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Batman and CareBear. [Chpt.3] (Frerard)

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Frank's an early bloomer.

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"What's a boner?" Frankie repeated the words from my mouth, dazed into confusion. I bit my lip hesitantly.

"Well. Uhm... well, why don't you just ask your Mom or your Dad?" I found it impossible to explain for two reasons. One; I couldn't find the words, and two; he was just, so innocent.

"Okay. But can you write it on my hand? Cause I might forget." He responded, holding his right palm out. I nodded, turning to my Incredible Hulk backpack. Dug within the fabric and zippers. And succeeded, pulling out a black Crayola marker.

"Okay, its spelled B-o-n-e-r." I spelled. But the R was backwards. Kind of like; BoneЯ. And a lot of the letter were sloppily written. Different sizes and all.

"Got it." He stuck his thumb at me. Nodding and agreeing while he began to examine it.


Frank's POV

Gerard said that I had to ask my Mom or Dad. I didn't really know how to ask. I knew it was something bad. But I was feeling it. And.. I was worried. Maybe it was something bad?

Everyone gathered around for dinner. And by everyone, I mean me, Grandpa Frank, Mommy and Dad. I watched my Mommy plate me with a healthy tong full of lettuce.

She served everyone else. And then sat down herself. I stared at my hand. And the word was fading away. So, I had to say something soon, or else.... I'd forget.

"What's a boner?" I asked bluntly. Staring at my dish innocently. But then, forks clanked against dishes, and they made this sound.... like... they breathed in... or something weird.

"Frank Anthony Iero. Where have you heard that?" Dad questioned. I hated when he called my full name.

"I haven't heard it...." I whispered, like I'd do with Gerard. Silence fell again.

"Who taught you that word?" Mommy asked more calm. I stared at her.

"No, Mommy. I felt it."

"Felt it? You don't even know what it is." Dad replied.

Grandpa Frank began to laugh like someone was tickling him.

"Gerard makes me feel that way." I spoke calmly, sort of afraid.

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