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So Wrong

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Who has been accused for the theft?

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Chapter 30:

Frank sat with his head in his hands. His mind was spinning and he felt as if someone had hit him over the head with a frying pan. He couldn’t quite get a hold on his emotions; everything was just a big, confused mess.
What had just happened? Were the last 30 minutes just a figment of his imagination or was it all real? Had she actually done that? Or was this all just wishful thinking?
Frank shook his head; he didn’t have the capacity enough for that kind of imagination. But if it was true, then why? Surely it was him struggling with these odd feelings for Alex, not her for him. Or was it possible the feelings were mutual?
No, that was insane. She had just got back from her parents funeral for Christ’s sake. She was confused and as muddled up as he was now. She would have done so to any old stranger; it had nothing to do with him. It couldn’t. Did she hate him now? Would she no longer want to see him? Frank shuddered at the thought. It was stupid and would only lead to heart break but he didn’t want to stop seeing her.
Dear lord, what was wrong with him? He groaned into his hands wanting his mind to cease thinking, and then maybe he would have some sort of peace. This was ridiculous. She’s only a girl, he told himself, just a girl...
Frank sighed and slumped back against the staff room sofa, head still spinning. He felt quite sick, actually. Maybe he was feverish and it was all a hallucination...
No, he was being stupid now and he seriously needed to get a grip. Frank took a few deep breaths in attempt to stop his head spinning and untie the tight knot in his stomach. He needed therapy; this was getting beyond absurdity now.
Suddenly, a knock at the door jolted him out of his thoughts, thankfully.
He got up and felt slightly dizzy but continued towards the door. He opened it and realised his hands were shaking. Ridiculous.
On the other side of the door stood two figures staring grimly at him.
“Frank Anthony Iero?” The taller figure asked.
“Yes?” Frank replied feeling disorientated. The pair looked at each other and then back at him. What now?

Isobel opened the door to the staffroom hurriedly; she had to grab her stuff and go home before someone asked her to do another task.
She was surprised, however when the inside of the staff room revealed a whole gathering. Louise stood at the front, addressing the rest of her colleagues. Her expression was serious and down-heartened.
“This is a great disappointment to me and I hope that none of you shall follow this example. This hotel can and will remain a respected establishment and we will not allow this slip up to alter that reputation.”
“Err...what’s going on?” Isobel asked and the whole room turned to face her. She saw Mark’s face; he was leaning against the wall looking green and gave her a solemn expression. Oh God.
“Isobel! We called a staff meeting 20 minutes ago, where have you been?” Louise scorned.
“Busy,” she replied hurriedly. “Now what’s happening?”
The rest of them all stared at her, a strange look in their eyes. Isobel shuffled uncomfortably at their gaze.
Louise sighed. “I’m afraid Mr Iero has been arrested earlier this evening.”
Isobel felt cold and her stomach suddenly empty. “What?! Why?!”
“He has been reported on the charges of theft from the hotel guests.” Louise informed.
“I always knew it was him.” Alice sniffed from the sofa and Isobel shot her a scathing look, making her avert her eyes.
“But he didn’t!” Isobel protested, turning back to Louise. “You can’t possibly...”
“It isn’t my decision, Isobel.” Louise said sadly. “He has been reported and it is now out of my hands. Unfortunately evidence seems to be highly indicative that he is the culprit. So they have taken him in. He has not yet been sentenced and will stand trial.”
“Where is he?” Isobel demanded. This was wrong, so wrong.
“I’m afraid I can’t reveal that information, please sit down.” Louise ordered.
“No! This isn’t fair!” Isobel protested. “You know it wasn’t him – he wouldn’t. Why would he?”
Isobel had wide eyes; she knew Frank’s innocence only too well. This was so wrong, why had this happened?
“Isobel, we cannot discuss this. I have already said; it is not down to me.” Louise said, trying to keep calm. “Frank has not yet left the hotel and that is all I can say at present. Now, will you please keep calm or I shall have to have you removed.”
“Louise, please! You have to do something!” Isobel said loudly. A knot twisted in her stomach guiltily.
“I can’t Isobel.”
“Isobel, please,” Louise said.
“Who reported him? Who was it? We can get them to retract the accusation-“
“Mark, can you take Isobel outside, please.” Louise instructed over her protests.
Mark walked over to Isobel and led her, struggling, back out through the staff room door.

Ah, the drama.
Sorry for not updating in a while but I hope this chapter makes up for it.
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