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You SHould Be More Careful

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Not terribly exciting, but necessary and short so doesn't need to be :)

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Chapter 31:

“Gee, for the last time, I’m sorry.” Mikey pleaded with his older brother. They had been talking for 20 minutes without making much headway other than reiterating the points they had gone over the previous morning.
“I know that.” He said, looking down at his hands. He sighed and looked up at his little brother. “I still just don’t understand.”
“To be honest, I don’t really myself.” Mikey said, biting his lip nervously.
“So why don’t you stop it?” Gerard asked.
Mikey didn’t answer.
“Please, Mikey.” He begged, forcing his brother to look him in the eyes.
Mikey’s face scrunched up as he stayed silent. Gerard waited patiently.
“Would you forgive me?” He asked in a whisper.
Gerard hesitated. “I could begin to.” Was the best he could give.
Mikey nodded. “Okay, I’ll stop, when we get back to the hotel I’ll get my stuff and go. I can pay mom a visit.”
Gerard smiled in relief. “Thank you, Mikey.”
Mikey smiled back. “I’m sorry.”
“Don’t worry about it. I’m sorry too.”
“For what?” Mikey asked, confused.
“Umm...getting hit by a car?” Gerard offered.
Mikey laughed. “I don’t think that’s your fault, Gee.”
“Would have probably helped if I was looking where I was going...”
Mikey grinned, “Probably. You should be more careful.”
“Ah shut up.” Gerard said, playfully pushing him.
Then there came a knock at the door.
Mikey and Gerard looked up as two people entered the room.
First to come in was Kerry who Gerard shot a quick smile to signal the brother’s settled argument and she beamed back, reading the signal correctly. The second was a tall man with short dark hair pulling back into a receding hairline and what Gerard noted as “Harry Potter Glasses” perched on the edge of his nose; completely round and black framed. He wore a doctor’s coat and Mikey straightened up as he saw him, looking eager for the news on his brother’s condition.
“Hello, Mr Way,” greeted the man, “I’m Dr Sanders. How are you feeling this morning?”
“Well, thanks.” Gerard said, hoping for the all clear so he could get out of this place.
“We’ve just got the results back on your tests...” began Dr Sanders.
“And?” Mikey urged.
“Your vitals seem fine and once we get your arm checked you should be free to go.” Dr Sanders smiled. “The nurse will be over shortly to do the check up.”
“Thank you, doctor” Kerry said quickly, looking ecstatic by the news.
“Yeah, thanks.” Gerard added, smiling at him.
The doctor nodded and ducked out of the room.
Kerry walked over to the pair and drew up a chair on Gerard’s other side.
“So, are you two alright now then?” She asked, looking from one to the other.
“Yeah, we’re cool.” Gerard told her.
Kerry relaxed into a grin. “Good.”
“What now?” Mikey asked, looking to his older brother.
“Now?” Gerard said. “Now, we get the hell out of here.”
“And then?” Kerry asked.
Gerard shrugged. “I dunno, I don’t have all the answers.”
Kerry pretended to pull a shocked face at his comment and Gerard stuck his tongue out at her and laughed.
Mikey raised an eyebrow at them both but didn’t comment. “Let’s just wait and see what the nurse says...”

Sorry for the shortness of this chapter but it's more of a kind of space filler linking them so you'll make do. I promise the next will be longer, not that that will be much of a feat.
Hope you like it regardless as the Ways are happy again :)and we can all be glad of that
Also, anyone who hasnt yet heard or seen the video to Desolation Row by My Chemical Romance SHAME ON YOU - it's awesome so go now! listen! watch! Whatever, I don't car just do something!
Thank you for this short advertisement and chapter (yes, short)
Apologies, I'm hyper because it's snowing!!
Thanks for reading
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