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Understanding What's Going On.

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What's happening with the Mew Mews? Are they dieing? Are they losing their powers? Have they been captured? What ever it is it cannot be good. Come inside and find out what's going on.

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Angel wipped away her tears and listedned intently.
"Listen the Mew Mews are braking up." Ryuo explained, "They won't be able to fight anymore unless we can find a cure soon. They are loseing their powers and they are dieing as a result. Their bodies are conected to the animal blood that gave them their power and without them they will surely die. You were chosen to be the new mew mew because of your abillities. You have taken fighing lessons and your very strong and you can make a stratogy in an instent. Your blood was a purfect match for these two endagered spiesies and they will give your body and incredable boost. Things may seem wierd at first but you'll get used to it. Now the only way to save them is to get their blood back and the problem with that is the bd guys have them. The only wy to get them back is to infiltrate their headquarters and get them back. So what do you say? Will you help us save the mew mews?"
Angel sat there stunned. She couldn't believe that the fate of the mew mews rested on her sholders. She didn't want to be a hero. She didn't want super powers. She didn't want any of this to happen. She lowered her head in thought.
"How long do they have?" she asked.
"A few months." he said, "Maybe a year, if we're lucky."
Angel thought a while then spoke.
"All right, I'll do it." she said as she rised her head with a smile, "Sign me up. You have a new Mew Mew."
Angel was not aboput to let the world fal into the hands of evil. Even if it ment her life.
"I have one question though." she told Ryuo, "How do I get back to looking normal?"
"Oh that is a problem isn't it?" Ryuo joked, "All you have to do is think of how you looked before and you'll turn back to normal."
Angel losed her eyes and thought of her normal body. She remambered evry curve and every lock of hair. When she opened her eyes she saw that she was norma again. She sighed in relief and gave Ryuo a hug then got up off the bed and walked out of the room to her house. Ryuo was stunned and diddn't move after Angel had hugged him. His eyes were wind and his mouth was slightly ajar. His body was frozen in time. Angel walked out of the cafe and walked down the quiet street. The moon was not there to greet her. Nor were the stars. The street lamps flickered on and off as she passed by them. Foot steps came to Angel's sensetive ears. She snapped her head around angerly, ready for a fight. No one was going to get the better of her.
"Come into the light you coward!" she called, "I'm not afraid! If it's you keesh, I'll beat you again!"
Ichigo was the one who walked into the street light. She had a scared look on her face. Her blond ahir was put up neatly into two fluffy buns on either side of her head.
"Oh, it's just you Ichigo," Angel said with a relieved smile, "What's wrong?"
Ichigo looked at her worridly, "Angel, are you okay?"
Angel was confused, "Of corse I am. What's the matter?"
"Your in the mew mew project aren't you?" she aske ashaimed.
Angel gasped at Ichigo's words. 'How did she know? Did Ryuo tell her? Did he tell her the whole plan before it even happened? If he did he is in so much trubble.' Angel questioned mentaly.
"What makes you think that?" she asked carefuly to make sure if she knew or not.
"Ryuo told you everything didn't he?" Ichigo said depresedly, "About the mew mews lossing not only their powers but their lives?"
Angel looked around carefuly.
"This isn't the best place to talk about that." she said holding a finger to her lips, "let's go to my place. No one's there. We can talk about the mew mews there. Com'on."
Angel walked away and Ichigo fallowed close behind. They walked about thirty blocks and finaly ended up infront of an apartment complex. Angel walked ut to a room with a number 1 over the door and mail box. She unlocked the door with a wierd shapped key. It looked slightly warpped and elegant. She opened the door to revieal a well organized house with a bookshelf full of books on the east wall and a clean kition down the winding hall. A simple couch set in the middle of the living room comfertably in front of a roaring fire. Most of the walls were bare and plane but yet elegant. Angel led Ichigo to her room which was very warm and plesent. Angel set Ichigo on her fluffy bed while she sat in a near-by chair at her work desk.
"Now tell me what's wrong." she said calmly like a shrink would, "No one can hear our conversation in here."
"Ryuo told you that we are all losing our powers and are slowly dieing didn't he?" she asked a little ashamed, "How cold we be so stupid to let them take our animal's blood. How could we let them do that?"
Ichigo blamed herself for minutes on end and Angel just sat there listening to her rant. After Ichigo calmd down a little bit Angel started to comfert her.
"Listen, It wasn't your fault." she consolted, "They tricked you. I'll find a way to save you all I promice and I never breake a promice. I won't let them harm this planet. Not while I still draw breath."
Ichigo could not believe what Angel just said. She was going to save the world on her own? Without any help what so ever? She won't give up even though the odds are against her living? Ichigo thougt she was either very brave or very foolish. Angel got up from her dest and opened the door to her room and walked out to the kition. She came back a few minutes later with a drink in her hand. She offered it to Ichigo who greatfuly took it. She drank it all and fell asleep. When she awoke she found that she was in her own home in her own bed.
"What happened?" she asked herself.
Her mother came into Ichigo's room smiling.
"You have such good friends Ichigo."
"What do you mean mother?" Masaya and a girl named Angel braught you home safe and sound. Masaya's here but Angel said she had things she had to do."
Ichigo's mind raced at what Angel was planing to do. She flung herself out of her bed and raced down into Masaya's arms, holding him tight. Masaya explained that Angel was going to form a plan to destroy Keesh and the other bad guys for good and get their animal blood back. Ichigo was worried at how long it would take to get them back. The next morning Angel was in school studying her mind out. She looked like she was trying to deside wether to finish high school or go strait to colledge. Angel simply was trying to form a plan that would not backfire on her and end up with her dieing. After school was out Ichigo called Angel over to the side of the school. Angel complied curiously.
"Angel," ichigo said, "This is the gang, Zakuro, Mint, Pie, and Purin. This is Tokyo Mew Mew."
The gand greeted Angel with smiles. Angel was slightly scared of large groups. She endd up running away. Her speed was incedable. She lost them in seconds. She stopped after a bit. she held onto a wall and took a few deep breaths. She started to relax when she hears an evil laughter. She speinns her head around to see...


That's chapter two. Clifhanger! Sorry it was so short but I'm running out of time. I'll write the next chapter next week. I also might add on to this chapter so be on the look out.
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