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Frank is the new kid at school in Jersey. He thinks that he is going to be alone when he gets there.. but he ends up meeting his best friends. Awww! (haha) Anyways- Frank and Gerard end up happen...

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Frankie's P.O.V

-Shit! There goes the bell. I had been running towards my new highschool and was just outside my portable when I heard that awful sound. I let out a sigh as I finally reached the door and slipped into class- math class, ughhh great my favorite place to be.(Take note to the sarcasm dripping off of my thought process). Just as quickly as I had entered the room, I slid into my seat in the back of the academic class and pulled my headphones off of my head and shoved them into my misfits messenger bag along with my red zune (if you don't know what a zune is, it is similar to an ipod- but much better). I glanced around the room only to catch a couple of my classmates- that I didn't even know yet! -giveing me dirty looks. I don't understand teenagers most of the time, I mean.. why do they have to be such assholes? It isn't like I have ever done anything to them. Oh well, it's life.. I just can't wait until I am out of this place for good!

Today was the first day of my grade ten year and I was getting back to adjusting to the being ignored aspect of highschool. That is right- I have no friends here at my new school because well, it is my new school. But I was also used to the feeling of being alone, because at my old highschool in Chicago people just didn't like me. I know that I am being sort of a pessamist about the whole 'making friends' aspect- but it would just be easier to accept the fact now rather than later. I think that I was right about this place though- I was going to be alone again whether I liked it or not because during the whole first class nobody spoke to me even once.

What seemed to be hours later I heard the bell sound yet again. I shoved everything into my messenger bag (except for the map of the school that I would be needing to find my next class) and walked into the school. I glanced down at the paper and saw that I would be looking for the art room. As soon as the art room had been found the bell rang again. When I got into the room I realized that instead of desks were tables that had two chairs underneath each one. Fuck, now I would have to sit beside some stranger, I am definately regreting taking this class.

I looked around the room for a vacant chair, there was only one left since I was a bit late. It was in the back corner next to this skinny kid with glasses and a Dawn of the Dead T-shirt- I love that movie! Maybe this class wouldn't be as bad as I thought. I repositioned my bag on my shoulder and walked cautiously towards the empty chair. When I got there I sat down and slid my bag under the table. Ughh, now what.. do I talk to him? Do I introduce myself? Why was I this nervous? The boy who sat next to me's voice interupted my worried train of thoughts.

-"Umm, Hi my name is Mikey" he stated nervously looking at the floor in front of us. For some reason I was relieved that he sounded almost as nervous introducing himself as I was inside of my own head.

"Hey Mikey, I'm Frank" I told him. Hey, that wasn't that hard now was it? He nodded at me. I turned to him. I am not sure why.. but I felt like I had to tell him how awesome his shirt was.

"I really like your shirt, it's one of my favorite movies" I said with a smile.

"Thanks! My brother got it for me. I like the movie too! What other movies do you like?" he questioned.
That kid talked fast! Our conversation went on and on about random shit like; what music we liked, where I used to live, our favorite colours(this was art class!). For this class we were told to draw anything we wanted , just so that the teacher could get 'familiar' with our artwork. As we talked I looked over at Mikey's picture to see what he was drawing. It looked like he was drawing some kind of zombie or something, it was pretty awesome.

"Your picture looks sweet" I judged.

"Thanks" he replied shyly. "If you think this is good, you have to see my brother's work, he's amazing!" Mikey exclaimed with all signs of shyness gone from his voice.

"Cool, what does he draw?"

"Mostly comic type things, it's pretty kickass."

I smiled and nodded, Mikey was sounding like a proud brother. I wish I had a sibling, then maybe I wouldn't feel so alone all the time. More pessamistic thoughts started entering my brain until I heard the bell and snapped myself out of it. When everyone else in the room was grabbing their belongings in somewhat of a rush I started to gather up my stuff slowly, knowing that the next period was lunch and I was in no hurry because I was going to be sitting by myself- as always.

"Frank, you comming? I looked behind me, it was Mikey.

"Umm, Where?" I asked, beyond confused at this point.

"For lunch silly! I mean, you don't have to come with me if you don't want." he told me looking down as he said the next part.

"Ok! No- I want to" I told him grabbing my bag off the art table.

"Allright-Lets go, you have to meet my brother!" he stated excitingly grabbing my arm and pulling me out of the room and down the hall. It looks like I was going to have friends for once in my life, and this is when I decided that I like in here in Jersey.
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