I'm afraid our Mr. Potter has once again proven just why the sorting hat wanted to place him in Slytherin. The boy is an adept liar. Kingsley please confiscate Amelia's wand."

Amelia's eyes narrowed. Kingsley Shacklebolt stood and moved over beside his boss, drew his wand and pointed it directly at Dumbledore.

"Your orders, Director?"

Dumbledore's eyes bulged as suddenly half the order drew wands against him.

"What is the meaning of this?" demanded the old man, rage obvious in his face.

"The meaning Albus," stated Arthur Weasley firmly, "is that I believe what Amelia was saying. I've spoken to Harry and I believe him. I've also spoken to the healer about his injuries, current and past, his malnutrition and his scars. I have been granted Fosterage of Harry and I intend to see that you can do no further harm to him even if I must withdraw him and my children from Hogwarts. You will not interfere with me and mine ever again."

"You didn't bother to supervise those Occlumency lesson either, Dumbledore. It's no wonder the boy didn't learn, your pet death eater didn't bother to explain anything, give the boy the theory book or even suggest meditation techniques." Said Moody, magical eye focused on a rapidly paling Snape.

Remus' wand was now pointing at Snape rather than Dumbledore.

"That's all in the past," declared Dumbledore loudly, "We have to work together and we need Harry Potter to be apart of this. It is Harry's destiny to defeat Voldemort. You cannot remove him from Hogwarts, Arthur. He needs the training that only I can give him."

"Then why haven't you already trained him?" came a voice from the back.

"Harry must ask me for the training. He must come to me and allow me to guide him. I am the only hope the Wizarding World has to defeat Voldemort. Without me to guide young Harry the light will never win." Said Dumbledore with a fanatical gleam in his eyes.

"I thought you said it was Harry's destiny to defeat Voldemort?" said Remus.

"Yes but only I can pull the Wizarding World back together after Harry dies defeating Voldemort."

"What do mean dies, Albus? Surly Harry Potter doesn't have to die to defeat Him?" asked Minerva.

"Yes, the boy must die, a martyr for the greater good, or else he'll became another Dark Lord. He's to powerful to be allowed to survive. He'll garner to much support with his fame. I have to be the one to control him. You do see don't you? Harry must ask me for the training but we must not give to much, just enough."

Order members were looking at each other in horror now, exchanging glances, wondering how they had not seen before that Albus Dumbledore was mad, quite mad.

"So you let Snape torture him, hoping to make Harry come to you and complain?" ask Moody.

"Harry had to be led in the right direction. Severus may have misunderstood my directions. If that is so then of course he should be punished. Perhaps that will bring Harry to me. Yes, Harry will like that I have Severus arrested." The last was much like Dumbledore was talking to himself.

Snape's face paled and he jumped out of the shadows.

"No, I will not be your scapegoat old man," he turned toward Remus, "Albus told me to open Potter's mind, he believes that Potter's defeat of the Dark Lord will be instinctual, that he needed to fall into the Dark Lords trap, said he'd send me to Azkaban if I didn't rape Potter's mind, it's why I left the pensieve out to Potter's prying, so I could stop the 'lessons' before he broke."

"Are you willing to swear to that, to testify?" asked Amelia.

"Yes, I-"

"Traitor! I will not be disobeyed, Avada Kedavra!" screamed Dumbledore, the green spell light from Dumbledore's wand caught everyone by surprise but as he turned his wand on Amelia, Dumbledore fell to at least half a dozen stunners; he was dead before he hit the floor.

"Severus," called McGonagall stepping toward the fallen Snape. Flitwick was there first.

"He is dead, poor boy." Said the small Professor."

"Kingsley, arrest Dumbledore." Said Amelia to Shacklebolt who went to the fallen Headmaster.

"Director Bones, he's dead." Said the shaken Auror.

The mum of voices in the room rose to a crescendo of babbling.

"Silence!" roared Moody, "All of you shut your mouths. Now, Minerva is Pomfrey at the school? Call her. Bill, Kingsley, move Snape into the other room. Now anyone here not think the old man wasn't crazy as a loon?"

No one wanted to meet the eyes of any one else in the room.

"Amelia was here tonight to convince Albus to leave Potter alone and perhaps step down as Headmaster. Anyone got anything to add to that?" said Moody.

"We, the Heads of House were here to speak to Albus before taking our concerns to the Board." Said Flitwick.

Arthur Weasley spoke up, "I think the real question is do we want to further hurt Harry Potter by exposing just what has happened here. Harry is incredibly hurt by what Dumbledore has done but his death in this manner would hurt Harry even more."

Poppy looked up from her examination. "The Headmaster died from too many stunning spells at the same time. His health has been failing for some time. He has been in the early stages of dementia for a number of years."

"Why hadn't you told anyone?" asked Bones.

"I was under a secrecy charm which failed with his death." Said the mediwitch simply.

In the end Amelia Bones, Mad Eye Moody and Minerva McGonagall made the decisions the history would record.

For the greater good, Albus Dumbledore's death was officially listed as a heart attack and he was honored by the best and brightest during a public funeral on the grounds of Hogwarts.

Severus Snape's death by the killing curse was publicly attributed to Death Eaters. The world was informed that he had been a spy in the service of the light, he was proclaimed a hero by Cornelius Fudge. Few believed it.

Alastor Moody became the new Head of the Order of Phoenix dedicated to the training of Harry Potter and his allies.

Minerva McGonagall became Headmistress of Hogwarts and a leader in school reform. She was well known for her strict criteria for teaching staff.

Amelia Bones became Minister of Magic and lead the Ministry into a new era of peace and prosperity after the end of Voldemort.

In the weeks following the removal of Harry Potter from his house Vernon Dursley believed wizards were stalking him. This paranoia caused him to have a massive stroke and end his days in a nursing home, drooling and wearing a diaper.

Voldemort tried and failed to kill Harry Potter three more times each time losing more Death Eaters than he gained. He finally fell to Auror trainee Harry Potter on a cold Halloween night in the graveyard at Little Hangleton.

And Harry Potter, well; he played quidditch, graduated from Hogwarts, became an Auror, fell in love, got married, had kids and grew old, safe and secure in the midst of the large Weasley extended family.

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