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Mixed Emotions

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'Part of me really wanted to talk to him; part of me really didn't know what to say.' The girls struggle with their feelings for certain band members.

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Jo's POV
Jen pushed me towards Tomo. Part of me really wanted to talk to him; part of me really didn't know what to say.
"Hey," I said. He nodded. I could tell he was trying to stay stroppy.
"Are you not talking to anyone?" I asked. He shrugged. "Tell me what's up. It might help." My last attempt.
"You won't care." At least he spoke.
"Sure I will." I replied trying not to sound too desperate.
"It's Jared," he said, "Do you still care?"
"Course!" I said my usual bubbly self hoping for my hyperness to infect Tomo.
"He's being a dick. He thinks all the girls just fall at his feet..."
"No I f*ing don't!" Jared yelled.
"Hey, you guys are meant to be friends." I tried.
"Yeah? Well try being friends with that!" Tomo retorted and stormed out of the dressing room. I glanced at Jen then ran out after him.

Jen's POV
"Yeah? Well try being friends with that!" said Tomo glaring at Jared as he stormed from the dressing room. After briefly glancing at me Jo followed him out the door. Jared turned and headed towards the bathroom. I looked over at Shannon, who gave me a small nod.
I pushed open the bathroom door and saw Jared leaning over the sink, his knuckles white from gripping it so hard.
"Hey," I said. He jumped, either at the sound of my voice or the touch of my hand on his bare back.
"You okay?" I asked even though he obviously wasn't.
"Yeah," he said not moving from his hunched position other than to make eye contact with me through the mirror. "Tomo just seems to think that I enjoy girls screaming at me and try to rub it in his face."
"I'm sure he doesn't think that. He must understand that it's not your fault you're famous and talented and good-looking."
He laughed at that; just what I'd hoped for.
"See? Its not that bad, he'll get over it." I leant over and pecked him on the cheek.
To avoid the awkward silence I then turned and left.

Jo's POV
I had just got out of the dressing room and closed the door when Tomo punched the wall opposite me.
"Woah, calm down!" I said jumping at the sound of his fist colliding with the wall. "Why exactly are you so annoyed at Jared?"
"Because all the girls go for him and he rubs it in; then, when a girl finally likes me he teases me about it." He said quite quickly.
"Okay then... so number one: I'm sure he doesn't mean to rub it I, and number two, you said it yourself: he teases you, it's meant to be playful. Sorted!" I said with resolve in my voice.
"Are you always this positive?" he grinned.
"Hell yeah!" I grinned back.
He stepped towards me; the next thing I felt was the warmth of his body and the touch of his lips against mine. I kissed back; soon it was more than just a kiss. I was making out with Tomo Milicevic of 30 Seconds To Mars!
Eventually, he pulled away and cupped my face in his hands.
"As much as that meant to me can we not tell Jared," he said, almost apologetically.
"Course, if you don't want to tell him I understand," I said, smiling.
"Great, thanks," he smiled back. With a last kiss he turned back into the dressing room.
"Oh. My. God!" I mouthed to the blank wall opposite me, before following him in.
Jen was sitting talking to Shannon and Tim but Jared was no where to be seen.
I gestured Jen to come to me and she did. Standing away from where the others were I asked her where Jared was and she told me he was still in the bathroom.

Jen's POV
After Jo and Tomo had got back into the dressing room, Jo waved me over to her.
"Where's Jared?" she asked sounding concerned.
"Still in the bathroom," I answered.
"Someone has been in to make sure his okay, right?"
"Course, I went straight after him," I said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.
Then right on cue Jared re-entered the room.
"Thank you." He whispered in my ear and went to get a fresh top.
"So," I said turning back to Jo, "Tomo?" I asked.
She nodded and gave me a thumbs up. My eyes widened. "Wow," I mouthed.
"Yeah, but he doesn't want Jared to know.
"Fine," I said. "I won't tell a soul." I promised.
"What ya chattin' 'bout girlies?" asked Shannon coming and resting his elbows on our shoulders.
"Nothing," we said trying to sound innocent.
"All right then," said Shannon, disbelievingly. "We're gonna go and clear the stage."
"Kay." I said.
Shannon, Tomo and Tim left; Jared was still in the back changing. Me and Jo sat on the corner seat.
"So, how was he?" I asked.
"Amazing!" said Jo, "But, like I said, he wants to keep it quiet."
"Yeah, I won't tell anyone, I just want the gossip; you know me!" I said
"Right! I'm gonna go find Tomo. See you." She said; I waved as she left the room.
"So," said Jared sliding onto the chair next to me; I jumped out of my skin. "Sorry," he said, noticing, "But I like gossip, too! So what aren't you telling?"
"I... just... its Jo's business." I said, struggling between my promise to Jo and my desperation to start a conversation with Jared.
"Don't worry; I know she got off with Tomo. I'm not stupid. So it's not like you'll be breaking any promises." He said with a sly grin.
"J, you're not meant to know," I said "If you care about your friendship with Tomo you won't say anything about it."
"Of course," said Jared.
At that moment Shannon came in.
"Oi, Shan," called Jared, motioning for him to go into the back with him, and Shannon walked over. I gestured to Jared not to tell Shannon but he ignored me.
Jo came in and saw; instantly guessing that I told Jared. As Jared and Shannon disappeared she came over to me.
"You b**!" she yelled at me. "How could you tell him? You promised! You swore to secrecy!"
"I didn't tell him. He worked it out him self." I said.
"Yeah sure!" she replied sarcastically.
"It's true. You know I wouldn't." I cried, desperate for her to believe me.
Jo stepped towards me just as Tomo came in. "Woah," he said and grabbed Jo. "I heard shouting, what's up?"
"She told Jared." Jo yelled.
"She didn't," said Jared, stepping back into the room.
He caught my eye. For the first time in my life those perfect, blue eyes were the last thing I wanted to look at.
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