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Both Go Down For It

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Frank's Interrogation

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Chapter 32:

“I’m telling you; I don’t know what you’re on about!” Frank said in a strangled voice.
He was sitting at Louise’s desk, she herself was not present, his elbows were on the mahogany and his hands wrestling with his own hair in frustration.
Bob stood in the corner of the room and his fellow officer stood over Frank on the other side of the desk, carrying out the interrogation.
“Do not lie to a police officer, Mr Iero, it is a criminal offence and adding to the other ones you are already facing, it would be unwise to push your charge.” Chief Daniels snarled, red in the face.
“I’m not lying, I swear; I don’t know what you think I’ve done.” Pleaded Frank.
“Have you, or have you not been cleaning the Hunter and Cooper resident’s suites?” Asked Chief Daniels.
“Frank hesitated, looking up at him in confusion. “Err…yeah, that’s my job, why?”
Chief Daniels did not answer his question but proceeded: “And what about the Toro’s suite?”
Frank merely nodded, swallowing hard. Did Alex have anything to do with this?
“You were in the room yesterday morning I believe?”
“Well yeah…that’s the scheduled cleaning time.” Frank said.
“You seemed to have spent longer up there than you were supposed to however, you missed your second appointed room because you…stuck around.” Chief Daniels said.
Frank averted his gaze; he knew this looked bad.
“Answer me, Mr Iero.” He said.
“Yes, I was there. I know Alex Toro…We’re friends from school.” Frank said quickly, using Alex’s own excuse to her brother. “We’ve been catching up.”
The police officer straightened up in a knowing fashion.
“How does this-”
But Chief Daniels cut Frank short. “Are you aware, Mr Iero, that Mr Toro had found money missing in his room. As did Mr Hunter and Mr Cooper. All suites which you yourself clean and, in the case of the Toro’s, have been known to be hanging around often.”
“I- what? They’ve had money stolen?” Frank asked, stunned.
He fixed Frank with a sceptical glare, trying to suss out his trickery, but again, did not answer him.
“So you had been paying one of your “personal visits” to the Toro’s this morning had you not?” Chief Daniels asked.
“Are you suggesting that I stole from them?” Asked Frank incredulously.
“Answer the question.” He said in an exasperated sigh, as if Frank were wasting his time.
“Yeah - I mean, Alex had an upsetting day…I went to comfort her, see if she was okay, you know?”
Chief Daniels raised an eyebrow disbelievingly.
“I didn’t take anything.” Frank said firmly.
Bob shuffled uncomfortably in the corner, not looking at Frank deliberately.
“Get paid much for this job, Mr Iero?” Chef Daniels asked, pacing the room.
“Not loads, but enough to get by.” He answered flatly.
“I see… but a little extra money, wouldn’t be unwelcome to you, no?”
“I said; it’s enough.” Said Frank curtly, folding his arms now.
“You want to be a musician, so I’ve heard from Miss French, you play guitar often in the staffroom. You obviously aren’t yet very successful. Isn’t that frustrating? Wouldn’t a bit of extra money help that along a bit?”
“I didn’t steal the money.” Frank said.
“But, if you had done, you’d have a reason to,” Concluded Chief Daniels. He paced some more. “This is not average theft, Mr Iero, this hotel has a high prestige and the sentence is much worse than store robbery’s and petty break ins.”
“Well that’s okay then, because I didn’t do anything.” Frank said.
“Do no get smart with me, boy.” Snarled Chief Daniels, using the derogatory term.
He changed tact.
“Do you know anyone else…other than yourself…who has been allowed access into the Toro, Hunter and Cooper suite?”
“I- err…no.” Frank said, quickly, looking away.
His gaze flickered and settled on Bob, who looked straight back at him and instantly Officer Bryar’s face fell as he reached the same understanding which Frank did in that moment.
The elder officer had not noticed this interaction.
“You do not sound very sure…” He said shrewdly.
“No,” Frank said clearly. “There was no one else, to my knowledge.”
Daniels scrutinised Frank for a moment and then turned to Bob who instantly recomposed his features.
“Bob, get me Mr Iero’s file, please.”
“Yes, Sir.” Bob replied, still looking shell shocked as he slipped quickly out of the door, allowing his colleague to continue with the ruthless interrogation.

Outside Bob took a second to lean against the wall and take a few deep breaths. He shook his head in an attempt to clear it. It was his job…he should say. But the question was could he say? Could he really do that? He doubted that he could… but what else could he do? Let Frank go down for something they both knew he didn’t do… and yet the alternative, Bob knew from Frank keeping his mouth shut, he would rather go to prison for.
Bob swallowed and shut his eyes, trying to erase the thoughts.
“Get off me, Mark!” A sharp voice broke Bob out of his head.
“They won’t let you in there, Iz, it’s pointless.” A male voice replied and it sounded as if the two were struggling.
Bob opened his eyes and realised the voices were coming from around the corner and he pushed himself away from the wall to go see the two who he knew were waiting behind it.
“I have to try! Let me go!”
“Not a chance in hell.” Mark said breathlessly. “Listen, if he’s innocent, like you say, then he’ll get off!”
“Oh yeah, sure,” Isobel retorted with bitter sarcasm. “Because the justice system is just that perfect!”
Bob emerged from around the corner and the two stopped their struggle, where Mark was desperately trying to hold back a fighting Isobel.
“Bob!” She said loudly, escaping Mark’s grasp and rushing towards him. “Where is Frank? Is he in there? Is he okay? What’s going on?”
“Woah, woah!” Bob said, raising his arms in defence of her demands. “He’s in Miss French’s office.”
“Bob, please, you’ve got the wrong guy! I know-”
“I know,” Bob said in a flat and serious tone, looking her directly in the eyes. “And I know you know”
Her face fell in comprehension of his knowledge.
“But my boss doesn’t know, and Frank has covered for..” Bob glanced at Mark and got the impression Isobel wouldn’t want him to know. “the real culprit and if he finds out then you- they’ll both go down for it.”
Isobel hesitated, biting her lip in panic. “What do we do?”
“I don’t know, but you bursting in there won’t help matters in the slightest.”
“See! I told you so! Why do you never listen to me?” Mark said angrily, rubbing knee where Bob guessed Isobel had kicked him.
“I can’t do nothing.” Isobel said, ignoring her friend and looking guilty.
Bob watched her for a few moments. “Isobel…why?”
“Can’t explain now,” She said sharply. “How did they find out?”
“Someone reported him but-”
She interrupted him. “Who?”
“I don’t know if I should say…Isobel cant you just tell-”
She stared up at him, determined, and would not take no for an answer.
Bob sighed. “Ray Toro.”
Her eyes widened. “What?!”
She turned round to Mark whose mouth hung open in surprise as he looked from one to the other.
Isobel recovered from her shock and quickly her features hardened. “I have to go.”
“Isobel wait-” Bob said as she began to turn away; he still needed answers.
Isobel grabbed Mark fiercely by the arm and lead him back up the corridor.
She turned around as she walked for a second to say to Bob: “I can’t right now, Bob, I’m sorry, I’ll be back; make sure you’re outside.”
“What? Isobel-”
But she had already pulled them both back inside the elevator.
Bob cursed under his breath.
At least he knew one thing: he definitely couldn’t do it now...not after seeing her. He would just have to do as she said…

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