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The Show

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Jared has a plan to see Jen again. Will it work?

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Jared's POV
It was Friday morning and we were getting in some extra practice and finalizing our play list before we get to the venue. At 4 o'clock we went to meet up with Tim at the arena with his help we set up the stage.
"Jared, seriously!" called Tomo as I nearly dropped my guitar. I had it all planned out, how I was going to meet Jen again. I kept running through it in my head and wasn't concentrating. Big surprise therefore Shannon wouldn't let me near his drums.
After set up we got some more practice in. There's something kinda creepy about playing in an empty arena, the sound echoing eerily off of the bare chairs.
Then we went backstage and crashed in our dressing room. I sat in the corner and checked my e-mails on my Blackberry.

Jen's POV
"OMG! I'm in America to 30 Seconds To Mars live! Yes!" I thought to myself as I handed my ticket over.
"Excuse me but the 'J' wouldn't happen to stand for Jen, would it?" asked the woman who checked my ticket.
"It would. Why?" I asked suspiciously
"We have this for you, from the band," she said handing over an envelope with my name on it.
"Oooh," cried my mate, Johanna, "A personal note from the band! Open it!"
So I did. Inside was a note from Jared. It read: "Jen, I was so pleased to see you were coming to see us, take this pass and use it! It can be used before or after the show. See ya, Jared."
I stood staring at the note trying to take it in. Jared Leto wanted to se me! Jared Leto gave me a backstage pass!
As I pulled the pass out of the envelope Jo screamed again "OMG! You got a backstage pass! How? Why?"
"Slow down, Jo," I laughed, "I don't know. I just know I'm pleased we got here early. Come on!"
I grabbed her hand and dragged her to the backstage door.
"This is a restricted area," a burly security man announced.
"I know, I have a pass," I flashed it at him.
"Fine. What about your friend?" he said in an unnecessarily threatening tone.
"No but can she wait for me here?" I asked and got a brief nod in reply.
"Don't worry, Jo, I'll talk nicely to Jared." Well there's a sentence I never thought I'd say!

Jared's POV
I paced the dressing room.
"You aren't normally this nervous. What's wrong?" Tomo asked me
"Nothing," I said "Nothing's wrong," I emphasised the word 'wrong'.
Then there was a knock at the door. I froze.
"Yeah?" said Shannon in a bored voice.
The security guard opened the door and Jen walked in.
"Hey," she said, her voice sounded angelic.

Jen's POV
The burly security guard led me down a very claustrophobic corridor towards Mars' dressing room. He knocked on the door.
"Yeah?" replied someone from inside. It wasn't Jared; I'd know his voice anywhere.
The guard opened the door and I stepped in.
"Hey," I said nervously.
They all stared at me. Just as I started to feel uncomfortable Jared walked over to me.
"I'm pleased you came," I caught his gaze; those piercing blue eyes stared straight into mine. "You lost your voice since we last met?" he joked. Obviously I hadn't, I just couldn't believe Jared Leto was talking to me like we were best mates.
"Have you, Jared?" asked Shannon. We both looked at him with confused looks on our faces. Then Jared's expression changed.
"Oh, yeah," he said, realisation in his voice.
"So, when were you going to tell us?" questioned Shannon.

Jared's POV
To be honest I had completely forgotten about telling the guys, I just cared that I'd get to se her. I looked round at Jen to notice a quizzical look on her face.
"So, why am I here?" she asked. Arrrg so many questions.
"Well," said Shannon "After Jared met you in England..."
"And by you he means all the fans," I cut him off with an evil look. "I decided it would be cool..." I trailed off noticing that Jen's attention wasn't on me. I turned to follow her gaze and noticed Shannon gesturing, hinting that I was lying. "Why don't I explain this outside?" I said, motioning towards the door. Luckily Jen nodded and followed me out.
"Sorry about that but Shannon probably wouldn't believe what I'm about to say. I decided it would be cool to invite one of the fans we met England to join us backstage and you grabbed my attention from the start. I don't know why, you just did," I justified "The fact that you also noted that you were coming to this show I thought you'd be perfect."

Jen's POV
After Jared's speech I stood in shock for a few seconds. All that dreaming and wishing I stood out in a crowd and I actually did.
"You really remembered me? I mean, out of everyone there?" I asked, disbelievingly.
"Yeah, but like I said I don't know why."
"Damn!" I whispered suddenly under my breath looking back at the door behind which Jo stood.
"What?" asked Jared.
"Jared." I started in my sweet talk voice. The type of voice a young child uses when they want the latest, most expensive toy.
"Call me J, everyone else does."
"Okay, J, Could my friend get a pass too?"
"Yeah, course. Better tell the guys first though!" he said in a mock scared voice.

Jo's POV
After what seemed like hours, the door opened and there stood Jen next to Jared Leto.OMG OMG OMG! I was standing right in front of Jared Leto!
"Hey," wow he spoke to me! "Jen told me you might like a backstage pass too?"
"Hell, yeah!" I said, a little over enthusiastically.
Jared handed it over.
"Come on then," he beckoned "There's just enough time to meet the others quickly before you need to go out, where are your seats?"
"We're not seated; we're in the mosh pit." Jen replied I just nodded in agreement.
"Wow, cool!" said Jared "I'll look out for you from the stage." He winked at us. Wow!
We entered the dressing room.
"I'm kinda guessing you already know Shannon and Tomo," he said gesturing towards them. "This is Tim Kelleher, when we're live he plays bass and keyboard. Everyone this is Jen's mate Jo."
All through the introduction Tomo couldn't take his eyes off me. 'Awesome' I thought to myself 'Someone famous thinks I'm sexy.'
"Right girls," said Jared, "I'm afraid I'm gonna have to kick you out now!"
"That's cool," said Jen "Guess we'll talk to you after the show."
"Hell yeah!" said Jared looking at me for a reaction to the quote and I gave a small grin.

Jen's POV
J opened the door and bowed us out. He's such a great guy, just like I expected. Hope we end up good mates with him.
I turned to Jo, "Well, someone caught Mr. Milicevic's attention!" I said.
"OMG, I know!" she replied "How cool was that?"
'Let's see how many times he looks at you in the show." We squealed with excitement and went to try and get a good place in the pit.

Tomo's POV
"Someone was a little bit obvious, weren't they, Tomo?" said Jared.
"What? I liked her," I replied defensively.
"How do you know that? She didn't even say anything,"
"Oh yeah, what about Jen? How much do you know about her?" I goaded.
"At least I've spoken to her!" he retorted.
"All right guys! Calm down!" said Shannon jumping between us as I had sub-consciously risen to my feet. "We don't want a fight right before we go on stage,"
I knew he was right but Jared was being such a hypocrite. How comes its fine if he meets a girl once and fancies her but if someone else does it's a big deal?

Jen's POV
We had actually missed most of the support band; but when the lights went down on them we cheered with everyone else.
As the lights came back up I looked at Jo. 30 seconds to Mars walked out on to stage and the introduction to the first song started up.
"Attack!" me and Jo screamed simultaneously.
"I won't suffer, be broken, get tired or wasted..." we sang along with Jared. Wow! They were so amazing. Even though I'd seen them before they were great.

Jared's POV
We walked out on stage greeted by much screaming and applause. It always gives me such a buzz. The keyboards started up as I searched the audience for Jen and Jo.
"I won't suffer, be broken..." I started, all of a sudden I noticed them; they had managed to get right near the front and were singing every word with me.
This show was going to be great.

Jen's POV
"Bury me, Bury me." finished Jared.
What a way to end a show - The Kill. Everyone scream and clapped.
"Thank you, New York! You've been amazing, guys, I'm looking forward to seeing you all again soon." Shouted Jared over the roar of the crowd, with one last wave 30 Seconds To Mars left the stage.
"C'mon!" I grabbed Jo's hand and we ran backstage.
We reached the dressing room door and knocked. It opened and there stood Jared Leto. Topless. I think my heart skipped a beat or two.
"Hey girls," he said, "Come on in."
So we went in and Jared closed the door behind us.
"We saw you singing along," Jared told us.
"Yeah we were! You guys are amazing! The shows get better every time!" I said
"So how are you gonna top meeting the band?" asked Shannon.
"I have an idea," said Jared, and me and Jo looked at him expectantly "You could watch the show from back stage next time." J suggested.
"Oh My God!" me and Jo screamed.
Shannon looked at Jared and grinned; obviously some personal joke.
Just then Jo nudged me and pointed at Tomo who was sat in the corner sulking.
"Go!" I mouthed to her and pushed her towards Tomo.
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