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'You're so paying for that, Way!'

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Frankinators POV

Mmm… he has been working out… and he looks beyond gorgeous swimming about in the pool… err… I mean…
He’s a good swimmer?
Seriously, even if I can admit to myself that I like Gee, there’s no reason to think perverted thoughts about him. So I might think that he is deliriously sexy and one of the nicest guys in the world, and there is nothing that I would love more than for him to return those feelings for me – But he is still my best friend, and so it should still be creepy for me to think… stuff… about him. Right?
“What you thinking about Frankie?” Gee asked after a moment of silence, looking up at me with a soft smile, his wet arms still resting on my knees.
“Just about how hot you look.” I said without thinking, Gerard tilted his head to one side and I blushed deeply. Stuttering as I tried to take it back. “Err I mean… temperature wise.” I giggled nervously and Gerard laughed.
“Yeah, I am pretty hot. But the pools cooling me down some, you look hot too. You should come in.” He said casually and I gave a mental sigh of relief. It was weird… I could have said the same thing to Mikey and would have thought nothing of it, we would have just laughed and gone off on some sexual innuendo battle… weird how when you actually do like the person you suddenly have a guilty conscience. I just hope Gee doesn’t pick up on it.
“Erm… maybe.” I muttered in response to the pool thing. I mean, it is hot, and the pool is looking so good it’s nearly sexy right now. But… I don’t know if I can handle being in a pool with Gee… I mean… all that water… and… pretty much no clothes… I don’t know how much my perverted mind could with stand. I mean, its getting worse…
When I first started liking Gee, it was just little thoughts here and there – maybe before a show when he was doing up the buttons on his shirt I would think about how handsome he looked in that colour (usually black), or how his eyeliner really brings out the hazel in his eyes. Almost innocent stuff, that I didn’t really notice meant anything. But then it gradually increased into… well, this.
I’m practically a paedo… Or I would be, if Gerard was a child. But it’s the same sorta concept.
“Aw come on Frankie, you love swimming.” Gerard whined with the cutest pout I’ve ever seen. I chewed thoughtfully on my lip ring, I was tempted.
“I just don’t feel like it.” I shrugged, deciding it really would be too much for my mind. Gerard scowled at me and folded his arms.
“Why?” He demanded and I gaped at him. I struggled to think of a valid excuse, but his searching gaze distracted me and I came up blank.
“Err…” I tapped my chin before giving up and shrugging. “I just don’t.” Was all I could come up with, and evidently it wasn’t enough.
“Aw okay…” Gee smiled gently, and for a minute I thought he was going to drop it… then he scooped his arms beneath the water, and I just had time to squeal before a wave of water crashed over me. Gerard burst out laughing and I could hear it mixing with that of ass face Mikey and bum bandit Ray.
I turned and scowled at them both who were sat at the bar, watching me dripping water as they laughed loudly. Public humiliation – another thing I don’t handle well.
“You ass holes.” I pouted, wiping the water out of my eyes. I felt slick hands come up my legs and wrap around my waist, looking down as Gerard rested his head on my knees, looking up at me with puppy dog eyes he learnt from me.
“I’m sorry Frankie, I just wanted you to swim with me.” He said innocently, even giving a little pout at the end.
Come on. How could I stay mad at that?
I sighed and rolled my eyes, Gerard grinning when he saw me relenting.
”Fine, I forgive you.” I said coldly and he laughed, hugging my waste tighter and getting my vest wet.
“Yay! Now come swimming!” He grinned, and I raised my eyebrows at him.
“Gee I don’t –” But I was cut off by water filling my mouth as he seized my ankles and tugged me into the pool. I sank beneath the water before I even knew what had happened, and then I burst through the surface, gasping and choking dramatically.
“Are you trying to kill me!?” I cried and he laughed.
”Yep.” He giggled, shoving me back beneath the water before swimming away. I came back up the surface and spat water out of my mouth, flicking my wet fringe out of my eyes and scowling at him. I hope he didn’t expect me to chase after him cos’ I was not going for that bait.
My jeans felt as if they weighed a tonne as I began trying to heave myself out of the pool and back onto the side, but strong arms wrapped around my thighs and I was dragged back into the water with a splash.
“Hope your not trying to escape Frankie.” Gerard smirked playfully as I glared at him.
“Gee, I’m still in my clothes.” I pouted, and he shrugged.
“Easily solved.” He laughed and I squeaked, trying to swim away but he grabbed me and pulled off my vest and jeans – as I struggled madly… okay… I didn’t struggle very much… but that’s only because the clothes were really heavy anyway.
He tossed the wet garments onto the side near his sketch book and then beamed at me as I trod water in my black boxers, scowling at him.
“Now you’ve successfully stripped me, what is it you planned to do?” I asked flatly and he winked at me.
“This.” I raised my eyebrows and then he grabbed my by the waist, I was stunned for a second before he lifted me out of the water and then threw me through the air. I squealed and splashed back into the pool as I heard Mikey and Ray laughing again.
I’ll show them.
This time I stayed beneath the water, allowing my self to sink to the bottom. I can hold my breath pretty long, and I opened my eyes, watching the hazy movement of the water above me as smirked to my self. Imagining them waiting for me to surface before some one said the classic line – “Any minute now…”
I waited until my lungs felt like they were gonna burst and then I felt some ones arms around my waist, pulling me back up to the surface, knocking the last of the air out of my lungs.
I was shoved onto the pool side and I gasped for air, looking up at three laughing faces.
What? They weren’t worried at all?
Seeing my confused expression Gerard smirked.
“Oh come on Frankie, we know you too well.” He laughed and Mikey and Ray nodded.
“Yep, and playing dead has its consequences.” Mikey warned and I raised an eyebrow.
“Wha –” I began before all three them cut me off, shouting the same thing.
“MOUTH TO MOUTH!” And then I had all three of them pressing open mouthed kisses to my face. One of them got me square on my open lips, the other two caught the corners of my mouth. And just my luck...
It was Mikey who got me right on the mouth, and Gerard who got the corner… and Ray obviously, but it was Gerard I was more concerned about.
I gasped and then choked, shoving them all away with a shout.
“EUUGH YOU GUYS!” I cried, wiping my mouth as they all fell about laughing. Apparently, they found it extremely amusing.
I sat up to glare at them, noticing the way Gerard’s wet chest moved in and out with his laughter… For a second I couldn’t drag my eyes away, then I remembered that if he caught me looking it would only lead to awkwardness in our friendship, and I quickly turned my gaze to Mikey instead.
“Oh man… the look on… your face!” Mikey gasped, clutching his sides. I glared at them all and got to my feet, grabbing Gerard’s towel off the side and wrapping it around me as I poked my tongue out at them all.
“You know what? I’m gonna go sit with Bob – he’s a real friend!” I pouted before stalking off, leaving a trail of wet footprints behind me.

G-I Gee’s POV

‘Oh come on Frankie, we were just having a laugh’ I said, swimming over and sitting on the edge of the pool near where he was. He looked at me and ‘hmmph!’ed and turned his back, having what seemed like a one way conversation with the zombie like Bob. Weird. I laughed softly as he gradually became more dramatic and into his hand actions and gestures, obviously getting into some intense shit with the semi conscious drummer. Ray and Mikey walked back up to the bar and smirked, ‘oooh!’ing and picking up their cues, each poking Frank softly in the back with them and turning round quickly to go back to their game. I smiled as he squeaked and turned round, glaring. He looked at me and I smiled at him, getting up and going over to my shirt to dry my chest off. I saw him sharply turn his back, continuing his strop, so I wandered over and put my hands on his shoulders from behind, resting my chin on his left shoulder and looking at him. ‘Please?’ I asked softly, pouting as if to kiss his cheek. He blushed a little and pouted back, another thing we do. When he’s stressed out or pissed off or whatever, we have this pout off. It started ages ago when he snapped two strings on the sound check before a show. He stormed off and chucked his guitar down, immediately lighting up a cigarette. We weren’t sure what to do, so I followed him outside and crept up behind him, doing just what I’m doing now. I pouted at him and smiled when he pouted back, the both of us soon trying to out-pout the other one. I can’t remember who won back then, but I knew I was going to win here as Frank was already on smiling point as my pout grew a little. I moved my hands to just hang round his neck and cheered when he finally smiled, smirking at me.
‘Fine, but only because my lips were aching.’
‘Sure sure,’ I said, catching him off guard and kissing his lips cheekily as they were already facing me. He gasped and blushed, and I laughed, getting off him and going to the chair with my book on, seeing Frank hop of his barstool quickly.
‘You’re so paying for that, Way!’ He called, sauntering after me. I grabbed my book with one hand and ran down the side of the pool, hanging a left to escape to the area where people obviously went sunbathing as it had a large handful of sun beds in. I ran through the maze of yellow sun beds, hearing Franks cries of various threats and warnings he was shouting me. I squealed, hopping over one and running along another, diving over one of the side tables and narrowly missing a sun umbrella before finally exiting. I carried on running, chucking my book down by a palm tree and squealing as I was tackled over on the grass. I laughed and tried to scramble away, but he was straddling my waist from behind and had pinned me down completely, leaving me no way to escape. I rolled over and laughed, running my hands through my wet hair and slipping my sunglasses back on which had pinged off me in the chase. He smirked and folded his arms before-
‘Agh! God Frank no! No shit agh God PLEASE!!!’ He graced his fingers over my ribs and tickled them, getting off me swiftly before I kicked him. He knows how ticklish I am. Asshole. I laughed and wiped my eyes, squealing and kicking as he carried on tickling me, moving up and down me with his quick, nimble fingers. I was crying, practically hysterical with laughter, I just couldn’t stop. I was so relieved when he finally gave in and left off me, sitting up the tree and smirking. I was on my front my this time and lay there, panting and catching my breath. I looked at him and weakly put my middle finger up, smiling, defeated at him. ‘You ass...’ I said softly, squealing when he poked me in the side with his bare foot. I sat up and crawled back to the tree with him, resting my head on his shoulder and laughing softly. He smiled and wrapped an arm round me, resting his head on my own and laughing with me.
‘You deserved it.’
‘For what!?’ I laughed, by this time I’d completely forgotten what I’d actually done. I looked at him innocently, and he gave me a ‘do you really have to ask?’ kind of look back, smirking.
‘For kissing me when I still had a lemon pout on.’ I laughed, oh yeah. Frank always called it a lemon pout when I caught him off guard on a kiss. Like, when you suck a lemon and your face goes all weird? So if you kissed said lemon sucker at that moment, it wouldn’t be particularly great. I smiled at him and played with some of the grass, tangling it in my fingers and tearing some out, casually brushing my hand across it.
‘You loved it really,’ I said cheekily, smiling down at the grass cheerily as he gasped and hit me playfully on the arm. I smirked and hit him back, mentally slapping my forehead for I knew how this would turn out. He hit my arm again, and sure enough, we were soon tackling each other on the grass, laughing and giggling as we hit and smacked each other. It’s not rare for these bitch fights to occur between us, they happen loads. I pinned Frank down so he was on his back and put my knees either side of his waist, smiling at him and laughing. ‘I win, loser.’
‘Nope, I think I win.’ Huh? I looked confused at him and he leant up, kissing my lips like I did to him earlier, making me gasp and playfully smack his cheek. That bitch.
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