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The Holiday.

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The boys go on a summer vacation, but will this be a trip to remember? Find out and read, rate, review! Love you all peoplee XD xxx

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Fee’s POV

Oh sweet holy Jesus son of God almighty… it is HOT. I mean… so hot… and not the ‘that’s sexy I wanna touch it’ hot, I mean the ‘If I am not sunburnt by the end of the day then God seriously bums me’ hot.
Maybe even hotter than that!
Why couldn’t we go to Finland? I love Finland! Okay… so I’ve never been to Finland, but I bet I’ll love it. I mean… its cold there right? But not insanely cold, where you get icicles on the end of your nose and shit. Just… nicely cold. Where you can wear long sleeved shirts and full length jeans and complain your cold and there fore get to wear certain some ones leather jacket…
But that’s erm… irrelevant…
Wow. I should stop thinking now, before I confess to myself that I might just maybe like a certain someone but that’s just silly because I most definitely do not like a certain someone… I mean… Yeah. Definitely should stop thinking.

“Hey Frankie!” I quirked an eyebrow and turned around, catching a blur of colour before nearly ass planting the floor as someone dived on me. Long legs wrapped tightly around my waist and hands clutched my shoulders as I swayed dangerously.
“Shit…” I had to go cross eyed to see who it was… although I had a pretty good idea… because their face was so close to mine. Their glasses reflected the sun and damn near blinded me.
“Agh! MIKEY!” I cried, trying to shove him off but that kid has a grip like a Koala on its favourite tree. Me being the tree.
“Hey!” He giggled, grinning down at me, tilting his head so that his glasses didn’t cause the sun to eat my face.
“Isn’t this place so cool!? I chose it – and I didn’t I tell you – didn’t I tell you that it was awesome! Man I am the best!” He cried, only laughing when I shoved him off me, landing on his feet with elegance that no man should be allowed to possess. I glared at him and flicked my fringe out of my eyes.
“Mikey – you’re the only guy I know who strokes his own ego.” I retorted causing him to laugh and wink at me.
“Well Frank… if that’s an offer…” He smirked and I shoved him playfully. Me and Mikey always act like this, passing sexual remarks and molesting each other. It’s all just for fun, the idea of actually like… dating Mikey… is beyond weird. He’s my best friend and besides – it’s not Mikey I’m totally head over heels in –
But that’s not the point anyway.
“You wish Way.” I answered. “Talking of which, where’s big Way?” I asked, looking around for him. Mikey shrugged and glanced about.
”I guess he must be in his room unpacking and shit. You should too – You look boiling hot in those jeans Frank. Didn’t you pack any shorts?” Mikey asked in a motherly tone, giving me a motherly look. I glared at him and hoisted my holdall higher onto my shoulder.
“I’m not a retard Mikey, course I did.” I snapped, and he grinned at me.
“Well then go get changed idiot! It’s boiling out here, and put a damn smile on your face - We’re on VACATION!” He cried before dashing away to the pool side bar where Bob had collapsed onto a bar stool. He had had a bout of travel sickness in the stuffy mini-bus that had taken us from the airport to the hotel and was still looking pale, his head resting on the bar as Ray sat stirring a cola with a cocktail stirrer.
I shook my head with annoyance and amusement. I didn’t like hot countries. Me and hot weather just didn’t mix. Although I was a little smug that I never burnt and always tanned, something that pissed off Mikey to know end who always managed to get sun burnt shoulders.
I clicked my tongue and made my way down the little cobbled path that led from the pool to the inside of the hotel. The only reason I had agreed to this holiday was because it was for the whole band, which meant that Ge -… err, which meant that I would be a total spoil sport if I didn’t go. And I guess I do need a vacation, we’ve been touring like crazy and I guessed it would be nice to just relax for a while… although I couldn’t see why we couldn’t do that at home.

I put my key into my door and opened it with a wary expression. We’ve stayed in some shit hotels before, but I was pleasantly surprised to find it was actually pretty damn cool. I wandered in and threw my bag onto one of the two single beds. I was sharing with Mikey dearest who had had some trouble trying to let the Spanish receptionist know that we didn’t want a double bed, we wanted single beds. She had been extremely confused for a long while, looking between me and Mikey and wondering why we wouldn’t be sharing a bed. I mean seriously… do I have ‘GAY’ stamped across my forehead or something?
Don’t answer that.
I opened my bag and pulled out some clothes and wandered into the pristine bathroom which – thank the lord – was cooler than the rest of the room. I was sweltering, and my clothes were all sticky from sweat. I know – icky huh? I decided to have a quick shower before I got changed and turned the temperature down to cold to soothe my already heated skin.
How the fuck do people live in these countries?
After my quick shower I towel dried my hair and pulled on my black vest and long shorts… which is such a stupid name for them cos’ it contradicts itself. Basically, they’re an old pair of jeans I cut to the knee… I guess I’ll call them my knee jeans.
Yeah… that makes more sense.
I padded back into the main room and dug around in my case for my shades. I found them and put them on, feeling in a better mood now I had showered. The travelling on the stuffy mini-bus always puts me in a bad mood. And it takes me a couple of days to get used to the heat, but, now content at least, I smiled and wandered out of the room, locking the door behind me.
Out in the corridor I met Gee who was just leaving the room he was sharing with Bob and Ray. He smiled at me and pocketed his key, walking over to me.
”Hey Frankie, nice Hotel huh?” He asked causally, running his fingers through his hair to get it out of his face before slipping his own shades on. I smiled and nodded.
”Yeah it’s great.” I agreed, looking him up and down behind my shades. He was wearing a loose white T-shirt coated in black skulls – the fact it was white was a major break through, but he hadn’t abandoned his jeans just yet. Though they were blue for once and he had rolled them up a bit. He had his sketch book under his arm as ever and was just generally looking se –… Erm… Nice? That sounds ridiculous, he looked like Gerard. Yeah…
I walked with him to the elevator and out into lobby, following him back to the pool. He talked to me about the flight and what he thought of the place so far, telling me what he wanted to do while we were here… and not like that dirty people… Places he wanted to go and shit. When he mentioned the beach I pictured him walking out of the water, brushing his wet hair back, his wet body glistening in the sun as he grinned at me and… Erm. I mean… that’s what I would have thought if I –
Your kidding no one pal.
Yeah, tell me about it.
So… maybe now might be a good time to mention that somehow… during our five years of friendship… some where along the line… I think, I might have, maybe, possibly fallen for Gee. I know – it’s a shock right? But come on – have you seen the guy? He’s so good looking its not even fair. And he’s the nicest guy ever, he always listens to me and laughs at my jokes and looks after me when I’m sick. I mean, Mikey, Ray and Bob do that too – but Gee… I dunno. He just has that charm you know?
And besides, Mikey always teases me. Rays a computer nerd and when he gets going I don’t know what the hell he’s talking about. And Bob… well… he’s just Bob. He’s like a teddy bear.
But me and Gee… we just click.
At least I think we do. I hope Gee thinks so too – I know he doesn’t like me in that way, and I don’t get my hopes up either cos’ I don’t handle disappointment well either. But I hope he thinks we click as friends. I mean… he’s my best friend, and I hope I’m his.
“There they are.” Gerard grinned, pointing out the guys. Bob was still slumped on the bar, but Ray and Mikey had reconvened to the pool table where Mikey was about to take the first shot.
We walked over to them and Gerard went straight to the pool table, teasing Mikey in that brotherly way as he tried to take his shot.
I smiled and walked over to Bob, sitting beside him and putting my hand on his shoulder.
“Hey man, you look like shit.” I said brightly and Bob glanced at me with a groan.
“I feel it.” He said thickly before letting his head thunk back down onto the bar. I reached into my pocket and pulled out some pills.
Cos’ I’m a total druggy and I know a good hit cures sickness.
I’m kidding. They’re pills my doctor gave me to take when I start getting nauseous since I get ill like… all the time.
“Here you go dude, these will do the trick.” I said kindly, popping two out and handing them to Bob who gave me a sluggish thank you and swallowed them down with his coke. I patted his back and ordered my usual – Lemonade and orange juice. Sometimes I have pineapple juice instead when I feel like pushing the boat out.
I felt someone looking at me and glanced over my shoulder to see Gerard smiling at me, I blushed a little and smiled back, he gave me a mock salute and I giggled, returning it. Gerard then turned his gaze back to the game and shoved Mikey as he went to take his next shot, causing the white ball to bounce off the table and clatter across the bar floor. Gerard and Ray laughed as Mikey gave a child like tantrum.
“Bitch! You can go get that!” ´

Gee's Pov.
'I don't think so, just because someone doesn't know how to play pool.' I laughed and thwacked Mikey over the back of the head playfully, receiving his usual dagger glare... Though that never really works through harry potter glasses. I tell him every day. Get contacts. You'll pull in an instant. But no. Mikey wants to 'keep his focus more on the band.'
... WE'RE ON VACATION. ie, no glasses for mini Way.
'I'll have you know, I can beat you at pool anyday.' He turned round and poked me in the abdomen with a pool cue. I gasped and smiled, taking the cue and poking him back.
'Yes really, remember at Aunt Viv's house when I totally whooped your ass? You suck at pool.' I blushed slightly and smirked, oh yeah...
'We don't need to go into that-'
'Yes we do!' That was Frankie. He stood up from Bob and wandered over to the table. 'Go on Mikey, what happened?' He smiled at me through his shades and I smirked, quick, thinking time Gerard.
´For your information I happened to be extremely hammered at the time,' Ooh good one, 'and it was three years ago, and-'
'Quit your bitching, Gee, it was last month and you'd had nothing but lemonade for the whole evening.' Ray and Bob clocked their heads round and started laughing, along with Mikey and Frank at my rubbish pool playing skills. 'Even Aunt Viv beat you, and she's got an eyepatch!' Frank laughed harder and I smirked, grabbing the pool cue again.
'Oh shut up Mikey, she beat you as well.' He paused and thought for a minute, 'Oh yeah...'ing and blushing a little.
'So,' Ray turned round, 'You two both got your asses kicked by your... How old is she again?' He smirked, oh shut up Ray you know how old she is. 'Well?'
'Eighty four...' we both said, a little ashamed.
'By your eighty four year old Aunt from Italy with one eye? You guys...' Ray and Frank started laughing again and I pouted, poking Frankie softly in his chest with the cue.
'Don't you start,' I said with a smile, Frank rubbing his chest and poking his tongue out. 'Anyway. As we're talking of pool, I'm going to go get in.' I said, turning on my heel and pointing the cue at the black '8' ball. 'Oh and-' I shot it with the cue, it sailing clean in the hole on the other side. 'Fuck you guys.' I lay the cue on the table and smiled, walking out the bar and down the cobbled path to the lobby, catching the elevator to my room. I was sharing with Bob and Ray, and frankly very thankful, because I certainly did not want to get with Mikey. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love him to bits, but man oh man can he snore for America. I feel so sorry for Frank, being stuck with Sir Snoresalot for a whole seven days, and having no back room to go sleep in like on the tourbus must be hell.
Of course, I would have happily shared with Frankie. I mean, I'm a quiet sleeper... Except for that time I started broadcasting the whole of last weeks News America to the bus... and that time when I was Opera, talking about someones teenage son having sex with a moose... And when I receited our whole Mexico show, including crowd cheers and encore...
Okay maybe Mikey isn't the worst roommate to have afterall. I opened the door with my key and stepped inside, going over to my suitcase. Our room was white, with three single beds dotted about the place, mine being on a few steps above Ray and Bobs. I opened the case and dug out my black swim trunk things to change into, fixing my sunglasses on my head before grabbing my sketchbook and pencil again. Now. Should Gerard go for a tan or not... I tan really well... So shouldn't stay out without a shirt for long, but it is really hot out, and I mean sweltering... Meh, a slight one can't hurt. I changed into my trunks and took my things to make my way out to the pool. I smiled at the others, putting my book and pencil on the chair near Ray. Bob was still slumped over the bar and groaned a little, smiling weakly at me and closing his eyes again. Mikey had obviously caved and picked up the cue ball, as he was now deep in a new game with Frankie. I took off my skull tee and laughed as Ray and Mikey wolf whistled.
'God, Gee, someone's been working out.' Ray said, poking my abs. I put on my sunglasses and flipped him off, smirking.
'Be quiet, I had free time.' I smiled and looked at Frankie who stopped his turn at pool and turned round. He looked at my chest, then at my face and blushed a little, smiling shyly. Poor guy, I know how hot it gets out here. I smiled at him and blew him one of my kisses before heading to the pool, seeing him smile and catch it. Frank and I always do it. I blow a kiss, he catches it. He blows one, I catch it. The catching thing is very important for us, I mean, you miss one and there's trouble. Big trouble. On project rev, Frank missed one of my air kisses before the show, so I had to resort to full on tongues onstage to make sure he got it.
Though that wasn't a bad thing... Truthfully, he's an excellent kisser. We're often associated as the 'couple of the bus' because of it, and mainly because neither of us have girlfriends. Or boyfriends. Though, Frank is a bit like a boyfriend... he's certainly my best friend. I love him so much, we've been friends for about five years now and to be honest, there's no one better. He's always there for me, whenever I'm having a nervy b before the show, or stressed out with Mikey or whatever, he always comes and calms me down. The guy really is a darling. He always listens to me, whenever I need advice or someone to talk to, he's always there. Always.
We're often seen on the bus together, or hanging out in each others dressing rooms, thats when he's not with Mikey. Those two are seriously tight. I think we're a different kind of close though, if that makes sense. Like, Frank and Mikey, they always perv on each other, or make sexual jokes or whatever, but Frank told me that he could never date him. Like, ever.
But with Frank and me, it's different. Like, we'll cuddle up together on the bus, or hold hands, we're almost like a couple. It's hilarious how close we are really. I smiled to myself and walked round the deep end of the pool and dived in, swimming deep under the water and coming up to about my waist. I saw Frank had abandoned the pool game and was now sitting on the edge, smiling at me as I came over to him.
'Gerard Way, trust you to swim with sunglasses on.' I smirked and rested my hands and elbows on his knees.
'You know it.'
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