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“Please Ree”
“I can’t stand you”
“I can’t stand you”
“I can’t stand you”

“The reason people find it so hard to be happy is that they always see the past better than it was, the present worse than it is, and the future less resolved than it will be” Marcel Pagnol

“Regan, wake up”

I woke with a start, the sunlight streaming through the window blinding me.
“Sorry but they’ll be here soon” Said November softly.
She handed me a cup of coffee and left the room.

I guess now I can see that dream was a kind of sign. I dreamt of the last time I saw him because I would see him again.

I showered and dressed quickly. I was downright terrified; it was a miracle to get over the border these days so how the hell would these vampires do it?

When I got down stairs I could see that I wasn’t the only nervous one. November was making peanut butter sandwiches her only weakness and comfort food.
I kind of hesitated because I wasn’t exactly sure of how I should approach her after last night.

“Did they give a time?” I asked.
“Not exactly, they just said morning” She replied, nibbling her sandwich delicately. Everything about her was so delicate, like she’d shatter so easily.

“It’s a miracle that we got out of there alive!” Shouted a voice.

I and November traded a glance as the door knocked. I got up to answer it, November close behind me.

There stood a big bunch of arguing people.

“Every human knows there’s other species over the border now thanks a lot dragons” said a girl sarcastically She had blonde and black hair, not too tall or short, somewhere in the middle.

“Taylor, leave it” muttered a man. He was tall with dark hair.

A girl, who I assumed was a dragon, flipped her off.
“Brooke!” Exclaimed another guy with curly hair. She stuck her tongue at him.

I pulled November down to my level “I thought it was only vampires” I muttered into her ear, not taking my eyes off the group. She shrugged her shoulders at me, face blank.

And an awkward silence followed.
“Well come in” I said gesturing to inside. They all clattered into the house, November led them to the living room which now looked very small compared to all these people in it.

“So what happened when you crossed the border” I shot at them.

Edgy glances and glares followed. I tapped my foot, impatient.

“Let’s introduce ourselves first?” Said a girl. She was dressed in bright colours sweetness oozed out of her.

“I’m Lynai, I know I wasn’t expected to be here but I overheard and…” She trailed off, blushing. November smiled warmly at her. I didn’t.

A chubby, hat clad guy gripped her hand. “Patrick” he said.

I was half tempted to roll my eyes but November shot me a look…

“I’m Taylor this is Gabe” Said the sarcastic girl form before. Gabe gave a half smile.

“Hannah, me Taylor and Gabe are the vampires” Said a girl of average height and brown hair.

“I’m Joe this is Brooke, Crystal and Andy” Said the curly haired guy.

“I’m November and this is Regan” Said November. Now I did roll my eyes.
“We all know each others names, great, awesome, now what the hell happened on the border” I said through gritted teeth.

“Um a house was burned down” Said the small girl that was Crystal.

“Over excited humans” Said Brooke.

“Dumb ass dragons” Muttered Taylor. Hannah elbowed her. The dragons shot Taylor dirty looks.
Another awkward silence. Another knock at the door.

“If this is the fucking guard…” I snapped, my threat trailing off. I stomped to the door and opened it. It wasn’t the guard. It was a bunch of other people. And him. And I fainted.

Authors note: So sorry, writers block and this isn’t long, sorry. Drop a bomb on London if you want:-/. Thanks for the reviews and what not. The rest of you are in the next chappy, okay? x
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