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MSN 4!

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another chapter maybe?

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Hey so basically another chapter... i'm not sure if it's the last chapter but yeah ENJOY!

KillerFro - Mwhahaha!

Geenius - … what the fuck Ray?

KillerFro - I met someone and she’s awesome! Well I met her in art class…

Frankzilla has signed in

Frankzilla - Ray how can you do this to me! You know I like Addie!

Geenius - uh….

Frankzilla - okay you could of told me that my boyfriend was online…

KillerFro - I’m sorry Frankie but you have Gee and Addie was single!

Geenius - nice to know where I stand with you Frankie!

Frankzilla - Gee you know I love you but Addie is cute funny and can sing and draw


KillerFro - Frankie you’ve just landed in a mine zone XD

MikeyforBob has signed in

MikeyforBob - Hey good for you man! Addie’s a great kisser…

KillerFro - …and you know this how?

MikeyforBob - Drama class… we were Romeo and Juliet

Frankzilla - I’m guessing you were Juliet

MikeyforBob - fuck off your in deep shit anyways

Geenius - yup coz he isn’t getting any for a week

MikeyforBob - Gee can YOU last that long?

Frankzilla - HA! No you cant!

Your royal Bobness has signed in

Your royal Bobness - Hey people and Fro-man nice catch Addie’s sweet

Frankzilla - See Gee I’m not the only one who likes her

Your royal Bobness - Frankie I don’t want to fuck her if that’s what you mean…

Frankzilla - … thanks man I’m the only one in trouble

Geenius - how can you not know I was online Frankie? My name should be at the top!

Frankzilla - I was too annoyed at Ray to notice!

Geenius - great so now you don’t notice me?!

MikeyforBob - Frank… you’re digging yourself a deeper hole…

Addielisious has signed in

KillerFro - yay! She’s online =D

Addielisious - Hey guys!

KillerFro - Hey baby

Frankzilla - Addie Gee wont talk to me!

Addielisious - Gee why aren’t you talking to Frankie?

Geenius - coz he’d rather fuck you than me…

KillerFro - cant blame him

Your royal Bobness - not helping Ray…

MikeyforBob - Addie how can we get Gee out of his sulk?


Addielisious - Gee calm down I’m sure Frankie didn’t mean it…

Frankzilla - no I didn’t Gee I LUFF YOU!!!!!!!

Geenius - I luff you too but I’m still hurt…

Frankzilla - want me to come round and make you feel better? ;)

Geenius - if you want…

MikeyforBob - Bob I’m coming round if Frankie’s coming here!

Your royal Bobness - Mikey you LIVE at mine now… why are you over there anyways?

MikeyforBob - I forgot to pack something…


Addielisious - OMFG REALLY MIKEY?!

MikeyforBob - NO! it’s something else!

Frankzilla - Teddy bear?

MikeyforBob - No… Frankie you’re the only one on here that actually OWNS a teddy bear!

Addielisious - NOT TRUE! Ray got me one last night!

KillerFro - Yeah Mikey >=P

Your royal Bobness - I’d watch who you’re talking to Ray

KillerFro - Or what drummer boy

Your royal Bobness - Mikey let yourself in at mine, I’ll be round Ray’s kicking the shit outta him =D

KillerFro - Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

MikeyforBob - Okay x

Your royal Bobness - okay Ray you better run…

Your royal Bobness has signed out

KillerFro - Baby I’ll be at yours in a min Xoxo

KillerFro has signed out

Addielisious - uh… okay…

MikeyforBob - Well I’m going home bye guys x

MikeyforBob has signed out

Frankzilla - I did not see the need for the kiss…

Geenius - me neither…

Addielisious - leave him alone guys plenty of people leave kisses when they say good bye

Geenius - yeah but to your BROTHER?!

Addielisious - Yes Gee

Frankzilla - Fine if that’s allowed I’m abusing the fact I can Gee I’ll be round yours in a bit xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Frankzilla has signed out

Addielisious - okay that was so taking the piss…

Geenius - Tehe… well I better get going since Frankie is on his way round…

Addielisious - okay have fun having sex

Geenius - oh we will

Addielisious I was joking

Geenius - it’s only a joke if you lol it! >=P

Addielisious - smart ass

Geenius - hence the msn name GEENIUS!

Addielisious - Fuck you!

Geenius - Nope fuck Frankie

Addielisious - Bye Gee!

Geenius - Bye! X

Geenius has signed out

Addielisious - What have I gotten myself into?

Addielisious has signed out

TADA!!!!!!!! Like? No Like?

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