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'Bob?' 'Bob?!' 'BOB!'

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The boys go out for something to eat, but does everything turn out as they planned? R,R&R peoplee, we love you! xxx

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Feed Fee’s POV =P.

“Oww…” Mikey hissed in pain and grimaced, screwing his eyes shut behind his sunglasses as I giggled beside him. He had sunburn. All over his shoulders. Just like I predicted he would…
“You okay there Mikes?” I grinned at him, slapping a hand onto his shoulder and making him squeal in pain, thwacking me round the head.
“Agh! Fuck off Frankie!” He cried, scooping the ice out of his cola and slapping it onto his shoulder. His face contorted with pleasure and he sank in his chair, moaning with relief.
“Do you mind Mikey? Seeing my baby brother orgasm is something I do not want to be mentally scarred with.” Gerard said flatly from behind his menu and Mikey weakly flipped him off, rubbing the ice over his red skin.
“Screw you…” He groaned, tipping his head back as he let the ice work its magic.
We were sat in a small restaurant on the sea front, watching the sun set over the ocean as the waves lapped lazily at the sand. It was the typical cliché holiday setting, the perfect romantic scene. But I guess romantic doesn’t really apply to five guys holidaying together… unless we were some weird married couples who were swingers… with an extra guy as a spare in case one of us got sick or something…
Wow… that would be weird.
“What you guys having?” Ray asked as he glanced over the menu, mouthing the foreign names to himself.
“Uhm…” Gerard tilted his menu left, and then right, frowning at it before grinning. “Aha! I’m having chips.” He said brightly, throwing the menu down with a triumphant look on his face. We all looked at him as if he had gone mad.
“Chips Gee? We come to a different country and you have chips? Why don’t you try one of the local dishes?” Ray asked with an annoyed tone, as if he saw it as a personal insult if we didn’t eat some random thing we couldn’t pronounce.
“Because –” Gerard huffed. “Chips are the only thing on this menu that I know. Everything else is like… in Spanish or something…” He said with a frown and Ray rolled his eyes.
“Really? How shocking.” He said sarcastically, making Mikey giggle. “And why don’t you just pick one and see what it is. Be adventurous or something.” He added and Gerard scowled. Mikey put down his own menu and beamed at Ray.
“Well I’m having that one.” He declared, pointing out a name and frowning at it. “The err… Pisto Manchego…” Mikey said the name slowly, trying to pronounce it right before grinning again. Bob gave Mikey a weird look – he was feeling much better, but no doubt still had a weak stomach.
“And what’s that then genius?” Gerard asked moodily and Mikey shrugged, taking a sip of his coke. The ice cubes now melted from his shoulder.
“I ‘unno. I’m being adventurous.” He laughed and Ray grinned at him.
“Good on you Mikey. And Pisto manchego is Spanish ratatouille.” He said casually and I stared at him in surprise.
“How did you know that?” I asked, slightly impressed and Ray laughed.
“We had a ‘world food’ day at my middle school once, and that was one of the Spanish dishes. I’ll always remember it cos’ I thought it had rats in.” I laughed along with Ray, Gerard sulking slightly.
“Hm… I don’t know what ratatouille is either… but hey. I’m all for new things.” Mikey grinned.
“Well, I’m sticking with chips.” Gerard declared, sounding slightly like a moody toddler and when I looked over at him he was pouting to himself. I had a sudden urge to lean closer and kiss the pout away, like he had done to me earlier. But… I probably couldn’t pass it off as a playful thing at the dinner table…
“Same.” I said after I managed to tear my gaze away from him. Ray simply nodded and Gerard scowled at him.
“Hey! How come you don’t bitch at Frankie for not being ‘adventurous’?” He demanded and Ray shrugged, casually stirring his cola with a straw.
“Because Frankie is a vegetarian.” He said simply and I laughed, poking my tongue out at Gerard who poked his tongue back. Bob sipped at his drink before putting the menu down with a soft sigh.
“I don’t think my stomach could cope with anything too heavy… I think I’ll be good with just the free bread.” He decided, grabbing a chunk out of the basket in the centre of the table and nibbling at it as Ray called the waiter over. He ordered for all of us since Gee and I had resorted to our usual pout – offs, and Mikey couldn’t pronounce what he was having.
The waiter scribbled everything down and then wandered away, Ray turning to look at us all.
“So – how we all finding the vacation so fa – Bob?” Ray paused, frowning a little as he stared at Bob who was sat opposite him. I looked at Rays confused expression before turning to look at Bob who had gone worryingly pale.
“Whoa… Bob are you okay?” Mikey asked, leaning forward and resting a hand on the drummers arm.
“I don’t… feel too good…” Bob groaned, the bread still in his hands, and I felt worry creep up inside me as he began to sway a little in tiny circles.
“Bob?” Gerard glanced at me with fear in his eyes before reaching over to Bob, trying to take a hold of his shoulder.
“Bob? Bob are you okay?”
“What’s wrong?”
“Do you think your gonna puke?”
“Do you feel faint?”
“Bob” I leaned back as the other three all began grabbing Bob’s arms, repeating his name like a load of retarded parrots, trying to make him talk to them.
“Don’t crowd him.” I begged, pulling Gerard back by the neck of his shirt. I knew from the countless times that I had been sick that crowding him would only make it worse.
“Bob – talk to us. Bob, can you hear me?” Rays voice was edged with worry and Bobs roaming eyes focused on Rays for a moment.
“Uhh… M’gonna…” Bob didn’t finish his sentence before he fainted, face first, onto the table. For roughly three seconds we were all stunned into silence… and then Mikey gave a tiny whimper.
“Bob?” He squeaked and Gerard and Ray both lunged forward, grabbing Bob’s shoulders and lifting his body back into a sitting position, Gerard grabbed a napkin and wiped the cold moisture off the side of his coke glass and then held it against Bobs forehead, looking to Ray for help who sprung to his feet.

Gee-baggs’ POV

‘Shit, Bob can you hear me? WAITER!!!’ I kept dabbing Bob’s hair softly with the wet napkin, brushing his short blonde locks off his face and tilting his head back. ‘Bob? Seriously Bob I’m worried sick here!!! WAITER, please SOMEONE!’ Christ almighty. I kept chewing on my bottom lip until it was red raw, why is it when you’re trying to have a half decent meal in peace, the waiters and staff never leave you the fuck alone, yet when one of your best friends and band mates has passed out on the table, it’s a virtual fucking ghost town?!
‘Gee calm down, someone’s coming,’ Ray said softly.
‘Yeah, Gee please don’t panic, he’ll be okay.’ Frank’s soothing voice wafted through the air and into my ear as he knelt next to me, a comforting hand rubbing circles on my shoulder. ‘Please, just don’t panic.’ I looked at him and bit my lip again, his warm smile reassuring me slightly.
‘How do you know he will?’ I whispered, letting him take my hand and pull me up to stand out the way. The waiter rushed over to Ray, taking my place to tend to Bob. Thank God Ray knows some Spanish. Without him, we’d be toast for sure. He and the waiter were having some majorly intense in-depth conversation on what was wrong with Bob, all at about a million miles an hour. I couldn’t understand any of it, and that alone was making me even more worried. I couldn’t believe this. On our first day here, Bob’s already dying at the dinner table. Mikey came over to me and asked if he should go cancel our order, hurrying off down when I nodded frantically. ‘Please let him be okay yeah?’ I asked, Frank moving his hand to my shoulder. ‘Bob please just wake up for us? Please Bob? Bob?! Bob! For Christ’s sake Bryar wake up!’ I pleaded and pleaded with him, Frank moving his hands to my shoulders and shhing me softly, though, to be honest it wasn’t really working. I was stressed as fuck, everyone knows how bad I get when I don’t know what to do about something. I don’t know why I’m like it, I just am. I guess it’s because I’m so used to other people coming to me when they don’t know what to do, or can’t figure something out, and I’m normally there to sort it out for them, or at least reassure them that it’ll turn out fine. But now, we’re facing the complete opposite and I’m totally lost. Bob is normally the rock of the group. The one who always stays strong through everything. And now, he’s being carried by Ray and the waiter to a backroom because he’s fucking unconscious in a restaurant in mother fucking SPAIN! ‘Bob! Where’s he going? Oh God what are we gonna do?’ I couldn’t move, much as I wanted to scream and run after him, my legs felt like they were glued to the spot. Frank moved his other hand to my right shoulder and massaged them gently with his fingertips, making me turn round and look at him. ‘Can’t we go with them?’
‘Gee you have to calm down, let’s get you outside yeah?’ He asked softly and I looked at Ray mouthing something to Frank and nodding vigorously before disappearing into one of the backrooms. ‘Come on, Ray and the waiter dude are taking care of Bob, Mikey’s sorting out the food, you should get some fresh air.’ I nodded and took one of his hands, letting him lead me out the restaurant and outside, straight onto the pier we had walked along. To our left were more shops and bars, slowly piling up with people as the night grew on, and on the right were a few more shops selling sunscreen, hats and other touristy items. Right in front of us was the edge of the pier, leading off onto the beach. As soon as we set foot out of the place, I put my head in my hands and leaned my elbows on the metal bar acting as a banister to duck under before you were on the sand. I grabbed at the ends of my hair and twirled them harshly in my fists, breathing deeply and heavily whilst listening to the people chatting away back in the restaurant. Frank put his hand on my back softly and soothingly rubbed little circles on it, shhing me as I sighed loudly with every breath out. ‘Gee, calm down, just breathe normally, everything’s going to be okay.’ I don’t know what was so promising about those few words he said, but they were enough to make me turn and wrap my arms round his neck, letting him pull me into a comforting hug. I buried my face in the bed of his neck and breathed deeply again, trying to regulate my breathing to a normal pattern as he gently rubbed up and down my back with his hands, resting one on my lower back, the other on the top near my neck. I heard him whispering how Bob would be fine, and how everything would be sorted in no time, and how for once, I didn’t have to do anything. I laughed weakly and wrapped my arms a little tighter round him, subconsciously tangling my fingers in the very ends of his hair. ‘Okay Gee?’ He whispered softly and was about to break the hug to look at me, but I only nodded and resumed my arms round his neck, lazily draping over his shoulders. He rested his head on my shoulder and I heard him emit a tiny sigh, smiling into my neck. We haven’t had one of these hugs in a while now, the last time was when Frank’s mom got seriously ill, he was worried sick, he was at the hospital virtually every night, sitting, crying in my lap with every minute she was in there, almost zombyfied. When she finally got better and was out and about, Frank leapt into my arms, cheering and telling me the good news. I spent at least half a straight hour with him that day, doing... Basically what I’m doing now.
‘Yeah...’ I mumbled softly after a while and looked at him, smiling. ‘Thank you...’ I said and he smiled, hugging me close before letting go and looking at me.
‘It’s fine Gee, anytime. How are you feeling now?’ I nodded and said ‘Better,’ quietly, though I was still worried. I looked back at the restaurant and he put a hand on my shoulder, turning me to look at him. ‘He’ll be okay man, honest. Ray knows what he’s doing, and Mikey’s probably in there helping too.’
‘But I sh-’
‘No, Gee, I told Ray what a state you’re in,’ Ohh so that’s what he mouthed. ‘Not that he didn’t see the mini panic attack you had back there,’ he laughed softly, rubbing my shoulder and upper arm gently. ‘He said just to go with you and cool off, that he’d take care of it.’ I looked at him and smiled weakly,
‘You sure?’
‘Course.’ He smiled and patted my shoulder lightly, ‘Now come on. Beach? There shouldn’t be too many people down there by now, and don’t worry, there’s no danger of you getting a tan at this hour.’ I laughed with him and nodded, thwacking the back of his head lightly as he turned round to walk down the steps to the beach. He giggled, and soon we were both kicking off our shoes to set barefoot in the soft, white sand. I slung my Chucks over one shoulder and carried them by their laces, remnants of sand and beach dripping out of the black high tops. Frank smiled and walked along next to me, both of us walking in silence for a while, the sounds of the faint music and chatter from the pier acting as background noise to fill the peaceful atmosphere. Soon, Frank saw a large beach rock and walked over to it, sitting down and beckoning me over. I sat down next to him and chucked my Converse to one side, stretching my skinny-jeaned covered legs out on the rock. I knelt one leg up and undid the top two buttons on my black collar shirt, something I always do when slobbing out. I’m a reckless sort, huh.
‘It’s beautiful tonight...’ I said casually, sitting up on the rock slightly and looking up at Frankie. He was looking out at the ocean, when my words must have caught him in his thought train. He looked down at me and smiled, saying ‘yeah...’ softly, his eyes following my hand as it ran through my hair. I closed my eyes and felt him shifting to lay as I was on the rock. I smiled and half opened them, moving to rest my head on his shoulder. ‘I’m feeling so much better...’ I said with a smile, and I was. Frankie always managed to make me feel alright again, whatever the situation. He’s the fucking best.
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