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Cry These Broken tears

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is all lost?

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I looked on tears running down my face as I saw the outline of his body underneath the white sheet. It was all over, frank was dead it was because of me. I staggered toward the bed and looked down at him pulling the sheet down I stared down at his lifeless face. Running my fingers down it I knew this would be the last time I could ever see him no doubt his parents wouldn’t want me at the funeral after all it was my fault that he was dead. A single tear fell from my check and landed onto his face. I clasped his hand in my and held it tight.

“ Frank I am so sorry” I sobbed into the side of the bed clinging tightly to his hand. I sobbed hopelessly clinging to his hand like it was a lifeline.

But that was when I noticed it.

His hand wasn’t cold, it was warm and if I moved my hand up to his wrist I was sure I could still feel a pulse. My head shot up and I looked down at him and noticed his face wasn’t pale like it should be and he just then rasped in a deep breath. I was shocked. He wasn’t dead but how could that be possible?

“ Frank? Frankie come on wake up” I muttered softly watching him still shocked that he wasn’t dead and terribly confused. I watched his face as he frowned slightly in his sleep and his eyes flickered open, tears of joy flooded my face as I hugged him softly and smiled.

“Gerard?” he asked I looked up at him and smiled.

“ thank god you are alive” I whispered and stroked his hair softly. I noticed an odd look in his eyes and moved my hand away.

“Frank how are you feeling?” I asked softly watching him closely so the same incident as before didn’t repeat itself.

“ I feel dizzy but ok” he replied softly.

“ ok Frank well I am going to go and get a doctor and I will be right back ok?” I said softly and looked deep into his hazel eyes and just felt drawn to them.

“ ok” he muttered before closing his eyes to rest.

I ran out of the room and down the white hall way searching for a doctor. I smacked right into someone and looked up there standing above me was a man, a doctor. I smiled.

“ Sir I need you to check on my friend please” I said softly and watched him nodd before leading him into frank’s room. He stood astonished and that is when I recognised him as the man who had pronounced frank as dead. I smirked slightly and watched as he went over to check frank’s pulse and stood amused as he still held an utterly confused look in his face.

“ So what is your conclusion doctor” I ask smirking slightly.

“ he will be fine we will just have to keep him in here over night’ he said I simply nodded and watched as he left the room obviously pondering how he could have thought frank was dead. I snickered before wandering over to frank’s bedside and looking down at him. He looked confused also the I realised I had explain what had happened. Not that I knew what happened anyway.

“ frank I need to tell you something” I said softly.

“ you flatlined”.
my eyes widened in shocked and stared up at Gerard trying to see if it was a joke. By his seriosness I knew it wasn’t.

“ you mean I died for a split second” I asked bemused.

“ well actually it was more like five minutes” I heard him mutter.

“ FIVE MINUTES” I shouted paniced taking deep breaths to try and calm myself down but can you blame me for panicking? Can you imagine being told that you were dead for five minutes. I sighed and looked back up at Gerard and by the look on his face I could tell that this whole ordeal had frightened him very much. I didn’t know considering I had just met him but I knew I cared for him strongly. Looking up into his eyes I was entranced in his gaze.

“ I am sorry if I scared you Gerard” I said head bowed in shame.

“ no frank don’t be sorry this is my fault, if I wasn’t here you wouldn’t have been hurt and, and” he collapsed on my beside tears running down his pale cheeks.

“ oh no Gerard its not your fault” I muttered pulling him to my chest even though even that simple motion hurt like crazy.

“ Gerard never think that any of this was your fault” I cooed softly holding him to me and stroking his hair trying to get him to calm down. It hurt me to see him like this and know that I had caused it but I suppose this was better then if he were dead because I didn’t jump infront of the bullet.

I looked down at his perfect features and watched him as he calmed down. He looked like an angel, a fallen angel. I hummed softly trying to get him to calm down some more.

“ Gerard its fine everything is in the past so there is no point in dwelling on it.” I said softly and watched him. He seemed to calm down and I saw him nod.

“ thankyou frank for being there” he muttered I simply smiled in response.

“ anytime” I replied and once again was caught in the paralysing gaze of his eyes. Only this time I couldn’t pull away I was prisoner to them. I noticed we were getting closer and closer. Our lips only millimetres apart. I felt his warm breath wash over my face and braced myself. I felt his smooth lips run over mine and smiled. This felt like heaven. Pulling him closer I wrapped my arms around his neck kissing him deeper. The kiss became steadily more passionate before we both pulled away out of breath. I looked back into his eyes and smiled at him and watched as he smiled back. To me he was perfect in everyway and for some reason I felt like I didn’t deserve him. He was a perfect angel and I was simply a druggy, I had to fix myself to be worthy of him. It was going to be hard work but I am willing to put in the effort. I looked back into his eyes and saw a glow there that had never been there before. I smiled it made my insides heat up with glee as I knew I had caused him happiness. And I know that I will do anything to be worthy of him.

My Fallen Angel.
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