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watching the light fade from your gaze

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what will gerard do if frank dies?

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The end of the day couldn’t come any quicker. I waited anxiously by the front of the school looking around for that red and black head of hair. My heart pounded painfully in my chest; chewing on my bottom lip I almost didn’t notice him approaching me.

“ Oh hello frank,” I whispered shyly looking down letting my long black hair cover my face so he couldn’t see my blush.

“ Are you ready?” I asked him watching him nod and grin at me.

“ So where are we going?” he asked him, I frowned then it dawned on me I hadn’t decided where we were going to go. I bit my bottom lip and began to panic I began to think as quickly as I could.

“ The park?” I offered nervously. But simply saw him smile and nod again. I let out a barely audible sigh then smiled shyly at him and we began heading towards the park. The air was cold and harsh and cut at my arms. I shivered and then blushed brightly as frank draped his jacket around my shoulders.

“ B-But aren’t you cold?” I asked trying my hardest to hide my blush.

“ No” he simply replied and smiled at me. I looked down hair falling down to cover my bright red face. He was everything I wanted the only problem was I knew I could never have him. I was stuck to Bert by a collar and leash I will never be able to break. If I left Bert he wouldn’t just kill me but he would kill mikey as well. I couldn’t let mikey get hurt I had to take care of him. We were all we had left my parents didn’t care and had just dumped us in a house and left us there. Glancing back to frank I noticed him watching me. A blush darted onto my face and I knew he had noticed it when he smirked.

“ H-How about we sit here” I said looking toward a bench and hoped he would sit there. He simple went and sat down. I followed soon after taking a seat next to him. I felt him move closer and my blush only continued to darken. I turned to look at him and he looked me directly in the eye. I felt drawn to him and saw him coming closer and closer, I knew I couldn’t let this happen but I just couldn’t pull away. We were an inch apart when I heard my name shouted I snapped back into reality and turned to see an enraged Bert. Feared burned into my veins as I leapt to my feet.

“B-Bert its not what it looks like” I stumbled over my words and shrank back from his death glare I knew I was dead meat.

“ NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE I THINK IT FUCKING IS WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE YOU CHEATER AND FRANK NO MORE SUPPLIES FOR YOU GERARD COME WITH ME NOW” he shouted I shrank back but obediently followed behind him only to feel a hand clasp around my arm. Turning back I saw frank I frowned confused.

“ I don’t think you should to talk to your boyfriend like that,” he said glaring at Bert. I shrank I was terrified either way I was going to get hurt. I saw that Bert was about to explode; I froze when he pulled out a gun. Fear gripped me as he pointed it at me and I was frozen to the spot unable to move. Then I heard a bang, slamming my eyes shut I waited for the pain to hit only I never felt it/ I heard a pained gasp and my eyes shot open I stared horrified at what I saw Bert was on the ground unconscious but what really caught my eyes was frank lying on the ground surrounded by a pool of his own blood. I ran forward picked him up and began to bolt toward the hospital I only hoped that I would get there in time.
As I approached the door frank went limp, tears ran down my face as ran faster.

“ Please someone help him” I screamed and watched as the doctors ran over and took him away. I collapsed to my knees and tears ran down my face. I couldn’t loose the only person who had been nice to me ever. I couldn’t let frank die.
Pain ruptured in my chest and I screamed struggling against the people holding me down. I began to panic as the pain worsened. Where was Gerard? Why was I alone? Was he still alive? Had something happened to him? Worry gripped me but that was when I heard it.

“ Frank, Frankie calm down its ok I am here’ I heard Gerard say. I calmed down and stoped struggling. My eyes flickered open and I gazed into the hazel eyes of Gerard. Calmness flooded my body and I felt at home but that was until I saw the blood stained sheets that I lay on. Panic flooded me again but that was when I remembered that, that stupid bastard Bert had shot me. Angry burst into my veins like wild fire. I glared at the ceiling but only then did I notice everything beginning to fade. I panicked again and turned to look at Gerard but even he was fading away.

Before too long the entire place was black and I was left alone.
“ FRANK” I screamed as his eyes rolled into the back of his head and he went limp the heart monitor flat lining. I was soon shoved out of the way by doctors and I could only stand there in shock as they tried t bring him back. Backing into the wall I slid down it still in a state of shock. Frank couldn’t leave me not now not after what he did for me.

I looked back to his body as it was shocked again my mind flying back to when Bert had shot. If only it was me that had taken the bullet not frank. This is my entire fault. I should be the one lying on my deathbed not frank he was only trying to save me. He was pure of heart and someone like that needed to live on. Not someone like me I didn’t deserve to live in his sted.
I tore my eyes away form his blood soaked body I couldn’t take it anymore seeing my angel lying there fallen. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I imagined what if he died? What if he didn’t make it? He had a life a family waiting someone where for him. What would they think when they found out that he had wasted his life on someone like me? Would they agree with me? Would they think I should be replacing Frank as well? I knew that it would be right if I were in his place.

Then it happened the one thing I hoped wouldn’t. I saw the doctors place the white sheet of franks and head and I now knew it for certain.

Frank was dead.
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