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MSN 3!

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another chapter!

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Humor - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2009-08-28 - Updated: 2009-08-29 - 682 words

Hey here's another chapter! Enjoy!

Frankzilla - Hey Bobert

Your royal Bobness - Hey Frankie

Frankzilla - Is Mikey moving to yours then?

Your royal Bobness - you’re damn straight =D

Frankzilla - where is Mikey?

Your royal Bobness - for a change… at his and Gee’s

Frankzilla - heart attack no way!

Your royal Bobness - not funny short ass!

Frankzilla - How dare you! I’m telling Gee on you! Sobs BRB!

Your royal Bobness - fine

MikeyforBob has signed in

MikeyforBob - Hey hun

Your royal Bobness - hey x nice msn name

MikeyforBob - knew you’d like it -Triumph smirk-

Frankzilla - back!

MikeyforBob - hey Frankie

Frankzilla - … is that seriously your msn name Mikey?

MikeyforBob - yeah problem?

Frankzilla - LOL! I mean even I wouldn’t do that and I love Gee more than skittles!

KillerFro has signed in

KillerFro - hey losers

MikeyforBob - we’re losers? Um last time I checked you were single!

Frankzilla - Yeah Mwhaha!

KillerFro - yeah and last time I checked you were still a virgin

Frankzilla - ooh pawned Mikes…

Your royal Bobness - actually I took that from him when we started going out so XP single pringle
Frankzilla - Woo Pringles!

MikeyforBob - now what were talking about Frankie…

Frankzilla - oh pouts

Geenius has signed in

Geenius - Hey guys!

Frankzilla - Gee Bob called me a short ass and Ray called me a loser!

KillerFro - you snitch Frankie!

Your royal Bobness - I’m a kill you Iero!

Geenius - leave my Frankie alone! It’s not his fault he’s short! And he’s not a loser!


Geenius - I’m sorry baby but you are… in all fairness though you’re the sexiest person online

Frankzilla - HAHA! Yes!

MikeyforBob - Gerard you’ve made his already huge ego bigger!

Geenius - he’s my boyfriend and I’m allowed! Besides I think you don’t need to say anything to make your man’s ego MikeyforBob!

Your royal Bobness - leave him alone Gee!

KillerFro - it’s good being single sometimes

Frankzilla - nah relationships better coz you get to watch your boyfriend stick up for you… gives you a tingly feeling…

KillerFro - um… Frankie I’m straight…

Frankzilla - oh yeah… hehe you’re left out!

Geenius - That’s it BRB guys I’m gonna go get Mikey

MikeyforBob - Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo! BRB!

Your royal Bobness - don’t touch him Gee!

KillerFro - Bob he cant hear you…

Your royal Bobness - DAMMIT! But I don’t want him to hurt my Mikey!

Frankzilla - Bob Gee cant fight… Mikey WILL win

Your royal Bobness - aren’t you meant to be sticking up for him?

Frankzilla - oh yeah… GEE WILL SLAUGHTER HIM!

KillerFro - you’re both idiots I tell ya

Your royal Bobness - says Mr Single?

KillerFro - That’s it I’m gonna find me a girlfriend!

Frankzilla - good luck coz I may have posted on my face book you were gay… but it was a joke!

KillerFro - go hide Frankie… before I kill you…

Your royal Bobness - stop threatening the short ass and go find yourself a girlfriend will ya?

KillerFro has signed out

Frankzilla - stop calling me short ass!

Your royal Bobness - whatever… I’m gonna go see ya short ass

Frankzilla - shut up! And I’m going too

Your royal Bobness has signed out

Frankzilla has signed out

MikeyforBob - BACK!

Geenius - back!… and they’re gone…

MikeyforBob - you’re fault…

Geenius - Grrr

Geenius has signed out

MikeyforBob - Meep!

MikeyforBob has signed out

Hey uhh... hope you liked... I need a favour from you guys... who ever first reviews would they mind giving me their name? i need a name for Ray's future gf in this fic and i dont wanna use my own XD
i'd appreciate it thanks

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