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Card 16

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Card 16: Safe Haven (Yugi and Yami)

Category: Yu-Gi-Oh! - Rating: G - Genres: Drama - Characters: Yami Bakura,Yami Yugi - Published: 2009-09-01 - Updated: 2009-09-02 - 73 words - Complete

Special Deck

Card 16: Safe Haven (Yugi and Yami)

No weapons but those of nature,
So cold, so shiny,
Like the gold of a hidden treasure.

A strange feeling,
A new sensation,
I feel no pain,
I sense no danger.

Dark raindrops fall on white,
And I wonder, is it right?

My enemy and my savior,
My war and my peace,
My escape, my asylum,
It all lies within.

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