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The White Tiger Mew Mew

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What is everyone up to now that he ad guys are gone? Well now they're baaack. And they are stronger than ever and they are still trying to destroy the world. Go figure. The Mew Mews have lost their...

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Class had started and Ichigo was worried. She hasn't been craving fish and she hasn't ben able to use her cat abilities. The bell rang and the teacher walked to the front of the class room.
"Class we have a new student," she announced, "Please help her out anyway you can. she Moved here directly from America, so she may say some strange things. Please come in dear."
In walks a thin girl with silver hair pulled up into a tight bun with a few locks falling out. Her silver eyes scanned the room searching for something.(1)
"Hello." she greeted shyly, "My name is Angel, I appolojize for my outfit but my house was burnt and all of my cloths were in there so my perants are buying me a new uniform right now."
Ichigo's eyes went wide at the sight of the beautiful girl at the head of the class. 'She's so cute!' she screams mentaly, 'She looks almost like me.' Angel walked down the ile and sat next to Ichigo.
After class was over Angel remained in her seat and waited for everyone to leave. Ichigo walked quietly over to her.
"Hey!" she chirpped, "Wanna walk with me?"
Angel looked at Icigo's innocent face and shook her head with a smile," no thank you. I have to wait here for my pereants." she said slightly drepressed.
"Okay," Ichigo smiled, "I'll see you tomarow!"
Ichigo rushed out of the class room and dissapiered out the door. Angel stood up and walked around the class room.
"Why do I keep lieing to everyone about my perants?" she asked herself stirnly, "They're... dead."
"Hello." came a voice from behind Angel.
Angel snapped her head around to face the person the voice belonged to but found no one.
"Who's there?" she demanded, "Show yourself!"
"Amazing," said a boy with a wierd hair-do, and really wierd cloths, (It's Keesh)"You look almost exactly like ichigo. I think I like you."
'I don't like him' she thought,'He reminds me of someone, I just don't know who.'
"Who are you?" Angel asked a bit alarmed.
"My name is Keesh, and your dead." he said as he attacked her with a frontal assult.
Angel turned and walked out of the class room thinking 'This guy's nuts. I'm out of here.' As soon as she the left the room she froze. Light flowed all around her. It all then gathered into two spots. One patch of light turned into a white tiger, and the other turned into a swan. 'Light's forming a tiger and a bird? A swan!' her mind runs threw many questions. She suddenly feels pain on the left back of her neck as the tewo beautiful creatures enter her body threw her stomach.
"It feels so warm." she said, "I feel like I'm whole for the very first time. It's so comfertable. I feel like I can fight anyone. What on earth am I whereing?"
She lookes down at her body and sees that she is in (to her) what appeare to be sime kind of stripper's PJ's. The top of her costume had a White tiger print with frills at the rims. It was off the sholder and revieled all of her stomach. The bottom part also had a tiger print and frills and it was a miny, miny skirt. Her shose had the same desine as the rest of the costume but it also had claws. Same with her hands. She even had white tiger ears on the top of her head and even white swan wings on her back and a tiger tail growing from her rear. It had a white ribbon tied to it, along with a slver bell.
"What on Earth is going on?" she asked a little panicy, "Oh I getit I'm asleep and this is a dream. I'm the white tigher swan Mew Mew."
She managed to rationalize it enough to calm herself down. Words seemed to apear into her mind and she felt that they could help.
"Ribbon, Angelberry Check!" she yelled as she put her wrists together and her hands spred apart. A flash of white light exploded from her hands and blasted where Keesh stood.
"Did it work?" she asked herself.
Keesh jumped up from the smoke and started to attack Angel with full force.
"Waa! I guess not!" she yelled at herself.
She ran and ran with all of her might. She was gaining considerable speed. She realized that she was ahead of Keesh and had the advantage. She took the oportunity and threw anouther Angelberry Check at him. It hit him and he was wounded. He backed away cursing uner his breath.
"I'll get you back for this!" he yelled as he left.
"What a wierdo," she said as she stopped running.
She looked at herself and wondered if she would turn back over time or if there was a trick to it. She heard footsteps right behind her and she got into a fighting position. When she turned to face him she saw a blond boy in rich cloths with a sly smirk on his lips.
"How do you do?" he asked politely, " My name is Ryuo Shirogane. I run the Mew Mew Cafe. Please come with me."
"And why should I?" Angel aske a bit agitated.
He replied with a grin on his face, "You want to get back to normal right?"
Angel gasped at his responce and fallowed him to the Cafe. He took her to the underground lab. He let her walk infront of him then he pushed away her silver hair to look at the mark she resieved when she murged with the swan and white tiger. It was a swan wing covered with tiger stripes. She pulled away fiersly.
"What are you doing?" she asked feeling a little violated.
"Let me explain," he said, "You are now a part of the Mew Mew project. The mark you resieved on the back left of your neck came from the injection of the blood of a swan and a white sibirian tiger. Now you are a Mew Mew swarn to protect this planet."
"You have got to be joking!" she yelled, "I didn't sighn up for this! Take it back I don't want it!"
"It's too late." he said turning around and picking up a seringe filled with a clear liquid and squirting some of it out to make sure that there were no bubbles, "You have those animal's blood in you and you can't get them out and you can't go to a normal doctor anymore. They would not understand and they would probibly kill you trying to save you. I'll have to be your doctor from now on."
He turned around with the seringe in his hand hilding it up as if he were a real doctor or a mainiack. He walked toward her wth a very serious look in his face. Angel was frightened but she couldn't move her body for a moment. He was right next to her holding onto her waist to keep her still. Angel suddenly snapped out of her daze and started to squirm and wriggle to get out of his grip. Ryuo held onto her tighly not letting her get away. He was getting angery.
"Stop moveing." he told her, "If You don't take this shot you'll die!"
Angel froze and Ryuo sank the needle into the mark on her neck quickly. She screamed in pain and passed out. Ryuo held her securely and gentily in his strong arms. Her eyes were closed and her breathing slowed to a normal pace. He looked at her gentile face and held her briedle style. A man walked out from the shadows into the light. His long black hair tied neatly into a low ponytail and dressed to serve at the cafe. (for those of you who haven't already guessed, Keiichiro Akasaka)
"How could we have scrued up again?" he asked, "It was supposed to be injected into someone more capable than her."
"I don't know." replied Ryuo, "But I don't think we messed up his time. She handled Keesh fairly well. Better than other girls did anyway. Ichigo didn't even do that well when she first found out that she was a part of the project. By the way how are they?"
Keiichiro lowered his head in shame.
"It doesn't look too good. There is nothing more I can do. We're losing them."
"This is not good." Ryuo said lookingat Angel's calm face, "How is she supposed to save the world all on her own? No other abilities to rely on? This is serious.we have to tell her everything."
Keiichiro nodded in agreement and left the lab to make a room for poor Angel.

Angel woke up in a room and in a bed she did not recognize. She glanced around then glanced at her body. She had reterned to normal.
"Of corse I reterned to normal, that was all a dream. Just a cooky dream." she told herself.
She heard a ring of a bell and it came from behind her. She looked back and there was a tail wagging back and forth. She screamed at the top of her lungs in fear. She wanted nothing more than to be a normal teenage girl. She didn't want super powers, she wanted friends. She felt a soft hand touch her sholder and she snapped her head around to see Ryuo smiling at her reasuringly.
"What's going on?" she asked meekly.
"Let me explain it all to you the best way I can." he said as he sat down next to her on the bed, "But you have tocalm down."
Angel nodded while wipping a few tears away from her eyes. She looked at Ryuo wanting some answers and she was going to get them. One way or another.


That's chapter one. I'll add the next chapter next week. Keep a look out.^_^ In the next chapter Ryuo explains to angelthat she is a Mew Mew and she was destaned to be one. He tells her about his exploits with the Keesh and the others and he tells her something no one would expect to happen. If you want to know what that is you'll have to read the next chapter and find out.
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