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Msn 5!!!!!

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lol another chapter

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hey my lovliess! sorry i've not updated in a while i've had mega writers block until my mate sent me something on msn xDD its the script thing Ray says but instead of Frankie and Gee it was me and my bf
lol anyways enjoy!

Frankzilla - lol brb

KillerFro - okay

Frankzilla - back I just had to say goodbye to Gee

KillerFro - Aww young love

Frankzilla - shut up we didn’t do anything?!

KillerFro - yeah yeah

Frankzilla - I’m serious!

KillerFro - Frankie: Bye Gee honey
Gerard: I’ll miss you too Frankie
Frankie: Let’s do nothing!
Gerard: and by that YOU mean?
Frankie: To my room! I wanna quickie!!!!!

Frankzilla - You BITCH!

KillerFro - -grin-

Frankzilla - I really hate you right now Toro… -.-

KillerFro - you know you love me

Frankzilla - Hehe you sure about that

Your royal Bobness has signed in

You royal Bobness - Hello my loyal subjects

Frankzilla - I’m only loyal to one person

KillerFro - Yeah your mom

Frankzilla - …okay two people

Your royal Bobness - lol

Frankzilla - bob that wasn’t even funny

Your royal Bobness - I know I use it when I cant be fucked to say anything else

KillerFro - Hehe trust you to be lazy Bryar

Your royal Bobness - yeah well when your busy fucking the younger way raw into the mattress all night you tend to be a lil lazy afterwards.

KillerFro - TMI TMI TMI!!!!!!

Frankzilla - lol I still think Gee is better in bed…

Your royal Bobness - Frankie… I know Mikey doesn’t look like much but he is

KillerFro - I really am gonna go now…

AddieIs@Addict has signed in

AddieIs@Addict - Sup bitches

KillerFro - Kill me now!

AddieIs@Addict - hun what’s wrong?

KillerFro - Frank and Bob were just having a discussion on whether which Way is better in bed -shudders-

AddieIs@Addict - oh Mikey defo

Your royal Bobness - HA!

Frankzilla - you guys obviously don’t know a hunk when you see one

AddieIs@Addict - yeah I do! Why do you think I have Ray?

KillerFro - -Smugness-

Your royal Bobness - Ray you’re not hot so don’t act so smug

KillerFro - -huffs-

AddieIs@Addict - Well sorry guys but I gotta head out! See ya’ll later! Xxxxx

KillerFro - bye sweetie! X

Your royal Bobness - Bye Addie!!!!!!!!1 xo


AddieIs@Addict has signed out

Your royal Bobness - Sorry lads but I’m afraid I gotta love ya and leave ya coz me and Mikey have plans see ya -salute-

Your royal Bobness has signed out

Frankzilla - Same I gotta go see Gee

KillerFro - lol have fun dude xD

Frankzilla - You’re a hetrosexual ass Ray!

KillerFro - I know but I’m loved for it admit it!

Frankzilla - by who?

KillerFro - … shut up!

Frankzilla - Tehe! Laters!

KillerFro - See ya

Frankzilla has signed out

KillerFro has signed out

Lol sorry it's short DX i gotta go to bed early coz i have a concert tomoz and i need as much sleep as possible
R&R if you want :D everyone who is a fa of my stories knows i love em xD
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