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Jared's 'crush'

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One lucky girl catches Jared Leto's eye at a fan event and for her and her friend it was the best thing ever!!

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A/N: This is my first fanfic, so ratings and comments are apriciated!

A Photograph of You and I

Jared's POV
I met her nearly a month ago. Just a crazed fan girl like all the rest but for some reason I remember her more clearly than any other fan. Her name was Jen.
I woke up thinking about her.
"J! What are you doing?"
"Oh, sorry Shan,"
Looking down I realised the milk that was meant to be on my cereal was all over the table.
"Where were you, man?" asked Tomo
"Just thinking," I replied

Jen's POV
Almost a month on and I still remember it perfectly; Jared, Shannon and Tomo. They are so nice. I bet it must get boring though mad fans approaching you all the time asking you for autographs. It must be worse for Jared, he's an actor too and not to mention drop-dead gorgeous. 30 Seconds To Mars are simply the best band ever.
I know it's stupid but I so wish they would remember me. I'm going to see them live soon. I'm flying over to America specially.

Shannon's POV
"J, what's up? You've been daydreaming a lot lately," I asked.
"Nothing..." I could tell from his far off voice it was something.
"C'mon. You've been acting weird ever since we met those fans in England for our project."
"Yeah," said J, I could tell he still had his head in the clouds though.

Jared's POV
"Yeah," I said, a blunt reply to my brothers nagging.
"Was it a dream? Was it a dream?" I sang "Is this the only evidence that proves it, a photograph of you and I?" I accompanied myself with my acoustic guitar I was sat with in the living room.
"Don't try and change the subject by singing. Tell the Shanimal what's up."
He wasn't gonna give up so I answered straight: "One of the fans from England, Jen; I keep thinking about her and I don't know why."
Shannon sat for a while with a bemused look on his face. "Jared Leto has a crush on a fan!"
"What? No... I..." Actually I hadn't thought about it like that.
"Did we get a pic? Pull out the project, let's have a look," he sounded genuinely interested, normally he'd just tease.
The project was an idea we thought up to get closer to the fans. We took their pictures to stick in a big scrap book, along with a comment to the band. They could write anything they liked as long as they didn't say we were awful!
"Actually... her pic isn't in there."
"Oooooh, where is it?" There we go he'd started teasing.
"I cut it out along with her comment." I said trying to sound as serious as possible.
"Awww, did she say something nice? Have you memorised it yet?" Shannon goaded.
In truth I had memorised it but was I really gonna tell my big bro that?
"I'll go find it," I said, choosing to ignore Shan's last comment.
I went up to my room and pulled open my drawer of memorabilia. I have all sorts of stuff in there; gifts from fans, keepsakes from my movies, letters from long lost friends and what I was up there for, Jen's picture. She was standing between me and Shannon with her arms round us. She was smiling, her smile was so beautiful. Her comment read: "Heya guys!!! Luv ur music... keep it cumin'. Luv Jen xxx P.S. Luv ya Jared =P" but there was something else, something I'd never noticed before in smaller writing it said: "Can't wait 4 next month I'm cumin' 2 c ur show in NY!"
Great! I might get to see her again.

Jen's POV
I got my picture taken with the guys from Mars. Tomo stood first next to Jared; I was next to him with my arm wrapped tightly round his waist (a gesture he returned!); on my other side stood Shannon with his arm round my shoulders. I know it's pathetic but I kiss it every night before I go to sleep. How can you not though? Jared there with his perfect smile and ice blue eyes that see straight through to your soul.
I can't wait until Friday.

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