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“Fear is not the natural state of civilized people”.

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“Fear is not the natural state of civilized people”.
Aung San Suu Kyi

It had been building up for years, everyone could see it. A little human city burning down here (courtesy of the dragons) a bomb being dropped on a dragon village there (Courtesy of the humans). An outbreak of vampires wearing real werewolf fur coats…a vampire night club torn apart…you get the picture all these prejudices conjoined together. Every species was taught to hate other species. Marrying another species was a big taboo. I don’t think anyone really realised how bad things were until everything began to change. Trading stopped, species were told to stick to their own borders the world was being spilt into species and certain continents were claimed for certain species. The world had gone mad.

21st of January 2008

I knew something was up the minute she walked into the house. I watched her slump into an armchair, head bowed her long blonde hair covering her face. I could she her shoulders were shaking as she sobbed quietly.
I froze; tears and I had never got along seeing such strong emotions terrified me to be honest since I was such an emotional recluse myself.

“November?” I questioned quietly, sitting on the arm of the chair.
She didn’t answer. I hesitantly placed my hand on her shoulder, silently willing for her to compose herself. I know it sounds harsh but like I said I really, really could not deal with emotions back then.
“What happened?” I asked, beginning to rub her shoulder. November hiccupped and took in a few breaths. “C-Caleb” she replied still hiccupping.

“H-he ended it, he said it was too dangerous!” she sobbed, placing her head into her hands. I bit my lip wondering what an earth I could say.

“Well he has a point, look what was on the news yesterday, those two dragons murdered a human” I reminded her.

“That’s what he said” She said loudly, standing up.
“If the other dragons new that Caleb was going out with a human they’d kill you November, you know that and if the government found out they’d kill Caleb” I said calmly hoping that my relaxed attitude would calm her also.

“He said he couldn’t live with himself if something happened to me, but nothing would we were careful” She replied.
“Look November, put the need to stay alive before the need to love Caleb” I suggested. She stared at me like I had just told her the sky was bright green.

“You don’t understand what I’m saying Regan; I can’t live without him” She said slowly. I could feel my calm disappear as I became angry instead of course I understood what she was saying, I understood that she was spouting a load of bullshit.

“Staying alive November, that’s what matters love is another story” I almost shouted. She sighed, shaking her head.

“What’s the point in living if you can’t love?” she asked.
I could feel the anger licking inside of me like hot flames.

“What’s the point of the pain it gives you?” I spat. We stared at each other for a moment the silence washing over us. “There’s a couple of vampires coming for a meeting tomorrow she” said coolly.
I nodded in response and she began to walk up the stairs.
“Let it go Regan” She said softly as she walked. I waited for the tears to fall but like always they didn’t.


16th of August 2009

Regan stopped typing and logged on to the website. She had been very surprised at the response of her first post, many people wanted to hear what she had to say, though a few disagreed…she clicked the post button.

Author’s note: You all rock; those were reviews were such an ego boost, thanks for being sweet about the short start and someone rated it omg that made me smile. Thanks again :-D x
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