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2 Meeting Mikey's Brother

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Lunchtime! Frank meets Gerard. Mikey tells Frank something.

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When we got to the cafateria I followed Mikey to a table and sat down with him.
"We have to wait here for my brother" he said
"Ok, sounds good."
"Yeah, he usually takes me out for lunch because he has a car and I don't"
"What grade is he in?" I asked curiously
"Grade 12, he is so lucky that he's almost out of here!.. Oh look here he is now." Mikey looked up and waved at his brother who was now entering the cafateria.
His brother waved back and started walking towards us. I wasn't gay or anything.. but hot damn he was really good looking! He wore tight black skinny jeans and a baggy band t-shirt from some band that I have never heard of before. His hair was black and came down a bit past his chin.. I wonder if he dyed it that colour or if it was natural? When Mikey's brother got closer to our table it looked like he was changing songs on an mp3 and he kept glancing up from it to watch where he was going.

Mikey laughed, "Gerard is always listening to his music."
"Gerard?" I asked
"Oh, yeah.. That's my brothers name" he said while motioning with his hand towards his brother who was now standing in front of us. Mikey stole Gerards headphones to get his attention.

"Hey Gee, Meet Frank" Mikey greeted enthusiasticly
"Hi Mikey, Frank?" he asked. This Gerard guy had a sexy voice! -Wait no.. I can't think that, I'm straight and I'm his brothers friend!
"Uh, Hi." I gave him a little wave. He looked at me and smiled, I blushed and looked down.
"I'm Gerard, Are you comming with us for lunch?" Gerard asked me. I had no idea what to say so I looked at Mikey.
"Yeah, he's comming with us!" Mikey told him
"Well let's go then" Gerard replied. We got up from the table and headed out the back door of the school towards the parking lot.

"So Frank, you new here?" asked Gerard.
"Yeah, I just moved from Chicago last month"
"That's cool. Hey, I like your bag by the way!" I looked down at my Misfits messenger bag that was slung over my arm and smiled as I looked back up at Gerard.
"Thanks, You like the misfits?"
"I love them." he told me, pulling a keyring out of his pocket and pressing the unlock button to the car in front of us. It was a silver subaru that looked like it hadn't been washed in a long time.

"Nice Car" I told him
"Thankyou, It's silver so that I never have to wash it!" he proudly claimed.
Mikey gave him a funny look. "Just because it's silver doesn't mean that it doesn't look dirty" Mikey cut in.
"Do you want to walk?"
"No" Mikey sighed
"Then there will be no dissing my car!.. And for that, you have to sit in the back" he said opening the passenger door.
"Frank!" he said laughing
I laughed at Mikey and got in the front and shut the door, Gerard ran around the other side to get to the drivers seat as Mikey shook his head and got in the back seat. Before Gerard had a chance to get in Mikey started talking.

"Pffft, the reason you get to sit in the front is because Gerard has a huge crush on you!"
"What? Really?" I asked blushing.. and I wasn't even gay. Why was I blushing?
Mikey just laughed, it was too late for him to answer because Gerard had gotten in the car and started driving to our destination.
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