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Confusion... Er, Boys =D

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F- F- F- Frankie’s POV! =]

I sat with Gee on that rock for what felt like seconds, just looking out over the ocean and enjoying the feeling of him beside me, his head on my shoulder. It scared me when he started freaking out in the restaurant – I don’t panic easily, but whenever Gee’s upset by something, no matter how big or small, it always makes me worry. I just can’t relax around him unless he’s relaxed – but sometimes adrenaline kicks in and I’m as relaxed as you like. Which is what happened when Bob passed out – I mean, sure I’m worried about him, but I know panicking about it won’t help. Bob’s a tough guy, it’s probably just a bug or something… or the heat… or… I don’t know. I’m not a doctor.
It was a beautiful night, and I got lost in the hypnotic motion of the waves sliding back and forth across the sand, Gee’s body warm beside mine. It was a perfect setting, and it should have been a perfect moment for… I don’t know. To make a move?
Agh. No. I shouldn’t even think of doing that… Gee’s straight… I think… and even if he’s not we’re best friends. He’d only find it weird.
But anyway. It was a beautiful night, but it felt slightly tainted by what had happened to Bob. I only wished that the nights to follow would be just as beautiful, and maybe another moment like this could spring up – without a band mate passing out on us to blunt the magic of it.
“Frankie! Gee!” Gerard sprung up as if he had just been electrocuted and jumped off the rock, pulling on his chucks as I sat up and turned my head to see Mikey running down the beach towards us, his feet kicking up clouds of sand.
“The ambulance is here – Ray’s riding with him.” He called as he got nearer, panting a little… What is it about running in sand that always leaves you worn out? I could never play beach volley ball…
“Is he okay? Did the paramedics say anything? How are we getting there? Have you called a cab yet? Which hospital? Is it close? Did he wake up yet? Is he okay? Mikey tell me man!” Gerard cried, clutching Mikeys shoulders as soon as he reached us. Mikeys eyes went wide for a second as he was bombarded with questions and I jumped off the rock to stand beside Gee, his panic igniting my own for a second. But then Mikey scowled and batted Gerard’s hands away and I felt myself relax a little… If it was bad Mikey wouldn’t be giving Gerard such a big death glare…
“Breathe Gerard! Christ almighty… Would you please just stop panicking for three seconds? He’s fine okay. The paramedics checked him over and he’s just got really bad sunstroke and – can you believe it – summer flu.” Mikey rolled his eyes and Gerard relaxed beside me, breathing out a sigh of relief as I did the same.
“All the travelling exhausted his body, but their taking him to hospital now to… I dunno… boost his energy or something – I don’t know what they do. But anyways, they said he wont be there overnight and Ray will bring him back to the hotel later – said it was easier if we didn’t all go rushing over there. So…” Mikey shrugged and kicked at the sand. “I guess we have some time to kill. Unless you guys feel like going back to the meal, but I personally don’t.” I shook my head instantly, feeling almost dizzy with relief. Food was the last thing I wanted. I couldn’t believe we had all freaked out over something as simple as Sun stroke and summer flu… I mean come on – Summer flu!? I didn’t even know that shit existed…
Oh great… just another disease for me to catch.
“I don’t feel like it.” Gerard said weakly, a smile on his face. “Fuck… I was so worried. I thought there was something seriously wrong with him… Jesus… sun stroke?... Shit… Christ…” Gee continued to mumble generic obscenities as I giggled a little, Mikey nodding his head.
“I know… I’m gonna kick his ass for scaring us like that when he gets better.” He declared, beckoning for us to follow him back up the beach. I giggled softly and Gerard nodded his agreement, linking his arm with mine as we trudged across the sand. I looked at him in surprise for a second and he gave me a soft smile which I hesitantly returned before looking forward again.
Mikey walked infront of us, continuing to rant and somehow manage to express his relief at the same time and I smiled softly. I was beyond relieved that Bob was okay, and I could tell Gee felt the same. He was almost leaning on me as we stepped off the sand onto the sidewalk and began the short walk back to the hotel. I guessed he’d used up all his energy by panicking and I slipped an arm around his waist – for support, ya know?... Seriously… it was for support…
And I’m not fooling anyone am I?
Okay, it was partly for support… and partly because I knew I could get away with it if I used ‘support’ as an excuse… erm…
“What time do you think he’ll get back?” Gerard asked quietly as we passed clubs and restaurants, directing his question to Mikey who shrugged.
“Any time I guess. He’ll probably be tired when he gets back – but I’m sure he’ll be fine tomorrow.” Mikey didn’t sound very sure at all, but I nodded along with Gee anyway.
Bob’s passing out had left a sombre feeling to the night, and I wanted nothing more than to go back to my room and lie on the bed for a while. Even though I knew Bob was fine there’s only so much drama I can take in one day – besides, we’ve only just finished touring so relaxation is something I seriously crave right now.
We were silent the rest of the walk back, Gerard keeping in step with me. Mikey had whipped out his phone and was now messaging someone. Probably Alicia – or Ray, or just some random people on his Facebook – Mikey always keeps up with modern technology and all the little fads that come with it. I personally can’t be arsed with all that. I mean, I didn’t get an i-Pod until Mikey became too embarrassed to travel with me whenever I brought my personal CD player along.
And no, I won’t admit that the i-Pod is much more convenient.
“Hey, can I hang with you guys for a while, just until Ray and Bob get back?” Gerard asked softly once we reached the hotel. Mikey shrugged, his nose still in his phone as he went in the opposite direction to the elevators.
“I’m gonna sit in the bar for a while, ask Frankie.” He answered, making a beeline for the indoor bar. I watched him go before going towards the elevators, blushing when I realised Gerard was staring at me.
“So… can I?” He asked. I looked at him in confusion for a second, blushing deeper before I realised what he meant – going even more red from embarrassment of my stupidity… or wishful thinking. Depends which way you look at it.
“Huh? Oh, yeah – sure. I don’t mind. You don’t have to ask.” I laughed jabbing the button for the elevator and waiting for the doors to open. Gerard giggled and rested his head on my shoulder as we waited.
“Thanks Frankie.” He smiled and I nodded, keeping my attention on the metal sliding doors.
“It’s okay.” I answered softly, the elevator ‘pinging’ as the doors shuddered and slipped open.
“I just don’t wanna sit in the room on my own, I’d get bored.” Gee explained as we stepped into the elevator. I pressed the button for our floor and watched the doors slide shut, smiling over at Gerard.
“Aww, well I’ll think of something we can do.” I laughed, feeling the elevator begin to rise.
“Oh really?” Gerard chuckled, winking at me and I looked at him in surprise before feeling my blush returning… god dammit! I didn’t mean it in that way… and now I’m blushing like an idiot. Ugh… I blush so easily, it sucks.
“Heh… yeah…” I mumbled, looking away with a forced smile, trying to play along as if it had been an intended joke – and trying to think of ways to get my cheeks to return to their normal colour…

Geraldina’s POV ;)
I laughed softly and closed my eyes on Frankie’s shoulder, keeping my smile as the lift crawled up the floors. To keep myself upright, I wrapped an arm round his shoulder, slumping a little against him and yawning softly. Man... That scare with Bob really has drained me. I was so worried back there at the restaurant, and though Frank has calmed me down no end, and though Bob’s pretty much okay now, I still don’t feel that good. I’m fucking exhausted. Hmm... I heard him softly humming and listened, trying to decode what song it was. That’s er, Black Flag... I think.... or maybe.... Iron... er.... Maiden.... or... uhmm... zzz...
‘Woah!’ Shit. As the lift jolted to a halt on our floor, I stumbled and nearly fell over, jumping sharply and standing up. I looked at him and blushed slightly, scratching the back of my neck in any attempt to fight the yawn that was vastly approaching. ... I failed, and giggled quietly.
‘You fall asleep there?’ He asked and chucked softly, holding out his arm so I could walk next to him again. I nodded and mumbled ‘yeah...’ quietly, smiling as we walked slowly out the lift. I resumed my arm around his shoulder and felt his secure more round my waist, making me smile at him. I put up my other hand and yawned again, closing my eyes momentarily before scrunching them up and blinking again. Don’t fall asleep whilst walking, Gee, bad move. ‘Damn, you really are beat aren’t you?’ Frankie asked as we approached his and Mikey’s room. I answered with another yawn and giggled, stepping into the dark room.
‘Yeah, tonight’s really drained me...’ I said and flopped backwards onto whoever’s bed it was, though, even in the dark I could tell it wasn’t Mikey’s, there were no clothes littered on the sheets, or any unsuspecting iPod chargers. Yeah. Last time I jumped down on Mikey’s bed, his fucking iPod plug went right up my... Anyway, short story is I couldn’t walk straight for two days, so I was really fucking thankful I’d picked Franks bed. I moved up it and rested my head on the pillow, laying my hands behind my head as usual. I looked over when the soft yellow lamps switched on and smiled at Frank, then lay my head back down.
‘Hey that’s my bed!’ He said and laughed, going over to me and kneeling down to look in his suitcase. I smiled sleepily and tilted my head to watch what he was doing, rolling on my side and resting my head up on one hand. As I watched him rooting through his case for something, I started feeling my eyelids getting heavier by the minute. I was struggling to keep them open, and eventually admitted defeat, letting them fall slowly shut. I let my lips relax into a soft pout, something I apparently do when I’m sleeping. Frank pointed it out to me ages ago when I fell asleep next to him on the tour bus couch. I was whacked out that day, I hadn’t slept properly all week because I was up till early hours adding the finishing touches to the last couple scenes in ‘A Perfect Life.’ On our long trip back from our Boston show, I fell asleep on Frankie’s shoulder (I seem to be good at that...) for most of the journey, being harshly woken with cold pizza colliding with my head. I sat up, severely pissed off and chucked it back at Mikey, hitting him bull’s-eye between the glasses. He flipped me off and gave me an over dramatic pout, sending Frank into a mini giggling fit. I looked at him questionably, and he told me that’s what I was doing the whole time I was asleep. Now, every time I go to sleep, I notice it. ‘Gee... Gerard ba- er... Wake up Gee...’ I felt a hand on my shoulder running up to my neck and down again and smiled, mewling softly. It squeezed my shoulder softly and I opened my eyes slowly, yawning and smiling sleepily to myself. I had slipped slightly from my position and was laying more in the bed, my hair tangled in my fingers. I smiled at Frank, who’s hand was still resting on my shoulder, and stretched, untangling my hand from my hair. ‘You were pouting again,’ he said softly and giggled, moving his hand so I could sit up against the headboard.
‘Shut up’ I said and smirked ‘Just because you don’t do it.’ I stretched properly and moved over, making enough space for him to sit next to me. ‘What were you looking for in your suitcase?’
‘Well if you weren’t too busy being comatosed on my bed, you’d already know it was this!’ He laughed and held up a DVD case, white, with three teeth hanging from the top, and red blood splattered over them. Saw three. Perfect. We’d seen all the other four, but never got round to this one, Mikey freaked out after Saw 2 (couldn’t handle the blood) and hid Saw 3 from us so we couldn’t watch it when he was around. So Frank and I subjected him to Saws 4 and 5 until he told us where it was. He stuck it out though, and still refused to tell us where it was. ‘You’ll never believe where I found it.’
‘Do I want to know?’ I said and smirked, smiling at his wink.
‘Hmm... Well, actually on second thoughts perhaps not.’ I laughed with him, looking as he got up to put it in. I smiled and dimmed the lights so we could watch it better, beckoning him over as he turned round, almost looking for somewhere to sit.
‘Here,’ I said and smiled, patting the space next to me. He blushed a little (I do feel sorry for him, this heat...) and came down to sit with me, blushing again as he saw my arm was already round his back. He looked at it, then at me.
‘What?’ I said and smiled, tugging gently at the back of his shirt to lay him back down again.
‘N-nothing...’ he mumbled and smiled, slowly relaxing. I don’t know what’s with him really, it’s been these past few days, like... almost, on edge. I know he’s got a lot to think about, he told me once he had some boy drama (I’m still not sure with who though) so maybe it’s that. I know he’s not keen on the hot, I hope he’s okay though... Ugh, Gerard, come on, stop worrying. He’s fine. I rubbed his waist comfortingly with my hand as the movie started, letting him rest his head on my shoulder. I rested mine on top of his and leaned forward, letting him slip his arm round my back. We often sit like this when we’re watching movies, especially in a movie marathon, as 99% of the time we end up falling asleep during the last couple, so this is comfier than being wedged up like stupid awkward people. I curled my knees up on the bed, resting them half on Frankie’s leg and sighed, closing my eyes. ‘You okay?’ he asked softly, looking at me.
‘Yeah...’ I mumbled, my eyes still closed. ‘Just... I dunno...’
‘What is it?’ Frank asked, moving his arm more securely round me. I opened my eyes and looked at him, moving my head from his shoulder.
‘I’m not sure... Just this whole thing with Bob... Tonight’s really wrecked me out’ I said quietly and rubbed my eyes, shifting down in the bed and resting my head on Frank’s chest to look up at him as he spoke. I don’t know why I do this so much, it’s just come naturally to me I guess, since we’re so close, I’m comfortable with doing pretty much anything with him.
‘I was really worried about you...’ I heard him almost whisper, and I smiled, awwhing and wrapping my other arm round his waist.
‘Awwh Frankie!’ I cooed, ‘I’m okay, honest.’
‘I know you are now... But, yeah, I just, yeah, was really, er worried... Cos when you’re uhm... worrying about er.. something, well, anything really, well I guess, yeah, it just er, worries me too...’ He carried on rambling about how glad he was that I was okay and I saw his cheeks getting redder and redder. I laughed softly and kissed my finger, placing it to his lips gently.
‘Shh...’ I said and giggled, ‘Thank you Frankie, it worries me too when you’re not okay... It worries me loads actually...’ He smiled and kissed the top of my head, resting his head on top of it as I looked round to watch the movie. Seeing a screaming woman being tended to by someone else looking bloody and severely injured, I figured I’d missed quite a large chunk of it and giggled to myself. ‘I’m not really watching this, are you?’ I asked, looking up at him. I moved up a little and smiled, looking in Frankie’s shining eyes from the movie reflection. I tilted my head to one side slightly and laughed ever so softly to myself.
‘N-No....uhm... not really... heh..’ He laughed and looked right back at me, his eyes drifting from my eyes down to his lap again.
‘No, I was watching something else... Or someone else...’ I said and winked, tilting his face up again, ‘that’s you by the way. Of course.’
‘O-oh...’ I giggled and kissed his lips softly, breaking only millimetres from his lips and locking eyes with him. Woah.. uhm... shit... I couldn’t break my gaze, my fingertips still on his chin. When I broke, he gasped and opened his eyes slowly, looking at me. I smiled softly, feeling my cheeks getting a little hotter. ‘I... uhm... er-‘
‘Hey guys!’ Shit. I broke away sharply and resumed my original position next to him, forcing a smile at Mikey who came strolling in the room. As I rested my head on Frank’s shoulder, not caring how tense he was, I realised something. Something that could put the whole future of the band, and our friendship, in jeopardy.
I think I like him. As in, liiiike him. I know, crap.
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