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Make You Smile

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"If I could, I'd only wanna make you smile."

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Author's Note: Oh dear. It seems that I accidentally posted this chapter and the last chapter in reverse order. Here's the real way it was supposed to be posted. Sorry for the mix up.

21: Make You Smile

“We should go inside,” I said, barely audible.

He nodded, and followed me as I crawled back inside through the window.

“Um, stay put. I’ll grab some towels.”

My mind was still running in overdrive, but I was somehow able to maneuver myself toward the bathroom for said towels.

When I returned to my room, Jack was sitting on the floor, watching the remainder of Pretty in Pink.

“Wouldn’t you be more comfortable sitting on the bed?” I asked, tossing him a towel.

“Oh, I didn’t wanna get it soaked.”

At this comment, I raised my eyebrow.

“Aren’t you pissed that I’m the reason you got soaked in the first place?”

He shrugged and started drying off his hair. As he continued with that, I tried to wrap my head around the whole situation.

Jack likes me and said so on my roof.
I blew him off and trapped him on the roof.
He got soaked in the rain.
I felt bad, so I went out onto the roof to talk to him.
He kissed me.
We both went back inside.

Now he’s in my room.

Desperate to avoid awkward conversation, I went to my closet and looked for some dry clothes to change into. Realizing that Jack was still soaking wet, I quickly grabbed a pair of baggy basketball shorts and an oversized Boxcar Racer t-shirt then handed them to him.

“You can change in the bathroom. It’s the second door on the left.”


After he left, I quickly changed into a pair of sweatpants and a PE shirt from middle school. By the time the lanky boy returned, I was sitting in bed, watching as Andie/Blaine/Ducky drama unraveled on my television.

“Where should I put these?” he asked, holding his wet clothes in one hand.

“Oh, I’ll toss those in the dryer,” I said getting up. Before he could reply I took the clothes and jogged down to the basement to put them in the aforementioned dryer.

“So I see that you’re back to avoiding me like the plague,” Jack said as I closed the dryer door.

I guess my attempts to avoid conversation weren’t as subtle as I’d hoped.

“I’m sorry,” I said, feeling blood rush to my cheeks. “It’s not that I—It’s just—I’m not really good with words in these types of situations…”

“I’m not either…” he admitted, putting his hands in his (but technically they were my) pockets.

“Awkward” didn’t even begin to describe the silence that filled the air between us. I could swear that a tumbleweed rolled past as we stood there.

“So…Um, whose clothes are these anyway?” he asked, trying to make conversation as we walked back upstairs.

“They’re not Alex’s, if that’s what you’re wondering,” I replied following him.

“You caught me,” he admitted. I chuckled.

“Is it so hard to believe that those are mine?”

“Sort of. I mean, this is stuff that I usually wear. And it’s in my size, too. Now that I think about it, it seems like you planned all this out,” he joked.

I chuckled. “Yep. It looks like the stalker bait I put on my roof worked.”

When we reached my room, Jack waited for me before going inside. Although it was a small gesture, I couldn’t help but smile.

“Do your parents care if I hang out here for a while?” he asked, taking a seat next to me.

“Probably,” I shrugged. “But my dad’s in New Zealand living it up with his new wife, and my mom’s away on business for the next week.”

“Crap, I’m sorry—”

“It’s not your fault,” I simply replied. “Don’t worry about it.”

Rather than pushing the subject, Jack directed his attention toward the movie.

As the plot continued to unfold, we silently sat there and watched. Unlike Alex, Jack didn’t try anything, not even the yawn-and-put-your-arm-around-her-shoulder. Instead, he kept his hands to himself and paid attention to the television screen.

“So…” he said as the final credits rolled and the screen went back to the main menu. “Where do we stand?”

“That depends on what you want from me,” I quietly said, unsure of how to answer the question.

“That’s simple,” he replied, slipping his hand into mine. “I know this is gonna sound cheesy as fuck, but I only wanna make you smile.”

“Mission accomplished,” I said, unable to keep myself from grinning.

He chuckled at my response before planting a soft kiss on my cheek.

And there you have it. That was the exact moment I fell for Jack Barakat.
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