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Batman and CareBear. [Chpt. 2] (Frerard)

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"I felt something that was... uncomfortable in my pajama's." Frankie's discovering himself, so young. Is it wrong? Or childish?

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Frankie went home that day. After we finished playing doctor. I wouldn't ever play doctor with someone else. Only Frankie. Cause he knew how to be the patient.

I don't think it was wrong to do, cause I saw Mommy and Daddy play doctor all the time at night. And, Daddy would make Mommy scream. But I scream when I'm playing doctor with Frankie. So, it was okay.

Grabbing ahold of my Iron Man lunchbox. Mommy was right there. Smiling at me.

"Hi, Mommy." I announced. This was an everyday routine, she'd wake up before me. And did all that mumbo, jumbo talk stuff.

"G'morning, Gerard." She replied. I placed my backpack over my shoulders. Heading for the door. A busy woman like my Mommy never really had time to drive me to school, so I usually walked to school. A safe neigborhood called for a safe walk, like my Mommy said.

"Mommy, you're getting my head full of lipstick." I whined. Struggling away from her tight lip-lock position.

"I'm sorry." She laughed, rubbing my head.


"Uhm... hey, Gee... lastnight while I was laying in my bed. Something happened." Frankie sat within the grass during recess. I stared at him with a tilted head. Cause he sounded so worried.... or scared.

"Like what?" I cleared my throat. Sitting next to him.

"I felt something that... was uncomfortable in my pajama's." He began in a paranoid whisper.

"What were you thinking about?" I asked. Sitting on my knees. I knew where this was going..

"Uhm... you?" He giggled nervously.
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