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Typical J

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It's the last show of the tour and nothing seems to go quite right.

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Jo's POV
"For God's sake Tomo, go! I'll be fine," I said "This is the last show of the tour so just do this then you can be with me."
"Fine," he said and, with one last kiss, he left for the stage.
It was the first and last outdoor performance of the tour. Us girls were sat just off stage, watching.

Jen's POV
Part way into the show and Jo seemed to be in pain.
"Are you alright?" I asked.
"How many songs?" asked Jo in reply.
Em grabbed the playlist, "About 5 to go."
"Have your waters broken?" I asked.
"No, or I'd be panicking!" she said.
"Jen's panicking already," laughed Em.
I grinned and turned back to watch the stage. I shook my head as I saw Jared climbing the scaffolding on the other side of the stage. It's so typical of him. I'm sure he just does the stupidest things he can most of the time.
"Is it worth calling an ambulance?" How long will it take to get here?" I heard Jo say behind me.
I turned to her. "Hey, if you want us to call now we will."
Suddenly I heard screaming from the crowd. Not normal concert screaming but proper screams. I froze.
"Oh God. Jen?" said Em.
"S**t!" I screamed and ran out to the stage forgetting completely about Jo. Tomo saw her sat on her own and went over to her.
I reached Jared, Em not far behind and Shannon was already there.
"Now might be a good time for that ambulance, Em," I said looking down at an unconscious Jared Leto.
"What ambulance?" asked Shannon.
"We think Jo's going into labour," said Em.
"Oh my God, does Tomo know?" he asked.
"I think so," said Em. "He's with her now."
"OK, do you care more about Jo having a baby or your brother nearly dying?" I yelled.
"All right, calm down," said Shannon putting his arm around me as Em grabbed her phone to call an ambulance.
"Oh God, Jo's going into labour," said Tomo, rushing up to us.
"Why?" I asked, "Why does everything happen at once?"
I was close to tears and Shannon was still sitting with his arm round my shoulder, trying to comfort me.
Not too long after Em got off the phone the ambulances arrived, one for J and one for Jo.
"We can only have one extra person in the back of each," said a paramedic after Jo and Jared were sorted.
"Go on," said Shannon, looking at me and gesturing to the ambulance in which Jared lay.
"Thank you," I said climbing on while Tomo got on next to Jo. Shannon, Em and Tim went back to the tour bus and drove down to the hospital to meet us there.
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