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Chapter Eight. :D

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Christie finds out they found out. :)

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Christie's POV
I took deep breaths as Olly told me about what had happened on Twitter this morning. I tried to keep my cool, me being stressed made the baby kick like mad. He was sat on the bathroom, type place,'s floor and I was beside him.

"There are already haters?" I chocked, ouch! The baby didn't like that. I carefully rubbed my stomach where the little kid had kicked.

"I suppose, but fuck them." Olly smiled, "They're just strangers, we can be happy without them!" I smiled as he put a hand over mine on my baby bump. "Awe is this upsetting you?" He asked softly, and to my surprise there was a kick in reply. I ignored the ache and smiled. "Don't worry little kid, daddy'll sort this out." I grinned, then he kissed my lips softly.

"You're gonna be an amazing father." I added and he smiled back.

"You'll be a better mother." I highly doubted it but I just smiled.

"Shall we find out it's sex yet?" I asked, remembering there was a doctor's appointment in the morning. I hated having to go to a different doctor each day, but I shrugged it off.

"I don't know, we both love surprises." He smiled.

"True." I laughed.

"Although," He began, "You might appreciate the surprise more tomorrow, when you aren't sweaty and worn out." He smiled lightly.

"Also true." I smiled, just then I heard someone climb out of their bunk and head towards us. I smiled as Danni opened the bathroom door.

"Morning." She smiled.

"Morning." I smiled back, then Olly got up and turned to help me. It took the both of them, but I did get up in the end. My and Olly left so she could use the room and we carefully headed to the sofa area, stepping over Dick we lightly fell to the sofa, I sat next to Olly and leaned into his side a little.

"So are we gonna find out tomorrow?" He asked me,

"Sure." I smiled. Suddenly I was very excited about it, and by the feel of the now 'dancing' baby, so was he, or she. There was a warm silence, the kind you don't mind being there, then I heard Danni walk her way over to us.

"Dick's asleep?" She asked us, eyeing him sprawled out on the floor.

"Yeah." I said.

"Okay." She smiled sweetly, then she went back out of the room. Soon she came back, a cup full of water. Then she slowly poured it onto his face, and he woke up, panicking and annoyed. I giggled at it.

"AGH! I WAS TRYING TO SLEEP!" He yelled some-what sadly.

"Ohh dearr!" Danni laughed, then she hugged him,

"I'm going to wash up." He glared at her, then walked out. I laughed more.

"Whatcha doing?" She said casually, moving up to sit beside me on the sofa.

"Thinking." I smiled.

"About?" She grinned at me.

"We're finding out the sex tomorrow." I stated proudly, and her face lit up.

"Awe! I can't wait!" She smiled and hugged me.

"Neither can we." Olly smiled. He was taking the whole thing so cooly, and he acted like he was the father already.

"I wanna know straight away!" Danni smiled, then Dick came back in, followed by Dan.

"So Alice is the only one asleep?" I asked Dan and he nodded. "PARTY TIME!" I said loudly, and the baby kicked to agree. Then Olly reached for the stereo remote, and blasted whatever CD was in. The bus shook a bit from the noise and I giggled, then we all heard a loud thud, then an annoyed Alice walked in.

"Why?" She whined, then we all laughed, Olly turned the music off.

"'Cause we love you!" Danni beamed, then Dan hugged her to prove it.

"Coffee time for someone." Dan laughed, then him and Alice walked away.

"I could use---" I begin then Olly cuts me off.

"No. You binged out on coffee the first few months, remember? The doctor said it's no good, so you gotta cut back." He said, a frown on his face, "I don't want you or the baby getting hurt." I smiled a little and nodded.

"Awee!" Danni cooed. "So sweet!"

"I'm gonna get coffee." Dick yawned, walking out.

"I might too." Danni left with him. Just me and Olly.

"Are you gonna clear it all up with your Twitter yet, or?" He asked, I sighed and grabbed his laptop from the side, and logged into my Twitter. Lots and lots of messages, all about the baby. I ignored them and clicked in the Status box.

Yes. I am Preggy, to clear it all up. And Olly is the father. For genuine fans/friends, who still care, I'm finding out the sex tomorrow. :)

I sent it then clicked in status box again.

& Sorry for not telling you all. I was scared of the reaction, also you will get blocked for mean comments. I don't care but...


it's stupid, and pathetic. Move on haters. And fans, I really do love you all and hope you forgive me for hiding. :) xx

There. I smile as I hit 'update' and Olly kisses me gently. Then I get a lot of replies, I flick through, blocking haters and ignoring the messages, and smiling at the nice comments, replying to a few. Then one catches my eye.

petewentz it's nice you came out. me and guys wanna meet up soon. whenever you lot can.

I laugh, trust Pete to ask us all to meet up through Twitter. I click reply,

Yeah man sure we will, we're heading to the Chicago area tomorrow for the doctors appointment. You in? x

I wait for a few minutes, just enjoying me and Olly's warm silence. Then hit refresh.

petewentz yeah we can do that, ill text one of you details.

Then but seconds later I hear Danni's phone go off, Scars by Papa Roach, as always. Then Olly helps me up to go make cereal, and as we walk into the kitchen area the others clear some room for me. Oh, how nice it is to be the one who needs the room.
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