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Msn 2! with some new msn names!

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another msn chappie... they have new msn names but it's still the boys XD

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Hey guys!
Right now I’m on holiday and I thought I’d post a lovely Frerard! =D well I hope it’s lovely
I am missing my readers loads and I hope you miss me too! ;)
Any who on with the show… fic thing!

Frankzilla - Heeeeeey Gee Gee

Geenius - Hey Frankie

Frankzilla - whys your name Geenius?

Geenius - coz I’m a genius maybe? That’s like me saying why are you Frankzilla? You’re short!

Frankzilla - how dare you! -huffs-

KillerFro has signed in

KillerFro - Hey guys!

Geenius - has everyone changed their msn names lately?

Frankzilla - our old ones were boring!

KillerFro - I was just bored…

Geenius - whatever… hey Frankie…?

Frankzilla -- yeah?

Geenius - I know how we can scare Ray…

KillerFro - how? I fear nothing!

Geenius - Well I bet ya scared of what me and my sexy Frankzilla done last night…

KillerFro - Gee I really don’t wanna know…

Geenius - you sure?

KillerFro - yes!

Frankzilla - Ray how did staying at Megan’s go anyway?

KillerFro - she kicked me out -sobs- BUT! She let me stay at her friend Christie’s for the night… she’s pretty cool…

Frankzilla - awesome…

Your royal Bobness has signed in

Your royal Bobness - Hey people

Frankzilla - your royal Bobness?

Your royal Bobness - Yeah Mikey calls me it so I used it as my msn name… problem?

Geenius - I don’t wanna KNOW what my lil bro calls you Bobert…

KillerFro - where is Mikey anyway?

Your royal Bobness - having a shower…

Geenius - he might as well live at yours!

Your royal Bobness - We’re discussing that…

Frankzilla - really?

Your royal Bobness - yup

Frankzilla - Gee can I live with you?

Geenius - if Mikey moves out then yes

Frankzilla - Bob make sure Mikey wants to live with you!

Your royal Bobness - why should I listen to you?

Frankzilla - coz I’m Frankzilla! Rawr!

KillerFro - Okay then…

Geenius - I gotta go…

Frankzilla - why?! -eyes widen-

Geenius - I’m going round yours remember…?


Your royal Bobness - I did not need that image…

Geenius - Ewww stop imagining my ass!

Your royal Bobness - I have I’m thinking of your brother’s now J

Geenius - okay… EWW!

KillerFro - I’m gonna leave before I get scarred for life

Geenius has signed out

KillerFro has signed out

Frankzilla - Bob…

Your royal Bobness - yeah?
Frankzilla - how long have you and Mikey been going out?

Your royal Bobness - a year why?

Frankzilla - don’t you think that’s a bit early to be living together?

Your royal Bobness - you and Gee have been going out for a day! And you wanna move in

Frankzilla - I know but like… I’d probably of moved in anyway!

Your royal Bobness - why?

Frankzilla - I don’t wanna say

Your royal Bobness - spit it out!

Frankzilla - never!

Your royal Bobness - type it or I’ll beat it out of ya!


Your royal Bobness - … okay then… well as much as I’d like to dwell in your weirdness Frankie a naked as wet Mikey is out of the bathroom and I gotta go shower… maybe… or fuck him I’ve not decided…

Frankzilla - well have fun

Your royal Bobness - oh I will ;)

Your royal Bobness has signed out

Frankzilla has signed out

Hey peoples... well hope you liked it and sorry i've not posted anything in a while, i'm holiday and i've only just got to a computer
love you all! =]

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