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Chapter Seven. :D

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Eddi and VickyT, almost save the day. ^_^

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Eddi's POV
It was good to finally be out of the bus, and it was also good to see Christie being able to join in a bit more. I stood waiting for VickyT's bus while I watched Olly help Christie off the bus, she'd gotten very big, and is now 7 months. She takes so much care when walking, so coming down the bus stairs must be torture for her. I smile as I see the Cobra bus pull up. Vicky jumps out and waves as it drives on, she'll be joining me on our bus for a bit. I hug her as she gets to me, then we join the others as we all walk into the small mall.

"Where you wanna go then?" I ask the others, we all decided to stick together incase any fans turn up so we can distract them as Christie and Olly get away. Although, Bob and Jack have headed off on their own. But it's just my band, and Chemical Fusion, and Dan. But we count Dan in our band now. We all head for a small chocolate shop and then we look around. After we've been in a few shops, Jack comes running up to us,

"Pap-" He takes a deep breath, "CAMERA'S." He says loudly, we all panic, then I get an idea.

"They don't know I'm a lesbian yet right?" I ask and the others shake their heads. "Me and VickyT, walk past hand in hand and lead them away, then in a small group, get Christie back to the bus." I suggest and the others agree, then me and VickyT grab eachothers hands and we walk fast towards the camera's, Jack leads us.

Danni's POV
It was so great of Eddi to help get rid of camera's. As they walked away we started to head for the bus, then we all stopped. Besides the bus was a big crowd of fans.

"C'mon, Olly get Christie on the bus." Dick said urgently, pulling me towards the fans, Alice and Dan followed behind. I looked over to see Christie trying to walk as fast as she could, then tried my best to distract the fans. But then one of them saw Christie,

"Look! CHRISTIE!" She yelled, then began running over to her. One or two people chased too, but I kept the others with us, then to my horror I saw one of them get their phone out and snap a pic. Then, too late, Christie and Olly got onto the Chemical Fusion bus. We said bye to the fans then got on the bus.

"Did they see?" Christie said, she was crying a bit, and Olly had an arm around her trying to settle her.

"Yeah, one might of got a pic." I said sadly, walking to her other side and hugging her. "Don't worry. They were gonna find out." I pointed out. She nodded, then took a deep breath.

"Cheer up emo kid." Olly laughed softly, then ruffled her fringe onto her face, making her look like a little emo kid with her running eyeliner and mascara. I couldn't help but giggle as a smile spread across her face.

"I'm not the emo one!" She cried, then ruffled his hair onto his face. He pulled a shocked face. Then Jack rung Olly, he told him what had happened, and that they could stay on our bus instead and we will stay on here. He also told them to tell VickyT and Eddi to stay on Eddi's bus. Then he hung up. There was an awkward silence,

"Let's get wasted?" Alice said innocently.

"I don't think that'd be a good idea." Dan smiled at her.

"Why not?" She asked.

"I don't want an alien baby you douche." Christie laughed.

"Oh yeah." Alice sighed, "As soon as you pop that thing out though, we're getting wasted." She grinned. I lent over and lightly slapped her head.

"Danni! I didn't know you were violent!" Dick said, sounding fake shocked. I slapped his head too,

"Wait!" Christie said, getting a grip of my hand. "What's this?" She asked, pointing to my ring.

"A ring..." I laughed.

"Have you not told them yet?" Dick asked me, then I realized.

"We're engaged." I smiled to the others.

"And you didn't tell me this? You're my HYFEE! I'M MEANT TO KNOW THESE THINGS!" Christie said, trying to sound offended.

"Sowwy hyfe." I said sadly.

"It's alright." I grinned, "Olly told me anyway, Dick told him. But Olly told me not to mention it."

"OLLY!" Dick laughed.

"Sorry, she wanted to know what I was hiding." He said, looking down sadly, it looked funny with his new emo hair Christie had made.

"It's alright bro." Dick tapped his head.

"Danni." Alice called, I looked over to her. "CONGRATS!" She screamed, then hug-raped me.

"Thanks." I smiled.

Olly's POV
The next morning, I woke up early for no reason, I guess the bus went over a bump. I got up from the sofa and stepped over Dick, heading to get my laptop. Me and Dick were sleeping here as the girls and Dan had stolen the bunks. I carefully brought my laptop back and sat on the sofa, switching it on. Then I signed into Twitter to see what was going on, then one of the messages @ me caught my eye.

CarryMEOW!111 @CFOlly_x What's up with this pic my friend took last night? Has she gotten fat, or are you a father-to-be?

Shocked, I clicked on the link that came with it, then waited as the picture loaded, then I saw a pic of me with my arm around Christie, helping her walk towards the bus, and you could clearly see her baby bump. I closed the link then opened up Twitter's home page.

Morning Twitter. How is everyone doing? (: x

I decided to ignore people who brought it up for a while, until Christie decided what she wanted them to know. I got a few replies from fans after a few seconds, I read through them out of interest, most saying they were okay, except one,

EMOmunchkin_366 @CFOlly_x nah crappy. worst week of my life. you doing good?

I sighed, I hated when fans were sad, I clicked the reply button.

@EMOmunchkin_366 I'm good, what's wrong? x

Then I refreshed the page after a minute, and there was a reply.

EMOmunchkin_366 first my parents divorce then my bf dumps me and now youv let us dwn and gotten that slag preg

Shocked, and angry they called Christie a slag, which she is not. I take a breath then reply.

@EMOmunchkin_366 What slag? Because my gf, Christie, isn't one. Thanks.

I click send then refresh after a bit for a reply, and there are lots, from lots of different fans. I look for the person I sent it too.

EMOmunchkin_366 shes preg at 19 and i bet you arent even the father tbh and you ddnt deny her being preg

I look at the screen, shocked, nothing she said was a lie, but that doesn't make Christie a slag. I decide to defend what I have left.

@EMOmunchkin_366 I am the father, and if you were a fan, you'd be happy for me. Thanks for the nice comments. :) x

I send it then sit back, and decide to go off Twitter for a while, I go over to our official page. I decide to go and answer some questions. The first few are about the pregnant pic. I decide it's best to leave them. Then I close the laptop screen and lay back, then I hear someone climb from a bunk and walk over to the bus bathroom, then I hear throwing up. I sigh, and go to comfort Christie. I decide to tell her the pic got out after she feels a bit better.
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