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Incident 30

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Incident 30: Peaceful Supermarket

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Incident 30: Peaceful Supermarket

Reno wondered if Rufus would yell at him for not insisting on the remnants wearing seatbelts, or if he wouldn't really care. Of course, in his current state, he only had room to think about his hair, but Reno briefly wondered how it would be if Rufus was in a normal state. The thought vanished as soon as it came and Reno focused on the road.

The three silver haired boys had not given him any trouble so far. They happily got in the car, all three cramming into the front seat, successfully resolving the argument about who would ride in front before it even started. They were very amused by the sound of sirens and the cars with the blue lights chasing after Reno, who tried to lose the cops in the highway.

Reno glanced at the three boys for a split second, then looked back to the road, making a sharp turn. The remnants bounced in their seats, on purpose because of their amusement and abundant energy, or because of the car's movements, Reno didn't know, maybe it was both. He was at least glad they were entertained enough not to cause him any trouble.

The fast, shiny black car, which looked like something out of a spy movie and was secretly armed as such, easily lost the police cars chasing it, outrunning them with a wide margin. Reno drove around the highway and made his way to the supermarket. He was lucky to find a good parking spot near the entrance and rushed to it, coming to a sudden halt. He stretched his right arm over the passenger seat, just on time to catch the three boys and stop them from colliding with the dash, but the remnants only giggled, still amused by the ride.

"We're here," Reno exited the car and the remnants followed him happily. The four entered the supermarket, ignoring the shocked looks of the people who had seen their arrival in the parking lot.

Inside the supermarket, a variety of aisles stood before them, Reno knew he needed plastic bags and cookies. He might as well pick up a few other things, he had his Turk credit card funded by Shinra and this was technically a mission so Rufus wouldn't complain about anything that Reno claimed was purchased to keep the boys under control. He would make the best of it and stuck up on snacks to last a while.

Reno intended to buy a lot of things, so he grabbed a shopping cart and made a bee line for the snack aisle, with the three boys following him, watching the variety of the supermarket in amazement. They reached the aisle where the cookies were kept and the remnants' eyes lit up.

"I want that one!" The three boys each pointed at a different cookie box.

It looked like they would argue, but Reno quickly stopped them, "we'll get all three." The redhead watched the boys' expression cheer up, then fall into a look of thoughtfulness. "We'll get three of each kind."

The remnants smiled again and nodded energetically. "We'll help!" Each started to pile three of each type of cookies into the shopping cart, while Reno went to get the plastic bags and tossed them in the cart.

Reno continued to watch the remnants and grinned to himself, "I'm a genius," this way the remnants would be satisfied by the selection of cookies, even if they changed their minds about what they wanted and they wouldn't have to share. Everything was going surprisingly smooth. The remnants were happy, Reno was relaxed; everything was perfect.

"There they are!" The perfection melted away, giving way to the prospect of chaos, when Cloud pointed at Reno and the boys from the opposite end of the aisle. Tifa, Marlene and Denzel were with him, shopping for groceries and they all curiously approached.

To be Continued

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