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Your Starless Eyes Remain

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frank is hooked on drugs and cant quite, gerard is trapped in an abusive relationship which is pushing him to suicide. can they save each other before it is too late, FERARD

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I panted as I bolted down the street. The air was cold as it sliced into my lungs. The music filled my ears as I neared where I was aiming to reach. Taking a deep breath I ripped open the door and bolted in and down a hallway to where I needed to get before anybody stopped me.

Feeling the familiar smell waft into my lungs I tried to not gag. It was a disgusting smell but I still couldn’t seem to stop pumping it into my body. I knocked on the familiar door and was dragged into the room. I looked into a new pair of hazel eyes I had never seen before. They seem so luring and I just couldn’t look away until another hand was waved infront of my face and I turned to my supplier.

“ ahh Frankie long time no see, back for more, your certainly made the last lot last awhile.” He sniggered and smiled his glazed smile. I sighed and pulled out the roll of money from my pants.

“ just the usually bert thankyou” I whispered ashamed to be caught buying drugs infront of this new guy. He was just staring, he just sat there watching me.

“ don’t be rude frank pull up a chair and let me introduce you to my boyfriend. This is Gerard way” he said smirking wandering over and draping an arm around Gerard’s shoulders. I smiled shyly and looked at the man

“h-hi I am Frank Iero” I muttered quitly. I heard the rustling of clothes and felt a finger under my chin. It lifted my head up and I looked up into those hazel eyes.

“ nice to meet you frank” he said with a smile. I blushed and smiled back shyly at him.

“ Gerard sweetie why not be a dear and walk frank to his car?” bert said. I watched as Gerard nodded and smiled at me. He grabbed the pills and powder I had just bought and handed them to me. He then took my money and handed it to Bert. With that Gerard and I headed back outside and down the block to where my car was. Looking up at him I noticed him still staring at me and I blushed glancing back down.

“ good night Frankie” he said before wandering off again before I could reply. I quickly got into my car and drove. I don’t know why Gerard affected me so, but he did. I knew I couldn’t get to close to him or something would go wrong.

Upon arriving back at my house I trudged inside and wandered into my room locking the door. I grabbed the powder before putting it in a syringe and wetting it down. Once it was liquid I found my vein inserted the needle and let the toxic contents rush into my veins. I twisted smile bloomed onto my face as my eyes glazed over.
when the boy left in his car I was left alone to my thoughts. Oh how torturous my thoughts were. I wandered down the cold pavement and found that I couldn’t drag my mind away from him. There was just something about him.

Shaking my head I continued walking. I couldn’t be thinking like this I was after all Bert’s boyfriend. I sighed sadly. I wondered how long it would be before I died by the hands of Bert. The reason it thought this was because of the fact that when bert was high- which was most of the time- he beat me continuously. Sometimes to the brink of conciousness, the only other person who knew about this was bob my trusted friend. My own brother didn’t even know about this. But that wasn’t the only thing Bert did to me. When ever I refused him in sexual advances he would simply rape me. I felt used like I was good for nothing accept a sex toy. My life didn’t seem to matter anymore. I knew these were bad thooughts but they were true. I didn’t matter, and I never will.

One I reached Bert again I sat down on the couch thankful that he had passed out, placing a blanket over him I left a note saying that I had gone home.

Once I reached my house it was roughly one in the morning. I snuck down the stares and into my room, stripping down I slid into my cozy pijamas. I lay down in my bed and tried to ignore the pain searing through my body. A few tears ran down my face as my eyes drooped shut and I fell into darkness.

In the morning I dragged my weak limbs out of bed and wandered into the bathroom. Having a shower I got dressed then applied makeup to hide the bruises. Heading out the door I headed to my second hell hole.

I wandered into the white building and sat down once I had reached my class. Most of the lessons just dragged on and I though it was never going to end. But as I was exiting gym I smacked into someone sending us both to the floor. Scrambling to my feet I hastly apologized and then I noticed who it was.

It was frank the guy from yesterday. I smiled shyly at him. He was truly stunning with short brown hair and soft brown eyes. He had tannish skin and was nicely muscled. I felt my gaze get locked with his.

“ hello Frank” I said shyly and received a nod of acknowledgement in response. I watched him, I thought it was cute how shy he was. I knew I shouldn’t be thinking this but I was.

“ so how are you” I asked shyly and watched his reaction he seemed to blush slightly. I didn’t know what I was feeling but I knew I wanted to spend more time with him I just had to come up with an excuse to.

“ I am alright’ he whispered but then froze and then his eyes zeroed in on my check. I watched his hand rise and it brushed against a bruise, wincing I took a step back. Some of the makeup must have worn off. Biting my bottom lip I watched for his response.

“ what happened’ he asked, he seemed to be generally worried about me. I felt heat rising to my face.

“I just smacked into a door is all “ I whispered uncertainly hoping he would by it. I watched the doubt in his eyes but he nodded in acceptance. I breathed out a breath I didn’t realize I had been holding in.

I looked into his eyes and continued to just get lost in them I couldn’t help it, it was so entrancing. I stared and I noticed him blush that is when I looked away.

“ F-Frank I was wandering if you wanted to hang out after school?” I asked shyly, I watched him smile softly then he nodded and I smiled as well. It was going to be I knew that much, I was so looking forward to this.
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