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The big fight and the unexpected ally

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She spins around to see... Keesh. She gets into one of her fighting stances and gets ready to fight for her life.
"Calm down, kitty." he taunted, "I'm not here to fight. I'm here to talk."
Angel did not believe him but relaxed her guard slightly. Keesh smirked at Angel's intense stature.
"You want to help your friends don't you?" he taunted, "Well I can tell you how to get their powers back and possibly save their lives."
"What are you saying?" she asks, "Is this some kind of trick?"
"No." Keesh said with a sorrowful look, "Look, I may not look like it but I love Ichigo and the Mew Mews are my friends. Thanks to them my people are free of Deep Blue's reign. We are not the enemy that has the Mew Mew's animal bloods, but something much stronger and far more sinister than us. I was only there to test your abilities and power. Now the question remains, will you come with me and fight, or do you still not trust me?"
He then held out his hand to her and Angel was a little hesitant but took it against her better judgment. Instantly they were teleported to some place that looked like it could only have been thought up in a water dream.
"Where are we Keesh?" Angel asked as she looked around.
"This is where Sorian lives. He has I think only one of the animal bloods. They decided to separate the bloods to make things more difficult. I don't know witch one he as but I know he has one." Keesh explains and gets into battle position.
Angel does the same and puts up her guard, "You couldn't have told me this sooner?" she asked annoyed as she transformed into the white Tiger Swan.
Keesh shrugged his shoulders and his weapons appeared in his hands as they both heard a dark laugh coming from all around them. The walls seemed to be moving like water and this unnerved Angel a little bit, because she was not too fond of drowning. A shadow crept up behind them both and though they both attacked it neither attack made contact with it. They simply went through it. Angel was struck from behind and let fall to the ground. Her back looked like it had been hit with pressurized water. She quickly turned around and sent out an Angelberry Check at the source to the blast but there was nothing. She was now in immense pain as she stood up. Keesh was pretty much useless right now. Angel needed a plan and a power that could stop water and expose the enemy but how and what other power? All she knew was the Check. Pressurized water then came at them from all sides and hit both Keesh and Angel and left them badly hurt. Keesh was unconscious and Angel could barely maintain her consciousness. She looked up and lifted her head to see a water jet coming right at them and...

Cliffhanger!!! Sorry it took so long to finish this one and sorry it was so short. Let me know what you think and rate it please^^
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