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The boys are on MSN

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Hey i wrote this a while back but kinda forgot to post it so here it is
if you like YAY if you dont Sticks out tongue

Frankie_Baby - Ray can I talk to you?

Fro-Man - Is this about you liking Gerard?

Frankie_Baby - No…

Fro-Man - then what is it?

Frankie_Baby - Uh… I was wondering if… uh… I can know what shampoo you use…

Fro-Man - I use a organic shampoo now tell me the truth


Fro-Man - Well I may have heard you talking to yourself in your room

Frankie_Baby - WHAT?!

Fro-Man - Calm it! I may be able to help you!

Frankie_Baby - how?

Fro-Man - well it’s simple really

Frankie_Baby - really?

Fro-Man - Fuck him

Frankie_Baby - -.- dude I’m being serious!

Fro-Man - So am I!

Gee-Zuz has signed in

Gee-Zuz - Hey bitches >=P

Fro-Man - Hey Gee if someone liked you and you liked them back what would you get them to do?

Gee-Zuz - Easy fuck me

Frankie_Baby - REALLY?!

Gee-Zuz - yeah…

Fro-Man - Okay Gee what would you do if I said Frankie liked you?

Gee-Zuz - Frank wanna come round mine?

Frankie_Baby - …

Fro-Man - Frank?

Frankie_Baby - I’ll be over in 5!

Frankie_Baby has signed out

Gee-Zuz - I thought you two were joking!

Fro-Man - do you see an lol on the screen?

Gee-Zuz - dam… you got me again Toro

Gee-Zuz - well I better go…

Fro-Man - Don’t forget to wear protection

Gee-Zuz - SICK!

Fro-Man - You know you love me

Gee-Zuz - Fuck off

Gee-Zuz has signed out

Next day

Fro-Man - Hey Gee

Gee-Zuz - THANK YOU!

Fro-Man - What for?

Gee-Zuz - Dude last night me and Frankie were loud!

Fro-Man - why what were you doing?

Gee-Zuz - We were jumping on the bed what the fuck do you think we were doing dumb-ass!

Fro-Man - Well sorry! I thought you wasn’t gonna do that!

Gee-Zuz - did I say I wasn’t last night?

Fro-Man - … Touché

Gee-Zuz - Frankie’s still asleep ^^

Lil_Way has signed in

Lil_Way - Hey guys!

Gee-Zuz - Mikey where the fuck are you?!

Lil_Way - Bob’s house, I stayed round remember?!

Gee-Zuz - oh yeah…

Fro-Man - Mikey guess what your brother did last night?

Lil_Way - Fucked Frankie?

Gee-Zuz - How’d you know?

Lil_Way - Frank sent me a text a minute ago

Gee-Zuz - Brb

Fro-Man - Frankie’s gonna kill you Mikey

Lil_Way - dude Frankie didn’t tell me I just guessed!

Fro-Man - Salute I knew thee well Michael

Gee-Zuz - MIKEY!

Fro-Man - I’m guessing that’s Frankie

Gee-Zuz - You’re fucking right! Mikey I didn’t tell you jack shit!

Lil_Way - I know… but how else was I meant to tell Gee I walked in last night to get some clothes and heard you two rabbits?

Gee-Zuz - Well I think I might just tell Gee now

Lil_Way - No! he’ll never let me live it down!

Gee-Zuz - Brb guys


Fro-Man - HAHA!

Lil_Way - shut up or I’ll get Bob to kick your ass!

Fro-Man - Look Mike just because you and Bob are fuck buddies now doesn’t mean he’ll kick my ass just coz you say

Lil_Way - Well he would if he wants sex again


Gee-Zuz - Back! Oh and Mikey… you’re dead!

Lil_Way - I’m gonna hide under the covers with Bob bye guys!

Fro-Man - bye dude

Gee-Zuz - Bye Mikey

Lil_Way has signed out

Fro-Man - Do you think Bob will really kick my ass?

Gee-Zuz - Well Bobert can be a scary guy… and he did kick Bert’s ass for threatening me and Gee…

Fro-Man - that was him? Dude! Can I sleep round yours tonight

Gee-Zuz - I’m round Gee’s!

Fro-Man - Oh yeah… I’m going round Megan’s

Gee-Zuz - Who?

Fro-Man - The writer of this fucking fic that got me in this fucking mess!

Gee-Zuz - HUH?!

Fro-Man has signed out

Gee-Zuz - what the fuck?!?!?!

END if you liked then hugs for you if not then idk... no hugs for you!
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