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Cards 13 to 15

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More poems!

Category: Yu-Gi-Oh! - Rating: PG - Genres: Drama,Humor,Romance - Characters: Ishizu Ishtar,Joey Wheeler,Mai Valentine,Marik Ishtar - Published: 2009-08-14 - Updated: 2009-08-15 - 487 words - Complete

Special Deck

Card 13: Gone (Ishizu and Malik during Battle City)

Everything happened so suddenly,
I thought that you'd be safe,
I even ignored the warning,
As these warnings come every day.

Everything happened so quickly,
I lost you so fast from my life,
If only I could turn back time.

It still doesn't sink in,
And I doubt it ever will,
I feel like such an idiot,
Now I live with the guilt.

A feeling that you were in danger,
Always found its way to me,
I told myself it was nothing,
And away I have sent thee.

Please just let this be a bad dream,
Like the nightmares I've had before,
I stare at you in shock,
And I realize that you're gone.

Were my nightmares a preview,
Of your inevitable fate?
If so it's so much worse,
The guilt I cannot face.

Please stay don't leave me now,
How can I turn this thing around?
Don't die don't go away,
I hoped I'd never live this day.

I knew deep down but didn't know,
The future comes, destiny shows,
What I should've known so long ago.

This makes no sense, careful I was,
With limited strength you couldn't last,
I cannot make up for what you don't have.

Absorbed in prophecy and destiny,
Everyday I come to thee,
You made me smile, you made me think,
That life would always be like this.

That's such a lie,
Such painful death,
The sorrow comes,
I cannot hide.

xoxox xox xoxox xox xoxox xox xoxox xox xoxox

Card 14: Broken Heart (JoeyxMai)

My heart burns,
It all hurts,
Why give hope?
I want to know.

I wanted it to be different,
To go in another way,
But now it is too late,
This is our fate.

Why did I have to know it?
Why did you have to show it?

At first it's all happiness,
Under the warm sunlight,
Now I'm covered in darkness,
I know I can't win the fight.

I built my world around you,
And it came crashing down,
I can't believe I found this,
Something I don't want found.

Still, I don't give up,
I claim what's mine,
This day, this night.

If only it was a secret,
If only no one knew,
Then maybe I could still,
Give my heart to you.

xoxox xox xoxox xox xoxox xox xoxox xox xoxox

Card 15: Catcher (Kimo)

I'm not a scratching post,
Like so believe most,
I'm not a punching bag,
So you better have your tag.

I try to make things easier,
I most protect the bishonen,
I'm a Mary Sue basher,
I'm the fan girl catcher!


Card 13 "Gone" is a companion poem to Card 30 "You are Gone" of the "Duel Deck" collection. Card 13 "Broken Heart" is a companion poem to Card 29 "Heartbroken" of the "Duel Deck" collection. Card 15 "Catcher" is a companion poem to Card 36 "Fan Girl Catcher" of the "Duel Deck" collection.
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