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Incident 29

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Incident 29: Hats

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Incident 29: Hats

Due to the exposure Rufus' hair received to the remnants' breakfast experiment earlier that day, when he fainted after partially consuming it and his head fell in it, plus the stress of a hectic fight for survival during the course of the day, the president's hair had turned green. Rufus stared at his reflection in the bathroom mirror at Healin Lodge in horror. Pretty soon, the hints of shiny blond that were left would be completely gone, to be replaced with a moldy shade of green. "Oxygen!" Rufus yelled, "keep the oxygen out of my hair!"

Elena acted fast; apparently exposure to air was bad for Rufus' hair in its current state. In a way, the odd situation was similar to rust, except it was green and it was on his hair. She dashed to the kitchen and brought back a plastic bag, which Rufus put over his head.

"Auntie Elena!" Kadaj called, "I want a hat like daddy's!"

"Me too!" Yazoo added.

"Me three!" Agreed Loz.

"It's not a hat, it's a plastic bag," Elena began to explain, but the other Turks shook their heads urgently. "I mean, sure, I'll get you all hats just like your daddy!" She rushed to the kitchen once more, but much to her dismay, there was only one other plastic bag left. Elena returned with the only bag and gave her fellow Turks a grave look.

Tseng's eyes traveled to Elena's hand where she held the plastic bag and he immediately looked alarmed. The Turk leader's worries increased when the three remnants extended their little arms towards their auntie, each expecting to receive his own plastic bag.

"Supermarket," Rude spoke and the room was filled with a collective sigh from the Turks; Rufus was too busy holding back tears.

"Right, the supermarket, we're going to get more plastic bags, I mean hats, so don't worry. You won't cry, right?" Elena smiled hopefully and nervously.

The three little boys looked at Elena, then at each other, then at the plastic bag and they let out a unanimous battle cry, "mine!" Healin Lodge became a battle field for the three miniature silver haired warriors, as they fought for the plastic bag. They all wanted to wear the hat that matched their father's. The inevitable happened and the fierce tug of war caused the fragile plastic bag to be torn into three pieces, cue massive amounts of crying.

"Everyone listen to me!" Before the storm clouds even had a chance to gather above Healin Lodge, Rufus' voice silenced everyone. "Kadaj, Yazoo, Loz, there's no need for you to cry. You will all get your plastic bags and even bubble wrap to play with." Rufus knew how much kids loved bubble wrap, even he used to like it as a child. "But you have to be good and patient, your uncle Reno will take you to the supermarket and buy you some bags, I mean hats, and cookies too. Daddy has to take care of some business, be good and I'll be proud of you. I'll see you later today."

The three silver haired boys nodded vigorously with a unanimous cheerful, "we will!" It looked like Rufus was finally starting to take control of the situation, even if he still looked like he was going to cry.

"Reno, I don't know what's going on with you, but I don't want weird stuff happening near me right now, this is an emergency. Rude, ready the chopper; Tseng and Elena, pack my hair products and get ready to perform emergency first aid on the way to the salon," Rufus commanded.

Tseng wasn't comfortable with leaving Reno alone in charge of babysitting the three terrors. "Sir, I think it will be better if-"

"Silence, I need both you and Elena with me, Rude has to pilot and Reno is the one with the strange things happening to him, so it's best that I don't bring him along this time." The remnants didn't understand what that was all about, but as long as they got their hats they would be happy, besides, they had to behave to make daddy proud.

"Sir," Elena began to protest as well.

Rufus raised his hand in a sing for silence, "there will be no more arguments, you are Turks; you should know where your loyalties lie."

The four Turks nodded, "yes sir," there would be no arguing or reasoning with Rufus while his precious hair was in a state of emergency.

So it was done, Rude piloted the helicopter while Tseng and Elena applied hair products to Rufus and massaged his hair and scalp, sticking their hands uncomfortably under the plastic bag to avoid further damage to his hair by exposure to air.

Meanwhile, Reno was left with the task to drive the three remnants to the supermarket and somehow prevent the place from ending up in ruins.

To be Continued

Disclaimer, I don't own Final Fantasy VII. Incident 29 was inspired by Silver Horror, who asking about Rufus' real hair color.
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