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Locked in my mind

by Xnataliex 7 reviews

A woman posts her memories on a war that has just ended.

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In a year there are 12 months, 365 days, 8760 hours, 525600 minutes and 31536000 seconds.
In a year about 53.4 million people die and 128.9 million people are born.

In a year a war can begin and then end, taking many of your loved ones lives with it.

A war just ended. So many faces I met had been lost in the chaos that had taken over the planet. Fear is a weapon, use it well and you can change the world into just what you want it to be. I’m writing this to give myself a piece of mind, a way to keep it all safe but to get it out of my head.

I’ll never forget a single friend who died trying to keep the peace that we had all been fighting for. You see though a war was going on many tried to prevent it, many knew that it would just end in tragedy. Just as many died fighting for peace as those who died fighting the war. The world had become a place where you could only trust your own species, the others species were a threat. A few mistakes and some crimes that were committed by evil people that weren’t the majority, forced a war on us all.

My name is Regan Morris, human, only 18 years old but I’ve seen enough terror to haunt me until I die.

Regan stopped typing and took a breath. Already her hands were shaking when she had hardly even begun to tell her story. The framed picture caught her eye: it featured all her friends. And him.
“Get a grip” she told herself.

I hope who ever reads this will read it all the way. What I say here is the truth for I know that there were many lies told about our group.

Regan posted the first of what would be many accounts of what had really happened over the past year.

Authors note: I know its super short; none of you are in it….next chapter some will be in it. Sorry it took so long, I really couldn’t be asked to type when I got back from Scotland. Next chapter will be longer then this lol, this is just the foundation.
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