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The game has been disbanded

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Bowling! Woop!

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Sweet Geesus’ POV

‘Gee?’ ... ‘Gerard? Wake up baby’ I was shook gently by the shoulders and into consciousness as I opened my eyes. I looked up and met Frank’s soft gaze instantly, smiling and meeting his lips for a soft kiss.
‘Mmm...’ was all I could manage before flopping back on the pillows, looking up at him with half closed eyes. Wow was the first word that came to mind. Fucking WOW. Frankie is... Just wow. There aren’t words to describe how I feel right now. That had to be the best fuck I’d had with anyone, he’s so damn big, and his sounds are so fucking horny, and that hole...-
Gee, details remember? We. Don’t. Want. To. Hear.
Jealousy really doesn’t suit you you know. But it’s true, he’s fucking amazing. One thing I was a little surprised about was what he said to me earlier. He’s not a virgin? On some respects, that’s perfectly believable, I mean, look at the little princess. It’s like someone typed in ‘PERFECT’ whilst making their creation and got Frankie. But, on others, like his shy attitude at the party... Some could say different. But either way, it didn’t make the sex any less absofuckinglutely divine. And the way he just fitted into my arms after, it’s like we’re made to be together. Cheesy as it sounds.
‘Don’t fall asleep again, I’ve been trying to wake you for twenty minutes already, Mikey and company will be here soon.’ He stroked the side of my face gently, and I opened my eyes again, not realising they had closed in the first place. Ugh. Mikey. Just at the point when I wanted to freeze this utterly perfect moment forever, he and our little chums come bumbling along and trash it.
‘Uggggggggh do we have to go up?’ I asked, putting the pillow over my head. Maybe if I stayed like that long enough, he’d cave. But of course, like anyone else, no.
‘Yes we do Gee, it’s rude if we don’t, plus they’ll only come down and fuck knows what Ray will do if he sees us like this.’ He giggled softly and gently took the pillow away, kissing my hair. ‘Come on babe?’ He whispered, kissing my ear lightly and rolling me over to face him. No. No way. I’m not moving. Nope. I looked at him and pouted, seeing- Those eyes. Oh God damn Frankie. I shut my eyes again, screwing them up tight for a minute. He’ll When I thought it safe, I opened one to see him looking right at me with those same puppy dog eyes. Dammit. I sighed, sitting up and turning round to get out of bed, stretching as I got up. Frank cheered and kissed my cheek. ‘Finally, vampire boy rises’ he giggled. I turned round, kissing him softly.
‘Only for his little zombie’ I giggled, yeah, cheesy pet names I know, but something tells me they’ll stick. I went to the wardrobe, grabbing some boxers off the bottom shelf and putting them on, turning round to see Frankie in the blue duck ones. ‘You know you look sexy as fuck in those right?’ I wandered over, lazily wrapping my arms round his neck, ‘Or do I have to tear them off you and ravish you just to prove it?’ I so hoped he picked the later, please pick it, I’m dying to get those off you again-
‘No Gee.’ He giggled, kissing me softly. Damn. I pouted, grabbing my t-shirt and slipping it on. He soon joined me when I sat on the bed, wrapping his arms round my neck. ‘You know I’d love to... That was beyond words back there,’ I smiled, kissing his cheek softly, ‘But the others will be back, and they’ll probably want to do something... So unless having a massive orgy is on their list of priorities I think it’s best to keep clothes on, huh babe?’ I laughed and leaned to catch his lips in a tender kiss, working them smoothly and slowly on his own before pulling away.
‘Course.’ I grabbed my skinnies, pulling them on as he got dressed, the pair of us soon fully clothed. I couldn’t help but look at him longingly as he stood there in my baggy jeans and batman shirt. He was the cutest thing on the planet, I mean how could you not stare?
But don’t even think about staring. He’s mine.
I smiled, feeling that we were somehow closer now he was wearing my clothes. And boy did he look cute. I took his hand and ruffled my hair with my other, straightening it out slightly. We wandered upstairs, stopping as usual on the steps to......
So we make out a lot. Screw us. It was at least fifteen more minutes before we emerged from my chamber of darkness (or bedroom to people aside Mikey.) I still had his hand in mine and saw it was looking like evening outside. I stopped in the kitchen, Frankie instinctively wrapping his arms round my waist from behind. I smiled, resting my hands on his and feeling him nuzzle his face in the back of my neck. I mewled softly, closing my eyes and leaning into his soft touch, completely oblivious to Bob walking in.
‘Can you guys keep off each other for more than five seconds?’ he asked, laughing. I poked my tongue out and reclosed my eyes, saying ‘no...’ almost zombie like. ‘Well you’re gonna have to, we have plans tonight. All of us.’ I opened my eyes. Huh? ‘Yep, Mikey thinks now Frankie’s here to, what it looks like, stay, we should welcome him more and ‘do a funpacked team activity.’’ He even did the cheesy thumbs up at the end, Mikey’s signature move and I couldn’t help but giggle. Much as I hated Mikey’s shitty turns to bring us closer together (if that was even possible, I swear Ray and Bob would be homeless without us) I was warmed to what he said. Frankie was practically here for keeps now. Fuck I hope that’s true. I mean, it’s been two days, and still no news from his parents, maybe they thought he needed some free time away? Or maybe they wanted to let him ‘grieve over his loss’?
Oh wait no, Steve-assholeface saw me.
Maybe they just forgot to call? Like one of those ‘I’ll get round to calling my son and finding out where he is, who he’s with and if he’s safe okay? Just get off my case, jeez!’ type things?
Or not?
Or not.
‘So, where are we going then?’ Frankie’s voice sent me out of my thought train and I opened my once again closed eyes. It was then when I saw Ray and Mikey come bouncing in the kitchen in... Oh no.
‘BOWLING!’ They chorused, slamming their bowling ball bags... on the kitchen table and-
One second.
Hahahahahahahhhahahhahahaaahhahahahhaa ball bags Bahahahahhahhabahahhahahahaaa.
Just about. Anyway. They put the... things, on the table and grinned. I SUCK at bowling. They all know it.
‘You guys serious?’ I whined, holding Frankie’s hands as he broke the hug to open one, spinning a bowling ball on his finger. Oh great, I’m dating a fucking pro. They nodded keenly and before I knew it I was sat in the back of Bob’s car next to Mikey and Frank, three bags on my knees to stop me moving. I hate bowling. Ever since I was thirteen and went bowling with the folks, it’s been a nightmare.
Gerard, you were a fat kid then, no wonder you got your morbidly obese chub of a finger stuck in that minuscule hole. You’ve skinned up now, you should be-
That makes no difference! And I wasn’t that fat...
Gee, you could barely squeeze through the turnstyle at the red sox game, let alone the door at wall-mart, haha remember that time you got stuck-
Okay okay no more fatty kid memoires thank you.

Ya buy one, you get one FEE! POV xD

I bounced with excitement beside Gerard and giggled at his miserable expression. I loved bowling… like, really loved bowling! I used to go all the time when I was kid.
“Oh my God I wonder if we’ll see Minstrel!” I cried, and everyone turned to raise their eyebrows at me.
“What?” Asked Gee, giving me a look that seemed to question my sanity. I giggled and blushed a little, cuddling into him.
“When I was I kid I used to go bowling a lot and there was a guy down at the bowling alley who worked there and he showed me some cool bowling techniques and his ball was black and brown and swirly and called Minstrel cos’ it smelt like chocolate.” I explained quickly and Gerard patted my head with a chuckle.
“Breathe babe.” He reminded me and I took a deep breath with a smirk. Mikey leaned over Gerard’s lap to grin at me.
“His balls smelt like chocolate?” He asked. “Dude… was he like, a paedo or something?” He laughed and I pouted, smiling again when Gerard swatted Mikey round the head.
“Err yeah – PERSONAL SPACE BRO!” He cried, gesturing at his crotch which Mikey had been dangerously close to when leaning over. Mikey pouted and rubbed his head, glaring at Gerard.
“Eugh! Get over yourself Gee, we don’t all wanna taste of your cock ya’ know.” He snapped and Gerard glared at him, partly amused as I giggled along with Bob. Ray gave a look at Mikey that seemed to scream ‘erm… yes we do Michael’.
“Okay, 1 – Don’t insult my penis. And 2 – Did you just tell me to get over myself?” Gerard asked with raised eyebrows and Mikey nodded seriously.
“Yeah. Everyone knows you’re a drama queen and a Diva.” He stated with a shrug and Gerard’s jaw dropped. Bob looked through the rear view mirror and grimaced.
“Uh oh. BF alert.” He warned and Mikey laughed as Gerard’s scowl deepened. Ray looked on in interest and I leant forward, wrapping my arms tight around Gee’s waist and brushing my lips over his.
“Aw, just ignore Mikey baby.” I cooed. “He’s just jealous.” I added in a whisper, Gerard laughed quietly – all signs of a temper tantrum gone. I noticed Ray’s jealous pout and smirked to myself.
That’s right… He’s mine bitch.
Oooh… Harsh. That was bitchy Frankie… Ah well, already thought it can’t take it back.
Gerard smiled and leant into my arms, pecking my lips again. Mikey made a puking noise and Gerard smirked at him.
“Shut up Michael. This is your punishment for calling me a Diva… and I was not gonna have a BF.” He said pointedly and Mikey rolled his eyes.
“Whatever.” He snorted, and I kissed Gee quick before an argument started.

“Okay Gee, your turn.” Mikey said brightly. The bad moods had been forgotten as soon as we stepped out of the car and now we were just starting our first game of bowling. Mikey had gone sorta weird on us… I imagine scout leaders would be the same as him… but I found it amusing. Ray, Bob and Mikey had already taken their first bowl, and now it was Gee’s turn. I looked at him staring at the ball before him with a look of horror on his face.
My smile fell a little.
“Erm… my turn? Oh… yeah…” He mumbled, and I noticed how his cheeks turned pink. What is up with him?
He picked up the ball slowly and slipped his fingers into the holes with a look of deep concentration… which was weird. I mean, it’s only bowling. Anyone could do it.
“While we’re young!” Bob called and Gerard blushed with a scowl.
“Patience is a virtue bitch.” He snapped as he sauntered past Bob, cupping the bottom of the bowling ball with his free hand to support the weight. I noticed how he flexed the fingers in the holes (not like that you icky people) and wondered what he was doing. Maybe he was trying to get a better grip.
Gee bowled and sighed with relief as the ball went sailing down the… aisle thingy, or what ever its called, before turning to face us, not even watching if he hit the pins… which he did… unfortunately…
“HE GOT A STRIKE! NO WAY!” Ray shouted as a cartoon bowling pin appeared on the screen with our names on and started dancing around an ‘X’.
“Eh? I did?” Gerard paused in his tracks and looked behind him to see the pins had all been knocked down. His jaw dropped and he looked confused.
“But I wasn’t even trying!” He cried and I giggled.
“Well done baby!” I pulled him in for a quick kiss… it only lasted a second – or five… cos’ we were in a public place, but Mikey still made puking noises again, and when we pulled apart Ray was glaring at me with a small blush tinging his cheeks.
He’s so jealous…
And I should stop bitching about him... He’s our friend… pfft.

“Frankie, stop eating Gerard’s face and take your turn already!” Bob called, shoving a bowling ball into my hands. I laughed at his impatience and squeaked when Gerard slapped my ass on my way past.
That perve…
Looks whose talking…

By the time we came home we had played three games. I couldn’t keep track of who had won and who hadn’t since we all seemed to have excuses as to why we were better no matter what the points said.
All I knew was that I couldn’t wait to get back and spend some alone time with Gee… It was getting pretty difficult to stay casual when I kept thinking back to last night, in much too much detail…
Another new thing for me.
I’ve never had sex with a guy and then craved it again afterwards. That’s not to say the guys I’ve been with were bad… they just weren’t… Gerard. Yeah! They just weren’t Gerard, that says it all… to me.
“You okay Baby?” Gerard whispered. Ray was asleep in the front, Mikey snoring softly beside Gerard. Bob was concentrating on the road… and I had let my mind wonder a little too much.
“Yeah, why?” I asked, whispering too so as not to wake Ray or Mikey. Gerard smiled and brushed a hand over my cheek softly, causing my breath to catch in my throat for a second.
“Its just… your blushing a little bit.” He noted and I blushed even more.
“Oh.” Was all I could think of to say and he giggled quietly.
“What were you thinking about?” He asked sweetly as we rounded the corner into his street.
“Last night.” I admitted and his lips curled up into a smirk.
“Oh? What about it?” He whispered seductively into my ear, trailing his fingertips up my thigh. I swallowed deeply and opened my mouth to reply as the car came to a halt.
“Just about -”
“Hey Gee – Did your parents get a new car?” Bob asked as he unbuckled his seat belt. Gerard frowned and turned to look at him as Ray and Mikey began to stir.
“No, why?” He asked.
“I just don’t recognise the car in the drive, that’s all.” Bob answered casually, opening the door. Gerard frowned even more and turned to look out the window.
“But my parents aren’t ho –” He stopped when he saw the car sat in his driveway. The lights inside it were on and someone was sat in the drivers seat, looking impatient.
“Hey Frankie, isn’t that –”
“Steve!?” I felt my stomach churn dangerously and feeling of sickness washed over me. I pushed the door to the car open and practically fell onto the drive, gulping down fresh air to try and calm my stomach. The shock was too much, I’d been so wrapped up in being back with Gerard I had pretty much forgotten that Steve even existed. And to make matters worse, my mom was on the doorstep to the house, clearly having just knocked on the door.
I forgot she existed too… oh shit… ohshitohshitohshit… this is really really REALLY not good.
“Frank!? Are you okay?” Gerard was suddenly on his knees beside me, pulling me into his arms and I stared at him with wide eyes, shaking my head as Mikey, Ray and Bob emerged from the car – oblivious to the volcanic eruption my mother and step dad were about to cause.
“Oh my God they are gonna kill me.” I hissed as Steve jumped out of his car and began storming over.
Oh Lord, just kill me now.
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