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Incident 31

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Incident 31: For the Love of Cooties

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Incident 31: For the Love of Cooties

Tifa curiously looked at the boys Cloud pointed at accusingly, as she approached them down the aisle. "Rufus said they're his kids, but that's really suspicious," Cloud was sure Tifa would take his side, but as it often happens to the unfortunate delivery boy, things don't go how he expects them to.

"They are Rufus' kids; they just look like their mom!" Reno argued.

"Where is their mother?" Tifa looked thoughtful.

"In the life stream," Reno was in a way telling the truth, but Tifa interpreted it in her own way.

In Tifa's head, an entire story was taking place. Shinra had taken many test subjects in the past, many of which died or were left severely altered during experimentation. The Midgar slums had been full of rejected Soldier candidates mopping around and babbling incoherently all day long.

What if there had been a test subject who was a woman? What if she was injected with the cells of Jenova or maybe the cells of Sephiroth himself, which Tifa assumed Shinra must have had a way of obtaining back in those days.

Naturally, the woman would end up resembling Sephiroth, with glowing green eyes and silver hair. If the experiment was unsuccessful, as it occurred more often than not, then she would end up in a delicate health condition and unable to be of use to Shinra, thus they had not encountered her in the past. However, she could have survived in secret all that time.

Maybe she was there in the shadows, too weak to be sent to the battle field, but clinging to life with all her might. Perhaps she went see Rufus, to get revenge or implore for his help after the experiments she was subjected to went wrong. But something happened, she felt compassion, she blamed Hojo and even president Shinra, but not Rufus.

Then Rufus felt guilty for her, he grieved what Shinra had done and wished to help her. That's how it all started, they saw each other often and they fell in love. Their love was forbidden because she was a mutant and he was the heir to Shinra. Yet they didn't give up, they stayed together in secret.

Rufus feared for her safety, he kept her hidden and took care of her. They had three little boys and hid them as well, to keep them safe from Shinra's enemies. The boys looked like remnants of Sephiroth because of their mother's connection to him, but they were good children and the resemblance was purely physical.

Then one day, the silver haired lady passed away, the mutations finally causing her health to take an irreversible turn for the worse. As her dying wish, she asked Rufus not to hide their children anymore. She wanted her kids to live happily and freely in a peaceful world.

"That's so romantic and tragic," Tifa sighed and Reno didn't have a clue of what she could possibly be thinking.

Reno would have asked, but his attention was called towards Cloud. Tifa smiled fondly at how quick the children took to him and Cloud struggled to get free. With a chorus of "big brother black sheep!" The three little boys climbed onto Cloud and clung to him.

"Stop it! Get off! Tifa, say something, they're dangerous, right? I can get rid of them, right? You agree with me, don't you?" Cloud pleaded.

"Cloud, how could you! After all their family has suffered!" Tifa scolded Cloud and took the children off him, gently hugging each one and placing them on the floor. The three boys then proceeded to hide behind Tifa while the one they called black sheep was scolded. "You're scaring them!"

"I don't think they're scared of me, they were all over me a second ago. Besides, you're not going to tell me you really do think they're Rufus' kids!" Cloud was in shock, the entire world was against him.

"Of course they are!" Tifa defended; then she observed that the remnants were indeed afraid of something other than Cloud. Marlene curiously approached and the three boys ran to their uncle Reno and hid behind him.

"Are they scared of me?" Marlene was in disbelief, no one had ever ran away in fear of her before.

"Are you?" Reno was shocked as the three boys nodded.

"Cooties," Kadaj stuttered fearfully and his brothers nodded their frightened agreement.

"It's okay, don't be scared," Marlene tried to walk closer to the three boys, but they looked like they were about to cry and this worried Reno.

"I can't believe you three are afraid of cooties," Denzel stepped in on time to get the remnants' attention and delay the crying. "Trust me, there's no real danger!"

"There is too!" Loz chocked out.

"Yeah, big trouble!" Yazoo agreed.

"You better get away from her or you'll be infected too!" Kadaj warned.

"Aw, c'mon you don't need to be afraid of Marlene," Tifa tried to encourage them. "You're not afraid of me."

"That's different," Kadaj explained as if it were common knowledge. "Women don't have cooties, girls do," he spoke as if they were two entirely different species.

"Immunity candy," Marlene took three little mint balls from her pocket, wrapped in clear plastic. "It's okay; I don't want to hurt you, so please take this."

Denzel caught on and played along, "the immunity candy really works; that's how I stay safe."

The remnants looked at each other and finally made a choice. They cautiously approached Marlene's outstretched hands and took the candy quickly, retreating behind their uncle Reno to eat it. By the magic of make believe, the boys were immune to cooties and felt the difference right away. They no longer feared Marlene and now saw her in a new light.

"You're nice, making sure people are safe from your cooties, I thought girls didn't care who they infected," Kadaj was the first one to approach.

Yazoo agreed, "you're kind, it's good that you carry immunity candy just in case."

Loz nodded vigorously, "you're a good girl and you're cute!"

"And pretty," Yazoo added.

"Beautiful," it was simultaneously the cutest, funniest and strangest thing when Kadaj kissed Marlene's hand.

Then suddenly, all chaos broke loose when the remnants realized each other's intentions. "She's mine!" They yelled in unison and started a three way tug-of-war with Marlene stuck in the middle.

To be Continued

Disclaimer, I don't own Final Fantasy VII. First comes fear, then comes love and here chaos with Kadaj, Yazoo and Loz! :D Special thanks to Emily Le Fay and Essence of Soup, who suggested that the remnants should get a crush on Marlene.
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